Q&A with K&M.

Where and when did we first meet?
Kevin: Your Uncle’s house at Becca’s birthday party.
Mandy: Grade school at my Uncle’s house.

Where was our first date?
Kevin: Reds game 2009
Mandy: same.

What was your first impression of me?
Kevin: Those big ‘ole titties.
Mandy: As Mandy cracks up, you were and still are so damn cute.

Who said “I love you” first?
Kevin: I did, on May 10th 2010
Mandy: You said it first ♥

What dressing do I always wear?
Kevin: Leggings
Mandy: Sweatshirt

Weird habit of each other?
Kevin: You cut your finger/toe nails and let them fling all over.
Mandy: Biting nails

What I often do in my free time?
Kevin: Work on computer
Mandy: On phone

How long have we been together?
Kevin: 11 years. 12 years this October.
Mandy: Same.

What was our first road trip?
Kevin: Snow Shoe Mountain Ski Resort
Mandy: I disagree, I think it was Chicago.

First thing you noticed about me?
Kevin: That I was tall.
Mandy: Blond hair and baby face.

What pisses you off?
Kevin: My carefree attitude
Mandy: Anything that requires directions or electronics

What am I good at?
Kevin: Arts and crafts
Mandy: Loading the car for a trip

What am I not good at?
Kevin: Directions
Mandy: Unloading the car after a trip

Favorite feature about each other?
Kevin: Artistic, creative ability, you make every little thing special
Mandy: You always want to kiss/hug me

Do I have any weird obsessions?
Kevin: Clean car, and eats tums every night and calls them your old lady pills
Mandy: Putting a dip in before your morning shower

Nicknames for each other?
Kevin: babe
Mandy: same

What is my favorite restaurant?
Kevin: Cancun
Mandy: BW3’s

Complete this sentence “You’re my……?”
Kevin: rock
Mandy: person

Where is a place you’ve always wanted to travel?
Kevin: Bora Bora
Mandy: Lake Tahoe

What is something you want to do together but haven’t yet?
Kevin: White water rafting
Mandy: Go to St. John’s Virgin Islands

Have you ever wanted to move anywhere else?
Kevin: Yes. Florida in a heartbeat.
Mandy: No, he loves to stay where he is.

What is your favorite movie?
Kevin: Disney movies
Mandy: Top Gun

What is your favorite thing about me?
Kevin: The way I am with Hadley, and I take care of everything. You’re legit babe.
Mandy: You always make Hadley feel special, you have the best bond with her.

What was your favorite date we’ve had?
Kevin: The rooftop bar in Fort Myers Florida
Mandy: Monday Night Football while we were dating at my first apartment

What is your favorite thing that I do for you?
Kevin: I incorporate our family in everything that we do.
Mandy: Holds my hand in the car. Almost always.

What movie reminds you of us?
Kevin: Proposal. Mandy: Why? Kevin: Because we weren’t meant to be together when we were younger. Because those two in the movie weren’t meant to be together in the beginning either.
Mandy: Fever Pitch. Because baseball is your favorite sport, and it’s one of the few movies you’ll watch all the way through with me without falling asleep!

Do you ever think of me sexually during the day?
Kevin: How many seconds are in a day?
Mandy: Yes. Kevin: smiles & laughs by my one word answer.

What’s another career that you think you would love?
Kevin: Graphic designer, or a teacher.
Mandy: None. He has his dream job!

What things about me make you know I’m the one for you?
Kevin: I keep the family aligned.
Mandy: He always makes sure we are taken care of, always being our protector.

If you’ve never done a Q&A with your spouse/significant other I encourage you to do so! It’s super fun to find out each other’s answers. Just think of random questions to ask each other and do it sometime. We had a ball finding out what each other came up with!

Birthday project.

A week from today is my birthday! I just love birthdays! So I came up with a project for the next year in honor of my birthday. I’m calling it “52 weeks of self care!” So far, making the logo was the most fun part.

