Easter Basket Ideas.

Growing up, my Grandma would always put a toothbrush in all of the grandkids Easter baskets and it’s a memory I will always remember. We are getting all of this candy, but remember to brush your teeth too! My Grandma would always have a huge buffet of candy displayed on her living room buffet for everyone to graze on as they would walk into the kitchen. Anyways, I have some Easter basket ideas to share for kids of all ages! Hope this gives you some ideas for your kiddos, or grandkids, etc. And by no means do I buy all of these items for the kids, I may get some of these and add some candy in there with everything.

Here are ideas for kids ages 1-10 years old:

Rollup Painting Mat – this mat rolls up for easy storage, and you can put the paint and brushes right on the mat.
Crayola Globbles – fidget toy that is like the squishies, sticky, stretchy, and not messy!
Sidewalk Egg Chalk – all kids love chalk, and these are egg shaped.
Mini Reading Light – Hadley loves to read, and sometimes she’ll wake up early in her room and read.
Silicone Baby Plate – this suction mat might help Huxley get used to plates.
Dr. Brown’s 1st Toothbrush – Never too early to start brushing teeth!
Little Blue Truck’s Book – Huxley needs some new books.
Slip On Sandals – these sandals are great for summer, they can get wet and dry so easily.
Bath Bobbers – these toys look great for the bath.
In The Car Activity Book – Could use this book for road trips, or just to use in the car in general.
Croc Charms – Hadley loves these for her fake crocs!
Color Addict Card Game – We are always looking for a new card game, this one looks fun.
Rainbow Bamboo Toothbrushes – A little fancier than a dollar store toothbrush.
Toddler Pop Tubes – kids love these things, Hadley has some and Huxley is obsessed with them. These are more his age.
Multi Ball Set – Huxley loves balls, and this set is different kinds and sizes.
Baby Yoda Toothpaste Spitter – Anything that makes brushing teeth for kids more fun, I’m down for!
Spanish Vocabulary Flash Cards – Hadley takes Spanish after school, and these will help!

Here are ideas for teens:

Pocket Mirror – small light weight mirror to take with you places, or just at home getting ready.
Cool Brand Stickers – to put on a laptop, skateboard, car, etc.
Starbucks Gift Card – any gift card your teen likes to enjoy.
Chipotle Gift Card – any gift card your teen likes to enjoy.
Backpack Pins – pins to put on backpacks, purse, corkboard, anything they might like to display these on.
Nail Stickers – fun way to jazz up your nails.
The Fuzzies Game – a new game is always fun, this could be for younger kids also.
Cash – what teen doesn’t want cash right?!?!
Scratch Off Lottery Tickets – what teen doesn’t want a chance for cash right?!?!
Lip Glow Oil – this lip gloss is all over the internet, and not a bad price either!
Makeup Pallette – a fresh makeup pallette for your teen girl.

Hope these gave you some fresh ideas for your kiddos Easter baskets this year! I love thinking of different things each year that are geared toward their personalities. The little ones are easy to buy for! For the teens, it gets harder and harder each year! Just do your best without adding in too many pricey things, because it can add up quick! Have fun with your Easter baskets!

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  1. We almost always filled the boys baskets with a swimsuit, some sandals, a pair of goggles, some bubbles or pool/lake toys and other things that I knew we could use for spring and summer. Some years I included water guns, other years we went with sidewalk chalk and paint. But a few years ago they all decided they had pretty much outgrown them so now I just get them each one chocolate bunny and call it a day.

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