Friday Favorites.

Hi friends! Happy Friday! Here are the favorites this week.

I want one of these name tags soo bad! They are just so so cute for your Stanley or tumbler. Name tag can be found here.

This wallpaper looks like you could put it in the kitchen, or office, or even a kids bedroom to write on. Wallpaper can be found here.

I don’t have a Bogg bag, but you could use this custom tassel on any bag I would think! It’s soo cute! Tassel can be found here.

When I saw these online, I thought to myself what in the world would someone use these for? But after reading more about them, you would use it just like any other butter but it’s just weird they are in the shape of balls, like butter shaped like candy gumballs! I would buy them just to say, I made this with butter balls lmao. Butter balls can be found here.

I have a sweatshirt that is similar to this dress! Super cute! Dress can be found here.

Happy Friday everyone, have a great weekend! And as always, thanks for reading!

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Weekly recap.

Recapping our week on the blog! The lake, walks, outdoor movie night, Jungle Jim’s, and the Bengals game!

Monday September 4
We left the lake early after a gator ride. We came home, Huxley took a nap and then we went to a neighbor’s house for a pool party. One of our neighbors sold their house, and it was a little farewell party to say goodbye and just hangout.

Tuesday September 5
Worked out in the morning, and just had a chill / crazy day. Hung around the house, picked up Hadley from school, and then Hadley had softball practice. Nothing too exciting.

Wednesday September 6
Walked at the trail in the morning with Huxley. They’ve been doing some work on the street we live off of and they park the big diggers on our street at night. Huxley loves watching them, so we walked down for him to get a close up look. Hadley didn’t have school the next day, due to a water main break, so we stayed up a little later and watched the new Little Mermaid movie on Disney+. We thought it was just okay, I liked the original best.

Thursday September 7
Had a phone interview for a part-time gig that I am interested in, I thought it went really well! Kevin worked training at drill school. Hadley was off school due to a water main break, so we went to a park and basically had it to ourselves.

Friday September 8
Hadley had a bye week for softball, so we took advantage of a free Friday night and did an outdoor movie night! Kevin got home from his part-time job and cut the grass. And then started setting up the movie screen while I put Huxley to bed. The movie was Talladega Nights! Hadley had never seen it, and I know it’s not the best family movie, but all that really goes on is some adult language and that’s about it. Hadley didn’t really get the humor in it, but she thought some parts were funny.

Saturday September 9
Took a walk around the neighborhood in the morning with Huxley. And then we went on a little field trip! We have a local grocery store called Jungle Jim’s, and it’s not your average grocery store. My daughter wasn’t too keen on the idea until she went inside the place. It’s so big and has the biggest variety of foods! We bought random items, but it was fun walking around the place and checking it all out. After the grocery store visit, we googled a random park nearby and ending up driving right past a wakeboard park. It was so cool, we sat in the car and watched for a few minutes. And then we found the park, and just hung out for a little bit. Hadley and Huxley played on the playground. My stepdaughter Natalie had homecoming, and Kevin ended up stopping by on the firetruck and taking some pictures with her! When we got home, Hadley tried her giant gummi bear she got at Jungle Jim’s.

Sunday September 10
I barely took any photos on Sunday, but we started the morning off with a walk and Hadley joined us on her scooter. And then we watched the first Bengals game, and it was terrible. We did not look good. Natalie and her boyfriend came over to watch the game with us, and then we all went to dinner. That was pretty much the extent of our Sunday, pretty low key.

Happy Tuesday everyone, have a great week! And as always, thanks for reading!

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What I Ordered from Amazon in August 2023.

Hi friends, here is what I ordered from Amazon in August.

I bought these cups for stocking the teacher lounge at Hadleys school. I love the ones with sleeves! Cups can be found here.

The car seat organizer was originally supposed to be used for our drive to Florida, but Hadley didn’t really love it, so it didn’t really get used. Oh well. I’m sure we’ll find a way to use it one of these days. Organizer can be found here.

These tree picks were used on the cupcakes for our outdoor movie night. They were the perfect size for cupcake decor. Pine tree picks can be found here.

We used these paper plates for another part of our outdoor movie night! Plates can be found here.

I can never find this powder at our local grocery stores, so occasionally I’ll get it on Amazon. Powder can be found here.