I am going to be tackling a years worth of self care things to do each week for an entire year. These things have to be personal self-care ideas I do for myself once a week. To me, self care is doing the things that make me feel more like myself. The past year has been the craziest year in our lives right? I’ve been doing little things here and there to make more time for myself, taking care of my mental and physical health has been at the top of my priority list.

Things that might be on the self care list are…
Do a face mask at night, buy fresh flowers, get a massage, are just a few examples of what I have in mind for the next 52 weeks. I am super excited about the endless possibilities of this new adventure. Soo ready to try some new things!

Check back next Wednesday for the first self care idea! Can’t wait for this to begin, as I am already doing small self-care things but ready to broaden the scope of this and make it a life long habit.

From the weekend.

When Hadley got home from school Friday, we were taking down all of our lovely heart decor in the windows but first wanted a photo of her standing on her reading nook. She loves the reading nook, all it needs is a cute little cushion for the top part and she wants to lay on there and read books!

The big kids came over this weekend, and Hadley just loves her big brother Brady. Whenever he is around, Hadley and him just have a ball together. He is a great big brother to her, always playing and making her laugh.

Big sister Natalie has the same appetite as Hadley for the most part. For lunch on Saturday for these two was cheese sticks and watching episodes of Liv and Maddie on Netflix.

Sunday was a busy day! We started off the lenten season by going to church. Even though you have to wear a mask, they started back with the regular mass times so we went. Instead of giving something up for Lent this year, I am dedicating myself to go to church every Sunday for Lent. We haven’t been to church since the lovely C word started, I miss going and it was a nice change of pace. After church, we headed to my work (yes on a Sunday) to get some things done that couldn’t be done at home. After work, we went to the car wash which I have been to a lot lately to get all the salt/snow off my ride. Home for Miss Hadley to take one of her wonderfully long naps, cleaned the kitchen, and then to a late soccer game! We had a busy but fun weekend!

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you had a great weekend, and your week is off to a fabulous start!

From the weekend.

around here every time I clean my car, the snow starts to melt and it gets all over! I think I’ve washed my car three times in the last two weeks. Your welcome Mikes Car Wash.

around here from the snow days last week, we managed to clean Hadleys room. It was a semi disaster from Christmas. She had gifts all over the place we never really put away. Now, it looks so much better. It always feels good to have a clean room right?

around here all the snow has been so pretty! Every morning we love to look out the window and see the newest animal footprints that came in the snow overnight.

around here made my first king cake for Fat Tuesday! It was just okay, but not bad for a first timer.

around here drop off for school only two days this week! And this new phase of wearing bows to school is just the best.

around here been doing so good with workouts everyday. Some might be very short, and some might be long, but all that matters to me is I am moving my body most everyday. And it feels so good!

around here breakfast in bed on a snow day! She’s been in heaven this week with the snow and being off school.

around here had my very first MRI this week, it was a little scary but made it through.

around here I shared on my Instagram stories one of my very low carb drinks. Heavy whipping cream and the sparkling ICE drinks! So good and refreshing to me at least!

around here played around with some filters, and kinda diggin the freckles!

It was a pretty eventful and busy week around here. I’m so glad it’s Friday and the weekend is here. Doesn’t look like anymore snow in the forecast, but it’s still freezing cold out. I’m so over this cold weather, and cannot wait for warmer weather already! And it’s only February ugh! We don’t have any big plans this weekend, pretty much just chilling at home. Which I’m perfectly fine with that, some weeks I just like to be a homebody ya know?

Happy weekend folks!

K&M / February.

Welcome to K&M in February, a short little list of what we’ve been up to this month!

She started off the month celebrating Groundhogs Day.

He is such a good sport to her random celebrations.

Anything to make the days a little brighter right?

She got her hair done.

He has worked a ton this month.

She misses him when he works but knows he is so happy at his dream job.

She had happy hour with a friend that recently moved back to the area!

He loves having the one on one time with Hadley while Mama is out.

We celebrated the Super Bowl with family.

She is super busy at work.

He has been working mass overtime.

She bought THE best Valentines Day gift for him.

He bought a pretty great gift too.

