Weekly recap.

Recapping our week on the blog today! The first day of school, working out, and the first Bengals game!

Monday September 5

Started the week off with going through all of Hadley’s school supplies getting them all ready, putting the names on everything. I loved doing that as a kid and thinking Hadley does too! I bought a new chore chart, this one, to have a fresh new start for the new school year.

Tuesday September 6

First day of second grade! I think parents really say they can’t believe how old their kids are each year. It goes so fast it’s insane. You can read more about her first day of second grade here. Now that school is in, I’m starting to get on more of a routine during the day. After we picked up Hadley after school, we met Kevin at Kroger to fill up our gas tanks. We always do that together with our fuel points. Hadley requested her favorite meal for the first day of school dinner, steak and mac/cheese!

Wednesday September 7

I’ve been doing some kind of exercise during Huxleys morning nap. Hadley wanted her soccer game hairstyle for school. On this day, she woke up super early like at 6am so she took a shower before school and I braided her hair wet. Kevin went to the dermatologist and had a few moles removed, the big one on his head was bleeding a lot so I took a picture of it so he could see what it looked like. After dinner, we all just sat around in the living room talking and playing with the kids.

Thursday September 8

I ran a mile without stopping, and I was so damn proud of myself. Ever since I had Huxley, it’s taken me longer than I wanted to be able to run. It feels like all of my insides are falling out! haha But this particular morning, I just did it and it felt amazing. Pushing the stroller, and Huxley in it, while running isn’t easy but I feel like I’m slowly getting back to it. I went through our basement storage closet and moved all the bins around, so the fall / Halloween are more in the front. I seriously cannot believe fall is right around the corner.

Friday September 9

Ran another mile, and although I felt faster than the previous day, I was slower. But still, it doesn’t matter. I’m moving my body somehow someway, and that’s all it takes. Huxley always kicks off blankets, he has since we brought him home from the hospital. Can’t wait for this winter! Huxley is starting to pull up on his crib, so I think it’s time to move the mattress down now. I love the stage of babies where you don’t have to lean far down to put them into a crib. Hadley was a bit tired the first week of school, she was basically a couch potato every night. She had no homework all week, so we just let her chill.

Saturday September 10

Kevin worked a 48-hour shift, so we were all happy to see him in the morning. Cinnamon rolls for Hadley. She doesn’t eat them all, we save them and reheat them throughout the week. It’s been hard for me to cut the grass being home with Huxley, and with Kevin working sometimes the grass gets a little long. Our nice neighbors offered to cut our grass; he loves to cut his grass so he loved it anyways. Hadley and Kevin went to the lake for the day, Brady brought some friends down so Kevin could pull them wakeboarding, tubing, etc. We tried the Kroger Boost, and it was awesome! The price it costs to use them for the year, will more than pay for itself. Love having groceries delivered.

Sunday September 11

We tried these keto cupcakes from the box, and oh my goodness they were so gross! They came out of the oven looking like biscuits or muffins. We planned to use them for dessert to celebrate a Bengals win, so we fancied them up with icing and sprinkles hoping that would make them taste better. No! Do not buy them, they are terrible. I feel like a homemade recipe would taste better. We braved the weather for Hadley’s soccer game, thank goodness the rain held off, but the sun was still a shining, so I used an umbrella for Huxley and I. The Bengals played the Steelers, and oh my was it a game! Down to the last minute, and then went into overtime. We lost, but it was pretty exciting to watch. Since we made it to the Superbowl last year, everyone is pumped to watch this season!

Happy Monday everyone, have a great week!

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