Weekly recap.

First full week of no work in an office anymore! Man was it glorious but were we busy!

Wednesday June 1

Started out with Hadley wearing her softball jersey for the day, even though the season is about over. Getting a shower in is not always easy with a baby, so thankful for big sister Hadley most days. We laid Huxley on our bed, and she rubbed his hand and he fell asleep. It was the cutest thing. Swim team practice was in the evening this week, and then started mornings after everyone is out of school. Huxley is the best baby he is so patient and just goes with the flow wherever we are. Hadley was the same way! Bath time while Hadley chilled on her iPad. On the days Kevin is at the firehouse, we all lay together in Hadleys bed until Huxley is ready to go to his bed. And then, when both kids are sleeping some nights, I like to clean up the kitchen. There’s just something about waking up to a clean counter in the mornings!

Thursday June 2

Workouts look a little different some days, like I said before I am so thankful for big sister Hadley. She helps out so so much it’s amazing. She kept him occupied while I did a short workout in the family room. The porch flowers are doing so good, those hanging baskets needs lots of water! The month of June is so busy already, but I’m loving it so far! I keep telling myself to not commit to soo many things I’ll get burnt out. After swim team, Hadley had a birthday party which happened to be a pool party too! She was in heaven going to two different pools in one day. Sometimes if I remember, I try to have someone take my picture with Huxley. When they are this little, you rarely see me in pictures with him because I’m always the one taking the pictures. Let them take pictures of you Mamas!

Friday June 3

Swim team in the morning started this day, and Huxley is all smiles for it! After swim team, we went to Dick’s Sporting Goods to get some good swim team goggles, and a swim cap. Then we went to Kroger to get a new outfit for our school festival. It’s become a tradition, new outfit for the festival now. She remembers I got her a new outfit last year, it’s funny how they remember the small things like that. We all were chilling on the floor waiting for Dad to get home from work, and then headed to the festival! We worked a booth this year, and thankfully it was in the shade! It wasn’t too too hot, but nice to be covered. Hadley won a fish, and when we got home Kevin said to leave it in the bag, he’ll be fine. He wasn’t fine. The fish died.

Saturday June 4

Last softball game of the season! It was a nice morning, not too hot yet but it was going to get hot. The team got Kevin this cute sign and had all the girls sign it. Love stuff like that! Natalie was with us for two days this weekend, so we headed to the pool with her. Hadley had fun in the pool with Natalie, and then she and Huxley both took a nap haha

Sunday June 5

Started out with a walk with Hadley, and then the last half by myself. Just did a mile, but it was nice to walk by myself while Huxley was inside with Kevin and Natalie. Hadley loves to watch her iPad outside, she really just loves to be outside doing anything. Kevin umpired a softball game in the morning, and then we headed to the festival for the last day. It was way too hot! We stayed long enough for Hadley to win another fish! This time, she put “her” in an old aquarium we’ve had from other fish. Maggie the fish survived her first night in the aquarium, thank goodness. After the festival, we went home to feed Huxley and then headed to the pool! We are going to live there this summer. The water is still pretty cold, but it felt so refreshing after being so hot at the festival. Kevin met us there after his last game, and we ate dinner poolside. So nice.

Happy Monday everyone! Have a great week!

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