We had a great day at home on the Hallmark holiday of the year.

She celebrated Fat Tuesday by making some N’awlins type food.

We had fish sandwiches for Ash Wednesday.

They were delicious.

February has been a good month.

Looking forward to March.

Fat Tuesday.

Happy Fat Tuesday! There is so much to this holiday that I just love, and with the lovely pandemic going on it’s a little hard to go out and celebrate it right? I had all these plans to decorate at home, have some little DIY’s to do like make masks, coloring sheets, queen for a day, etc. My husband got called in for overtime, it snowed a lot, and the kiddo had a snow day, so that threw all the cooking plans out the window. But we still sort of celebrated!

For dinner, cajun chicken and cornbread is what was on the menu. Hadley is more on the picky side so she had her own little meal. I looked up Fat Tuesday meal ideas, and here’s one I wanted to try. I had some other things in mind to make, but decided to minimize the amount of food for just myself while my husband worked.

The cajun chicken was so good! I’ll link the recipe down below, but I omitted a lot. Basically I just added the seasonings, and left out the peppers, and the cheese only because I didn’t have provolone. And I haven’t had cornbread in such a long time, it was delicious!

Attempting to make a king cake for the first time was a bit tricky. First of all, I do not own a bundt cake pan which was a little hard. So I used a regular nine inch cake pan, and put a tiny glass jar in the center. It actually worked pretty well! The recipe I made was keto friendly so it called for almond flour instead of regular flour which always makes cake like things a little different. For being only 3 carbs a slice, it wasn’t that bad! For the hidden baby, we used a mini lego man!

I secretly love this holiday, and happy to do a little something to celebrate! What are your favorite Fat Tuesday things to do?

Recipe Links:

Tooth Fairy sign.

Our daughter Hadley lost her first tooth yesterday! On Valentines Day! She was so excited. Her tooth has been wiggly for awhile now, and yesterday when she woke up it was practically hanging on by the roots! Sure enough, it came out mid-morning! So while she took one of her amazing naps, I scrounged around the house and came up with a quick idea on something to make for the toothfairy.

Supplies used:

Random chalkboard sign already had at the house (rarely use)

White paint / paint brush

Painters tape


Taped the chalkboard with painters tape. I cannot tape without the tape, I always think I can and then bam it gets all over the part I didn’t want it to! So I always take the few minutes it takes to use painters tape every time.

The back side of the chalkboard sign. It’s meant more to stand up on tables, etc. But when your kid loses her first tooth on a Sunday when not much is open, you improvise.

After I painted the entire sign white, I sprinkled silver glitter stars all over to give it a little more pizazz. As glitter tends to always do, it got everywhere but thank goodness for the drop cloth I put down first.

It’s hard to see with this iPhone photo, but we glued a little clothespin at the bottom of the sign to hold the “tooth”. The clothespin is from her godmother / Aunt Amy which goes perfectly with this little project!

Look at that missing tooth! I still can’t believe I have a kid old enough to loose teeth now! Life just goes so fast, so I’m enjoying every little moment. Hadley is very timid to new things. She was a little scared about the tooth fairy coming into her room while she was sleeping, so we came up with this idea on having a sign hanging outside of her bedroom in the hallway.

This morning the tooth fairy left her a dollar! We decided for the first tooth, a dollar would be good and then each tooth after will be a quarter. Maybe? I don’t know! I feel like a quarter is totally jipping her. We’ll figure it out for the next tooth I guess, but she was a super happy camper this morning!

Happy Presidents Day! We were off school and work, it was a good chill day. The kind where you just stay inside because of all the snow that is already here, and all the snow that is coming still. Stay safe and warm out there!

Valentines Day Weekend.

Happy Friday! We made it through the week, and we’re kicking off a three day weekend with the holiday on Monday!

Here are some of our little Valentines Day decor throughout the house. I don’t go too overboard with this holiday, but I do like to have a touch of red and pink here and there.

Here’s our dining room, with little heart tin bowls from Kroger, and a plastic table cloth from the Dollar Tree. The painted hearts are from https://mandyjoyloves.com/2021/02/09/super-bowl-festivities/, when we watched the Super Bowl.

