Weekly recap.

Recapping our week on the blog! Doctor’s appointment, cutting down trees, Grand-Guest Day, softball, and Mother’s Day.

Monday May 15
Started the week off with working out in the morning. Took a picture of Huxley laying on Hadleys bed, it doesn’t even look like him! When Hadley gets home from school, she’s been reading in the garage for a different change of pace. Selfie picture of Huxleys feet, but Huxley himself. And Hadley practicing softball in the garage.

Tuesday May 16
Started off my Tuesday morning with a deep tissue massage, and it was amazing. I’ve been having issues with the left side of my whole body, it’s like tight and sore and hurts every morning when I wake up. My doc recommended I get a massage once a week for a month, which is awesome, but damn expensive.

Wednesday May 17
YouTube workouts some mornings, I like the ones that are all standing, and they give other options instead of jumping. Huxley ate lunch from the dining room window, watching our neighbor cut the grass. Got a Starbucks latte after school, and Hadley got her favorite strawberry acai drink. My brother-in-law came over to get all of our wood from the trees we had chopped down, so Hadley got to hang out with her cousin for a little bit. And then softball team pictures after dinner, I never understood why they do team pictures when the season is about over!

Thursday May 18
Watering the flowers with Huxley was not fun this morning, he wanted to pick off every flower, hit every flower, and play in the water puddles. When Kevin facetimes from the firehouse, Huxley always manages to take a screenshot of his Dads face!

Friday May 19
Field day for Hadley, she was so excited! Her team won the tug of war event! After dinner, Hadley went with her Dad for his umpire game, I put Huxley to bed, and then sat outside all by myself. It was such a nice night!

Saturday May 20
Kevin umpired a few games; Hadley went with him again. And then we had a date night that has been long overdue, we went to a retirement / birthday party for one of Kevin’s firefighters, and then hit up a festival and played some big six!

Sunday May 21
Only took two pictures, I had a headache from hell! Natalie came over and spent the night! It was good to have time with her, and she seemed to be super relaxed. We just hangout, ate, watched tv, played outside. It was a nice chill day!

Happy Monday everyone, have a great week! And as always, thanks for reading!

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2 thoughts on “Weekly recap.

  1. What a wonderful week; aside from the headache. I hope the massages help; I was having pain all down my right hand side and found that I had to completely change the way I sleep.

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