I wanted some new cute headbands for vacation, and these were perfect! Headbands can be found here.

I’ve been wanting to try these makeup sticks, so I tried the e.l.f. brand. I use this one for blush, and then use a brush to blend it in. Loving it so far! Multi stick can be found here.

This is the brush I use to blend in the blush stick, I love it! Brush can be found here.

I’ve been using this as my foundation this summer, it’s very light! BB cream can be found here.

We used this in the car on the way to Florida, it was really cute. When I sat in the back seat with Hadley, we did this book for about an hour, it was fun! Book can be found here.

Bought these for vacation for Hadley, can always use some new comfy jammies! Pajamas can be found here.

Hadley loves tank tops; she likes the silky material ones. She wore these for vacation, and for softball practice too. Tanks can be found here.

Hadley used this in the car for vacation, it was awesome. She used it to set her iPad on, colored, and put food on. Tray can be found here.

This small bag is perfect, I brought it to Florida and am still using it. Bag can be found here.

Bought this for the car ride to Florida, we have a few different versions of the Guess in 10 game. We love it. Game can be found here.

Originally, I bought these for Huxley, as another way to keep him occupied in the car but he didn’t really care about it. Hadley loved it. The tablets came in a three pack. Tablets can be found here.

These clips are great! Not much else to say other than they are everywhere, and if you haven’t tried them lately then you should! Clips can be found here.

We forgot Huxleys hat for vacation, so we had to order another one and had it sent to the condo. Gotta love Amazon! So now we have two of these hats, they are the best for the sun, swimming, etc. Hat can be found here.

Poor Hadley has flat feet, and her heels hurt her after she wears her cleats for soccer and softball. We have been buying these a lot for her. They seem to help, but I think she needs the entire foot ones, not just the heels. Gel heel cups can be found here.

At the beginning of school, I always get Hadley some new undies. These are a bit bigger than she’d like, but they work. And they are this mesh breathable material, and she loves them! Undies can be found here.

Hadley loves these head ties; she wears them all the time to school and for sports. Green is for her new softball team, red is for her school colors, and white just goes with anything. Head ties can be found here.

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Weekly recap.

Recapping our week on the blog! Soccer, walks, softball, llama llama, and the lake!

Monday August 28
Started chores after taking the first week of school off. After school drop off, Huxley and I took a walk on the trail. Huxley was a little cranky today, he knocked off the plant in the family room and it shattered all over the place. Hadley had a Monday night soccer game. It was a busy Monday!

Tuesday August 29
Took a walk at the trail with Huxley! After school, Hadley had meet the teacher so we went up to school and checked out her classroom and teacher. Kevin took her to softball practice, and then came home and went to bed pretty much. Before I went to bed, I looked out our bedroom window and saw two deer just chilling in our backyard.

Wednesday August 30
Took a walk solo! Went home to get ready and went to the llama llama book tour. Huxley loves the llama llama books, and it was so cute to go to story time. We bought him a mini stuffed animal of the llama guy and he started sleeping with him!

Thursday August 31
Walked with a fire wife in the morning, it was so nice to meet up with her! Kevin and her husband were in the fire department training together.

Friday September 1
Walked around the neighborhood and did a HITT workout with weights at home. Hadley has double header games on Friday nights for softball, and it was my turn to finally take her to a game! I was so excited to see her play on her new team. Kevin and Huxley left after the first game, and then we had a long two hour break in between games. I went to my van to grab my chair, and realized I put my keys in the diaper bag with Kevin that is home. We managed to have the neighbor teenager come and sit at the house while Huxley was sleeping, and Kevin dropped off the keys to me. And very sad news happened in the middle of the night, Jimmy Buffet passed away. He was one of my faves!

Saturday September 2
Worked out at home and did a HIIT video with weights. Hadley had a soccer game, and it was miserably hot out. After the soccer game, we went to the pool for a little bit to cool off. Kevin worked the University of Cincinnati football game, he was loving it!

Sunday September 3
Went to the lake to celebrate Brady graduating high school, and for Labor Day weekend. We forgot the other set of monitors at our house, so we borrowed the neighbors and oh my goodness. I could never have had video monitors for Hadley and Huxley, I would literally sit there and watch them sleep. Brady had some friends at the lake, and family came by to say congratulations! It was a pretty chill weekend; and Hadley just loves to fish.

