Weekly recap.

Recapping our week on the blog! Snitch the elf, Christmas lights, and a Christmas party.

Monday November 28
A few days a week, I make myself get up early before the kids and workout. It’s such a better start to the day! Our elf on the shelf always starts when we get the tree out and decorated. Although, I wish I would’ve had it start on December first like most people but oh well, it works. We’ve had fioptics working on our street for a while now, installing cables or whatever. After it was all finished, the crew came back and fixed everyone’s yard! After two weeks or so, I started feeling more like myself. After taking Dayquil, Mucinex, and cough drops I was back to myself finally. While I was giving Huxley a bath, Hadley cleaned up downstairs in the family room without me asking her! It was so sweet.

Tuesday November 29
Huxley has been eating so well and trying different foods! Avocado toast for breakfast this morning. We had our carpet cleaned in the dining room, and our tile cleaned in the kitchen. I wish we would’ve gotten our family room rug cleaned, there is so much dirt on that thing from wearing our shoes in the house! Kevin finished putting up the lights on the house, he amazes me how he just climbs up on the roof like no big deal.

Wednesday November 30
Snitch our elf reminded Hadley to floss this morning, she had a dentist appointment and then school. I tried chocolate hummus from Kroger, and it was so good! It tasted like a chocolate mousse, or pudding sort of. Huxley woke up from his nap as Hadley was getting home from school, he just loves her. For dinner, we had ham and cheese sliders that were so good. A quick easy meal.

Thursday December 1
December first is the start of the advent calendar! I bought this large calendar on Amazon a few years ago, and it works great. The pockets are large enough to put things in. We tried Sonic for dinner this night, Hadley wasn’t a fan of the chicken tenders they were almost like real fried chicken from Kentucky Fried Chicken. I loved them. Huxley loves his new bath seat; he’s outgrowing the bath that he lays back in already.

Friday December 2
Hadley had a really hard time finding Snitch the elf this morning, he was up in the fake flowers on the wall. Part of Huxleys schedule now is he should have a snack of finger foods and formula in a sippy cup before his afternoon bottle. I made the mistake of putting puffs and cheerios in a bowl and giving him free range. The bowl spilled quite a few times! We went to a Christmas event at Prasco park with my brother and his family. It was so cute, and Hadley had so much fun! Each kid was able to pick out a goodie bag, a book, and unlimited candy! It was the cutest thing, and everything was so festive, and the decorations were amazing!

Saturday December 3
Kevin and Hadley made homemade chocolate chip cookies; they are delicious. If we forget to close the bathroom door, Huxley always manages to find the toilet paper roll and have a ball with it. We had a Christmas party to go to hosted by a second-grade parent, so we had one of Hadleys friend’s older sister come over and hangout / babysit with her friend and middle sister too. It worked out perfectly, we left after Huxley went to bed! The party was fun, we got to meet new parents and it was nice to just hangout amongst other adults without any kids! I barely get out without kids, so I enjoyed myself!

Sunday December 4
A little hungover this morning, so we finished his bottle in Mom and Dad’s bed. I felt bad for Kevin having to work, when his alarm went off at 5am I didn’t even hear it! Hadley’s friends sister organized Huxleys toys on the fireplace, it was so cute. We basically had a chill day, watched TV and just hungout.

Happy Monday everyone, hope you have a great week! And as always, thanks for reading!

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  1. What a great week! Both holiday events looked like they were so much fun; I like that it worked out as one for the kids and one for mom and dad! That never seems to happen. I have pictures of my boys with the toilet paper roll that like that! I had one that used to go through our trash (paper only!) in the office and throw it everywhere. Thank goodness it was only a tiny garbage can.

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