Not Just a Mom – Pet Peeves.

I’m joining the Not Just A Mom crew with listing my pet peeves! I thought it would be a fun idea for a blog post.

Group Texts
Sometimes group texts are necessary, and I get it but other than that I really get annoyed at group texts. I could go on and on, but they just are a pet peeve I have.

Clothes that don’t end up in the hamper
If I’m going to do all the laundry, then the clothes can make it into the hamper. It’s not hard to grab a sock or whatever didn’t make it when you toss it in there.

Road rage
If I’m driving with someone that gets super mad, I never understand why! You don’t know the person that is making you mad, they will eventually be going a different direction so what is the point of getting so upset at other drivers. Just let them go and be on your way. Also, you never know these days people are crazy!

Empty boxes / containers
When you eat the last thing and the box is empty, throw the box away.

People who are always negative, what is the point? We need more positivity in this world, so I try so hard not to be negative about things especially around my kids.

Wet towels in the bathroom
After the kids take a shower, and leave the wet towel on the floor when their are hooks on the wall to hang them up on.

These are just a few that I came up with, I’m sure I could come up with many more but the more I thought about them I thought they seemed petty. I liked this idea, it made me think of the things that really don’t matter. The things I listed are just a few that are my pet peeves.

What are your pet peeves? Are any of them the same as the ones I listed? I’d love to hear!

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