Weekly recap.

Recapping our last two weeks on the blog, so be prepared for double the amount of photos! St. Nick, birthday dinner, movie night, blood draw, Christmas concert, UC basketball game, and more.

Monday December 5
When I went into Hadleys room to wake her for school, I found her with half the covers on the floor. Took Huxley to get the second part of his flu shot, not sure why they do them in two parts now maybe it’s just a new thing with babies. Anytime we are cooking something on the stove, Huxley is obsessed with looking at what it is. He wants to be held the entire time something is on the stove, it’s so funny!

Tuesday December 6
St. Nick came! After school, Hadley has been practicing counting money since they are doing it in school. She’s doing so well with it. Huxleys stocking came the day after St. Nick, not like he will notice though right? I was amazed I found the same exact stocking to get for him as the rest of ours!

Wednesday December 7
After Huxley went to bed, we put our Christmas jammies on, watched a Christmas movie, and started a puzzle. Part of our Christmas bucket list.

Thursday December 8
We all went to Hadleys all school mass, she loves it when we are able to go. For dinner, we met my parents for dinner to celebrate Hadleys birthday. She got the game Mario Kart for her Nintendo Switch; she was so excited we let her play a little bit before bed.

Friday December 9
Occasionally on Fridays, we’ll do a movie night. We don’t always do this, but I try most weeks. For tonight’s movie, Kevin was home, and he stayed up and watched the entire movie! He’s not a movie guy, which is unfortunate because I love movies!

Saturday December 10
Huxley almost always wakes up smiling every single time, either from naps or the next morning he’s usually all smiles.

Sunday December 11
More often than not, Huxley hasn’t been drinking his entire bottle. I don’t know what it is, because he used to down the thing like it was his last drink but now, he fusses with it and it’s super frustrating. Sometimes Hadley helps and she can get him to drink a little more. Brady and Natalie came over, and Brady was such a sport with Hadley like all day long. He helped her figure out some of the games on her switch, played the games with her, and just hung out with her a good chunk of the day.

Monday December 12
Snitch the elf made a snow angel in a pan of sprinkles! Huxley got his blood drawn, for this study we are in. It is my least favorite thing to watch your infant baby get their blood drawn. I feel so helpless. Huxley sitting on the kitchen floor, staring up at the stove waiting for someone to pick him up to watch.

Tuesday December 13
Snitch the elf knows what’s up for taco Tuesday at our house! Huxleys new thing is he’ll put his hands up in the air at the most random times. Hadley had her Christmas concert at school, one was during school hours and the other was at night, so we divided and conquered. Kevin went with his parents during the day, and in between everything we had our chimney swept. And then I went with my parents to the evening concert, that way Huxley could stay on his schedule for the most part. He’s not going to know he missed her concert!

Wednesday December 14
Snitch the elf brought Christmas jammies for both Hadley and Huxley, but they weren’t the best quality that’s for sure. When I put the pajamas in the wash, and dried them, they came out looking like they’d fit a baby doll. Oh well. Hadley lost her fourth tooth (I think), she has all four on top missing. I went to a University of Cincinnati basketball game with my brother and had so much fun! We ate at this pizza place beforehand and ran into Alex Meacham, he was doing his podcast and interviewing a past basketball player Eric Hicks. Back in the day when I went to UC, I used to love Alex Meacham, hell I even bought his book he wrote a million years ago. He is still super into basketball and has season tickets to UC. I haven’t been to a UC basketball game in what seems like years, it was cool to see the new arena and just spend time with my brother.

Thursday December 15
Kevin was off more than usual this week, so Hadley was loving every second of it. She wouldn’t leave his side on the couch. Kevin tried to make this amazing dessert, that didn’t turn out so hot. He took cans of condensed milk, boiled them, and they were supposed to caramelize. Hope he tries it again, because I’m curious what it was supposed to look like!

Friday December 16
Movie night for the second week in a row! She loves not knowing what the movie is, this week it was Home Alone. Every night before I go to bed, I go into Huxleys room and check on him. When I saw him lying on his back, with his arms behind his head, I had to take a picture, it was so cute.

Saturday December 17
Our backyard is a zoo in itself sometimes, we saw wild turkeys just truckin’ along. We hosted Kevin’s fire department unit for a Christmas party at our house. Hadley was a huge help; she sorted the M&M’s into red and green since I can’t find them already sorted at our Kroger. I made some yummy things; I plan to share more this week, but it was a great time! It was nice to meet some of the fire fighters, and their significant others.

Sunday December 18
Gingerbread house day! Why do these things always fail? I think they make some that already connect together, and all you do is decorate, I need to find one of those for next year. There is Huxley begging to be picked up so he can see what’s going on with the oven. One of the firefighters’ wives literally just had a baby, so she couldn’t come to the party, her husband came for a little bit, and she brought us this cute Christmas tree wax warmer. We used it all day on Sunday, it smelled pretty good!

Happy Monday everyone, hope you have a great week! And as always, thanks for reading!

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