Happy Tuesday everyone, have a great week! And as always, thanks for reading!

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Friday Favorites.

Hi friends! Happy Friday! Here are the favorites this week.

How stinkin cute is this? When Huxley gets older, I can totally see him riding on this! Ride-on toy can be found here.

Not sure if these are cute or dumb? They might be comfy though! Socks can be found here.

I haven’t played Scrabble in such a long time, but this bookshelf edition is soo cool! Game can be found here.

First impression, these gummies sound disgusting! In the product description, it says it tastes fruity! Curious to see if Hadley would try these. Gummies can be found here.

This tee is soo cute! And I love it. Tee can be found here.

Happy Friday everyone, have a great weekend! And as always, thanks for reading!

*This post may contain affiliate links, which means at no additional cost to you, I will earn a very small commission if you click through or make a purchase.

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What we bought at Buc-ee’s.

Have you ever heard of Buc-ee’s before? I haven’t heard of the place until a few months ago when I saw it all over social media and the internet. I didn’t know too much about the place but was curious about it for sure. We were on our way to Florida, which you can read more about here and here, but stopped at a hotel in Alabama first. Since we couldn’t check into the hotel until late afternoon, we decided to make a pit stop to the Athens, Alabama location!

I wish I would’ve taken more pictures of the place. It is ginormous! Buc-ee’s is a massive gas station with 90 something gas pumps, 50 something bathroom stalls that is manned 24/7, 20 something cash registers, 4 Icee machines, and you can purchase snacks, drinks, and fresh food made daily. They also have the world’s largest car wash, the one we went to was closed but would’ve totally done that too! We spent around $100 there but could’ve easily spent way more.

Here is a rundown of what we bought!

BUC-EE’S PILLOW – Hadley picked out this pillow over a hat. It’s right up her alley, tie-die, and colorful.

BUC-EE’S TSHIRT – Kevin picked out this shirt, I like it!

NAPKIN HOLDER – I picked out this napkin holder, and I thought the napkins were the normal dinner size, but they are a little bigger than a cocktail napkin. Wasn’t a huge fan of the salt and pepper shakers because we don’t have any green in our house, but I’ll still use it!

BUC-EE’S SIPPY CUP – Had to get Huxley a little something! And all the prices were very reasonable, which is why we easily spent $100.

BUC-EE’S WAX BOTTLES – Hadley picked out the most random type of candy, these things are gross! But she was happy, so we got them. The selection of things here is overwhelming, there is so much to choose from! They are known for their beaver nuggets, which is a caramel coated corn puff, and I wish I would’ve snagged a bag!

BUC-EE’S KEYCHAIN – Hadley loves keychains! She put this on her travel bookbag as soon as she got in the car.

You have to get a picture with the beaver himself!

Buc-ee’s is like no other gas station you will ever go to! If you are ever near one, set aside some time to go in and check it out. It’s amazing. The employees are super kind too! They just built one an hour from where we live in Ohio, and I want to check it out so bad!

Have you been to Buc-ee’s? I’d love to know what other locations are like!

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Our 2023 Summer Beach trip – Days 5, 6, 7, 8, & 9

I recapped the first half of our beach trip earlier this week, and today I’m wrapping up the second half!

Tuesday, August 15
Worked out in the condo this morning, just wasn’t feeling the beach walk this time. Huxley stayed up at the condo this day, with him being just one years old going to the beach everyday can be a lot. Hadley and I chilled at the beach together, and then Kevin came down later with her. Kevin has always done the laundry when we’re on vacation, I don’t know what that’s all about, but I’ll take it. For dinner, we went to Boshamps! I saw this place on Instagram and wanted to dry a drink they have called “the dreamsicle.” The drink consisted of Titos vodka, vanilla ice cream, and orange juice. Even though I’m not a huge fruity drink fan, it was good! Kevin had a burger, and he said it was one of the best he’s had. He’s not a huge seafood guy, so yes, he got a burger at a seafood restaurant. I got a shrimp basket, it was good! They had a really cool place outside to hang while you waited for your table, sand for the kids to play in, big chairs, and could walk along the docks to see all the boats, it was fun.

