Weekly recap.

Monday October 3

Started off the week with a busy Monday, just felt like all the usual household chores took up a lot of my time. Before I knew it, it was time to pick up Hadley from school. When she comes home, we always go in the living room and put Huxley on the floor, she pulls out her homework, and we just chill on the floor for a little bit. After dinner, we went to watch Brady play soccer. This kid has never played soccer in his life and makes varsity his senior year of high school. It was fun to watch the big kids play. Hadley loved watching the boys play her favorite sport.

Tuesday October 4

This day was a long day, I took my dad to the doctor and was gone for a few hours. Kevin was on Dad duty and got a little taste of being a stay-at-home Dad! He does things a little different than I do, for example, I keep Huxley in his car seat when waiting in line to pick up Hadley. Kevin took Huxley out of his car seat and hung out in the front seat. Just funny how dads do things differently sometimes.

Wednesday October 5

Continuing on the workout path, some days are easier / harder than others, but I keep at it. It makes me feel better than if I did nothing. I love it when Kevin sends me pics of him in the firetruck, he just loves his job so much.

Thursday October 6

I cleared off all the flowers on our front porch, instead of letting them die and look like a porch full of dead flowers every year. It looks super empty, but better than dead flowers. I might try and get some mums, but I’m always a little skeptical on keeping them alive! If anything, some pumpkins will give it a little bit of a fall look. The holiday catalog from Amazon came, I mean it’s not even Halloween yet. Christmas keeps getting earlier and earlier. Had an appointment to get my hair done, highlights and a trim. Before my hair appointment, I did a poll on Instagram about keeping my hair long or cutting it short again and I was surprised the majority said short! I just can’t cut it yet; it took me so long to get it to the length it is now so I’m going to keep it for a while.

Friday October 7

Love dressing Huxley in fire clothes! Hate waking him from naps though, somedays we have to when we pickup Hadley. When Hadley gets home from school, she loves to play with Huxley, and he just smiles for days. We’ve been having a movie night every Friday for the past few weeks, it’s something fun to look forward to and I enjoy doing it for Hadley. One day Huxley will enjoy it too. I’ll share more about this particular movie night later this week.

Saturday October 8

Went to the UC Homecoming parade, it was a little chilly but so fun! I love marching bands; I could sit and listen to them all day. We visited Kevin after the parade at the firehouse, they had a run while we were there, so it was pretty cool to see them all in action. When we got home, Hadley helped me pull all of the flowers out of the mulch beds. Our neighbors do this every year, and we just usually leave them until we plant new ones next Spring. I will say, I like it so much better pulling them out of the ground before they die for the winter. They were hiding quite a few small weeds, but after we pull those out and a little raking of the dirt, it’ll be good. Hadley sometimes helps with Huxleys bath, and she is so good at being a big sister. I love how she wants to help so much!

Sunday October 9

Did a little Halloween crafting from this gigantic tub my mom gave us. Hadley had a field day with it, and we did around 4-5 crafts. After watching Hocus Pocus 2 Friday night for our movie, Hadley was a little scared and didn’t want to finish it. But then, I find her on her iPad watching the rest of the movie on her own! The big kids Brady and Natalie finally got to see Hadley play soccer; she was super excited. It was her last season game, and they won! I let Brady drive my car home, since it was not even a five-minute drive. It’s always nerve racking having the teenager drive, always. Ended the night with ironing just one uniform, so I could watch the Bengals game.

Happy Monday everyone! Have a great week!

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