Also in the dining room is the bar cart area, I hung some tassel garland, and a “love” balloon on the wall with some tape. Filled two stem-less wine glasses with Valentines Day M&M’s (instead of giving Hadley an entire bag for her basket). Drew some pretty red hearts on the mini chalkboard, and used more of her painted hearts as decor.

As you walk into our kitchen, I updated our letterboard with the saying “I love you a bushel and a peck.” Added a red tablecloth to the kitchen table, with Valentines Day napkins, and put some of the hearts Hadley crafted on the pantry doors.

On the fireplace mantle, I’ve had this banner for years. I made it a long time ago out of burlap, and just painted the hearts and XO. Super easy, could use a little ironing but I love it.

And here is our downstairs bathroom. Small pops of red here and there is all I pretty much do!

Ready for this long three day weekend, and all the snow that’s supposed to be coming in our area. Finally, after a few weeks of light dustings of snow now we’re getting some good snow! We’ve got no plans except trying out a new Bourbon steak dinner for Sunday.

Have a great weekend everyone, and happy early Valentines Day!

First snow day.

Yesterday, my little mini me had her very first snow day! Along with the rest of the tri-state area, it was for the most part the first snow day this year. Her Dad and I were so glad school decided to have a real snow day, not a virtual day, but an actual snow day! These kiddos have been through so much the past year, it was a nice day off for them.

We measured the snow in the front yard, not sure how entirely accurate this is but that’s what we got at our house! It was the good kind of snow, that’s soft and fluffy, and easily packable.

The snow was just beautiful! And how the snow covered all the tree branches, and none of the grass was showing. We shoveled the driveway in the morning, and then played for a little bit.

We attempted to make a snow man, which looked more like a small glob of snow. We found some small branches, and used mulch pieces for his eyes.

We tried to make ice globes, which was super easy and fun for her to do. We put water in three balloons, added a few drops of food coloring in the balloon, and buried them in the yard under a bunch of snow. The idea of these ice globes, was after they were frozen, the balloon part is supposed to peel off and then you have a colored ice globe!

After dinner, we went outside to check on the ice globes and they were not frozen. I pretty much knew they wouldn’t be, but Miss Hadley isn’t aware of how long it takes to freeze things. So we brought the balloons inside and put them in our freezer. Let’s hope they are frozen today after school!

We walked around the back of our house and sort of just explored for a little while. We need to get a little sled in case it snows again in the next few weeks. Our back yard would’ve been an okay hill for sled riding, or we could go to a local park too. On the back deck, we made little sections of the snow to see how high it was back there too. We got a lot of snow for sure!

We’ve been in our home three years this December, and I still just love it so much. I still can’t believe we live here, it’s the best neighborhood and it looks so beautiful with all the snow on the trees! Love it!!! It was a great first snow day for Hadley, she had a ball playing outside. Every time she hears the weather man talking about snow, now she thinks she won’t have school. Welcome to the life of a grade schooler!

Super Bowl Festivities.

Here’s how we celebrated the Super Bowl this year!

We started out by making little football goodie bags for all the kids. First, we traced a football on to kraft paper, drew laces on each one, and Hadley wrote all of her cousins names on the mini footballs. We then stuffed each football with two smarties and a sucker. Hadley loved making these!

I found this game called rate the commercials on Pinterest, which is mostly my favorite part of the Super Bowl anyway!

I was in charge of the squares, and it was a challenge at first to get 100 squares on a small poster board evenly. Took a few tries, but it came out okay. My cousin Becca was the lucky winner of the last three quarters! Lucky duck!

They had white hearts to be painted, and oh my goodness Hadley was in hog heaven. She loves to do anything art related (just like her Mama). Hadley and her cousin each painted a couple, and they turned out so cute.

We had a great time for the Super Bowl, yummy snacks, good dinner, and fun times. So glad the Buccaneers won, and so happy for Tom Brady to have won seven Super Bowl titles!