Wednesday, August 16
We changed it up a little bit today and went to a pier! We found out about this place from a family we met at the condo pool. You pay $2 per person to go on the pier, and you literally see so much sea life! We went early, like eight in the morning, and there were already so many people fishing. We saw a few sharks, small fish, and jellyfish! It was so cool to see sharks so close up! After the pier, we stopped at a local cafe for breakfast. I tried my favorite chai tea latte, it was good! I love trying chai’s at different places! After breakfast, we headed back to the condo. Kevin and Hadley headed out for their day date, they did go karts, swings, water bumper cars, and just had fun being together just the two of them. After they got back to the condo, and Huxley took his nap, we went down to the pool to swim. We ate dinner at the condo, and then just hung out on the balcony. I could sit out there all night!

Thursday, August 17
We had an exciting day today! We headed out bright and early again, stopped for donuts for breakfast. We rented a pontoon boat and headed out to Crab Island. I don’t know if I’ll be able to say everything I want to about this day, but it was quite comical on the pontoon. You see the photo of Kevin talking to the guy about the pontoon, and how to get to Crab Island, etc. The trip to Crab Island should’ve taken twenty, maybe thirty minutes? It took us an hour. An HOUR! Let’s just nicely say, that my human MapQuest of a husband, is amazing at directions on the road, but on water? Not so much. After an hour of driving around, just enjoying the ride (lmao), we finally found the island filled with boats! It was so cool! A bunch of boats in shallow water, and a tiny little store in the middle of the water, where you can pay to bounce on a ton of floaties! The really terrible thing about the trip was the water was filled with jellyfish! Kevin got in, and dunked Huxley a few times to cool him off. Hadley and I did not get in, it was so hard, but I was not about to get stung. It was a huge bummer, because we rented this pontoon and barely stayed because of all the jellyfish. It was fun though! If there were no jellyfish, we would’ve stayed and swam until it was time to return the pontoon. Definitely doing that again, during the non-jellyfish season though!

After Crab Island, we got Chick-Fil-A for lunch on the way home, and then Huxley took a nap. Hadley and I went down to the pool, she swam with the friends she made earlier in the week. For dinner, we went to Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville restaurant. We sat outside and watched all the boats go in and out of the harbor. After dinner, we walked around the boardwalk. Hadley got frozen yogurt, and then we went back to the condo. Kevin put Huxley to bed, and Hadley and I walked on the beach. We saw a few sandcastles of mermaids and octopus. And then I came up to the condo, and Kevin and Hadley took a night swim in the pool and hot tub! She loved all the one-on-one time with each of us!

Friday, August 18
Our last full day! We started out the morning by eating breakfast on the balcony. Hadley loved the hanging seat! And Huxley’s travel seat was so easy to move around wherever. We basically just hung out at the beach and pool off and on all day. We would take turns with Hadley at the pool, and the other at the beach, or up at the condo with Huxley. At the pool, Hadley met these siblings that she had so much fun with all week. The parents were so nice too, they were from Connecticut! They didn’t want the night to end, they swam for so long together. When it was time to come up to the condo for the night, they both went to each other’s condos to check it out, and they exchanged home addresses in hopes to keep in touch! It was so cute!

We ate dinner in the condo, and then Kevin pretty much packed the van, so it was all ready to go in the morning. Hadley was so tired; she was out and looked so peaceful in bed I had to take a photo.

Saturday, August 19
Left the condo bright and early! We stopped at Subway for lunch, and I took a picture of Hadley because her eyes looked super blue, and she got so tan! I sat in the backseat the last few hours of the trip. We decided to push through, and just drive the entire way home instead of stopping at a hotel again. Hadley and Huxley were troopers on the way home.

We couldn’t have asked for better weather, and even better water on this trip! We had rain one time, but it was at night while we were sleeping. The water was sooo clear, it was gorgeous! I’m not sure I could ever go anywhere else, with the water as clear as it was. Just beautiful! It was a great vacation. As Huxley gets older, vacations will get easier. He did amazing sleeping in a pack ‘n play for a week too! We love the ocean, it’s so calming and relaxing, I never want to leave!

Thanks for following along our vacation journey!

Read about the first part of our trip by clicking here – 2023 Summer Beach Trip Days 1-4.

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