Diaper Bag Essentials.

So what goes in a diaper bag? Especially a newborn diaper bag? It’s a lot to think about, every time you leave the house with your baby. I thought I’d share what I currently am using for our two month old son.

The diaper bag we use is nothing fancy or special. And trust me, there are so many diaper bags out there that are ridiculous in cost. I like a good-looking bag but being a new mom for the second time, I need something that is more functional than pretty if you will. How I landed this bag was through insurance if you can believe that! I ordered a breast pump through Aeroflow, and after talking to one of my friends that just had a baby, she told me about this pump that comes with a bag for $30 more through insurance. After doing some research on breast pumps, I decided I wanted the Spectra S2 and when I saw that it came with its own bag, I thought that’s the one for me. The actual bag I have is the breast pump backpack, and I love it!

Wipes on this side.

Wallet on this side.

The top part of the inside has small little compartments that I’ll put in socks, travel sound machine, hand sanitizer, etc.

The bottom outside pocket has small little pockets for things also.

This diaper bag isn’t anything fancy, but it’s not hideous either. It works for me. I love gray, and I love that it’s a backpack. Before I had my son, all I wore was a backpack purse anyway, so this was perfect.

Inside my diaper bag:
– two outfits (always like to have extra)
– burp cloth
– nursing cover
– changing mat
– socks (usually have two pair)
– traveling sound machine
– mini trash bags for diapers
– hand sanitizer
– diapers
– wipes
– wallet
– Desitin (not pictured, forgot to take it out of the bag)

It’s nice to be prepared when you have a baby, because you just never know what will/can happen when you are out and about. I’d rather have too many things than not enough. If I notice the wipes are getting low, I’ll throw another pack in the diaper bag because you will run out when you least expect it. This diaper bag is super functional, and easy to carry, and can hold all the things. Super happy with this diaper bag!

What are your favorite diaper bag essentials?

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