Chicken bacon ranch wrap.

This meal is one of our favorites to make because it’s so good and easy!


  • chicken breast
  • tortilla
  • shredded cheese
  • bacon bits
  • ranch dressing

Cook the chicken to your liking. Sometimes I’ll use bagged chicken, and sometimes I’ll cook the raw chicken and season it to my liking.

We’ve always microwaved the tortillas for about 40-45 seconds, it helps keep all the fixings inside stay together.

After the tortilla is microwaved, pile all the ingredients inside the tortilla.

Close the tortilla, and on either end of the tortilla add a little bit of shredded cheese. It helps to seal the wrap while on the skillet.

Place tortilla on the skillet. Cook it for a few minutes on each side to your liking just so the cheese melts enough. And if you’re lucky, it all stays put together! Quite a few times the wrap falls apart on me.

These chicken bacon ranch wraps are so easy to make, and taste so good! I like anything easy to cook, and these are definitely it!

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