Friday Favorites – Where the Crawdads sing, Rachael Ray, Monopoly, and a tree collar.

Hi friends! Happy Friday! Here are my favorites this week.

I’ve been wanting to see this movie so bad; I just need to find the time to watch it. Probably can watch it late at night like I tend to write these blog posts! I’ve heard the book is so good, but I haven’t heard much about the movie compared to the book. I’m so curious! Movie can be found on Netflix here.

I’ve been addicted to the Rachael Ray show! I usually watch most days of the week unless we have plans. Some people love her, some people aren’t fans. I like her! She can whip up a meal in no time, and she is so easy going when she talks about what ingredients to use for the recipes. Maybe I’m getting old and watching cooking shows now hahahaha, but I love it. It inspires me to try different recipes! The Rachael Ray show can be found here.

Our tree collar from last year broke, it was plastic and it cracked. We ordered this red tree collar from Amazon; it should arrive by this weekend. I hope it holds up better than last years, I can’t wait to see it. Just love the bright red color! Tree collar can be found here.

I saw this on Instagram this week and thought how cool would this be to have? Instead of those ugly board games, to have these classic board games in book form for a bookshelf? Just love it. It’s in my Amazon cart in case I ever decide to buy it. We love Monopoly around here. Bookshelf edition can be found here.

We bought these for our front porch and just love them! They are battery operated, four feet tall, and come pre-lit with a few decorations on the tree. All you need to do is fluff the branches and bows out a little bit. In case you are in need of entryway trees, these are great! Purchased at Home Depot here.

Happy Friday everyone, have a great weekend! And as always, thanks for reading!

Friday Favorites – Bad Guys the movie, baking mats, soap, baby food, and a book.

Hi friends! Happy Friday! Here are my favorites this week.

This movie came out earlier this month on Netflix, and Hadley has been watching it on repeat. I’ve seen parts of it here and there when she’s watching it, it’s pretty cute and seems to be really popular. The movie is rated #2 on Netflix right now! The movie can be found here.

I have these baking mats in my Amazon cart! I have a really old one from the Martha Stewart line that I still use to this day and thought about getting a few more. They are really useful when baking cookies and can use them for lots of other things to cook. Baking mats can be found here.

I think I saw this soap on one of those Facebook ads and thought, I wonder what these smell like? Haha! Funny little soap to try for the holidays. Soaps can be found here.

I’ve been getting the Happy Baby brand of baby food for Huxley lately, and he just loves them! I don’t normally buy organic, but this one just happens to be organic and he’s a fan. Pouches can be found here.

Another item I have in my Amazon cart is this Thanksgiving book for Hadley. It’s a little under her reading level, but it’s a cute festive book for the holiday. We love Amelia Bedelia books! Book can be found here.

Happy Friday everyone, have a great weekend! And thanks for reading!

Friday Favorites – Dish mat, hot lunch, Christmas calendar, and a movie.

Hi friends! Happy Friday! Here are my favorites this week.

We have one of these dish mats in the kitchen, and we use it so much it’s getting to look very worn and dirty. I’ve been looking at some on Etsy, and this one I came across that I liked. Dish mat can be found here.

I saw this on the Family and the Lakehouse blog, and thought it was too fun not to share. It pretty much explains how early the holiday seasons start nowadays.

Hadley just started ordering hot lunch at school, and she loves it. She won’t venture far off from her usual, she will do a chicken patty when it’s offered. Hot lunch at school makes for an easy lunch day, I just give her a few extra snacks on those days.

I love the holiday soaps from Bath & Body Works! I want to get them all every year.

The movie for Friday night movie night this week is Coco! We haven’t seen it yet, it looks cute. The movie can be found here.

Happy Friday everyone, have a great weekend! And thanks for reading!

Friday favorites – Self-care calendar, school years frame, Handmaids Tale, and a podcast.

Hi friends! We made it to Friday! Here are my favorites this week.

I have made such a big effort to take care of my skin this month. I had been neglecting it since Huxleys been born, so I decided to really try and do more self-care. In our bathroom, we have this calendar that we get from church every year. Nothing fancy, nothing pretty, just a plain old calendar. I’ve always tracked my weight for years, like I will weigh myself almost every day. So those are the blurred-out spots, but all the other things you can see I’ve written down when I do a face/eye mask at night before bed, when I do teeth whitening, and when I do a hair mask. I try to do the face/eye mask every night, the teeth whitening is not every day but most days or until I run out of strips, and the hair mask I do once sometimes twice a week. Once you do something for 30 days or so, it really does become an easier habit!

This school years frame is my favorite to display all of Hadleys school photos. It’s not the typical frame, and I like how you can personalize it with your child’s name, and all of the grades have a quote so it’s not just a bare spot on the older grades. School years frame can be found here.

I’ve been obsessed with this show! If you haven’t watched it before, it’s a little creepy to begin with but it really is good! Right now, Season 5 is out, and I usually wait for the entire season to come out and then binge it. But this time, I watch it every week! Find the show here.

Last week I talked about how I baked my first apple pie. It was fun and tasted pretty good. My first apple pie can be read here.

I’ve been listening to this podcast the past few weeks, and it’s good! Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, and Will Arnett are hilarious together. They interview different celebrities, and I have to say so far, my favorites are Chris Pratt and Sandra Bullock. The one with Liam Neeson is interesting, he’s so serious but interesting. You learn different things about celebrities. It’s just something different to listen to somedays. Podcast can be found here.

Happy Friday everyone, have a great weekend! And thanks for reading!

Friday favorites – Target bibs, Brooks running shoes, Stanley cup, and Kroger Boost.

Hello Friday and happy weekend! Here are my favorites for the week!


These silicone bibs from Target are my absolute favorite for Huxley. We have these exact ones, and I use them every day. I will say, I only use them when he eats baby food because anything that he spits out, runs out of his mouth goes right into the little pocket. It doesn’t go on his clothes or the high chair! And when it’s time to clean the bib, all you have to do is rinse it off in the sink with a sponge and some soap. I just love them. Target bibs can be found here.


I’ve been wearing this brand of shoe for years and years now, I even wear them in the house. I bought a cheapie pair to wear inside the house only. The reason I wear them inside the house is because I have plantars faciitis in my one foot, and these shoes are the only kind that doesn’t hurt my foot. I have about four or five pairs of these shoes, they are the best! Shoe can be found here.


I’ve just recently started using this tumbler, and it’s ginormous. I have the 40 ounce one but thinking I might need to downsize to the one below this size. I have the pink colored one, which doesn’t seem to be an option right now. I mainly drink my water in this tumbler, but it’s so big and heavy. I mainly wanted a larger water bottle to fit in the car cup holders, which it does fit, but again it’s just so huge! Tumbler can be found here.


For our movie night last week (Pinocchio), we tried these chocolate covered marshmallows and they were so good! They come in a tiny bag, and aren’t the cheapest but nowadays what is right? Even picky eater Hadley liked them. Something different for a sweet treat. Marshmallows can be found here.


I’ve talked about this on my Instagram stories a little bit, but we just recently joined Kroger Boost and loving it! We’ve already used the service five times in two months, and only have to use it one more time to get our money’s worth! The membership is for an entire year. It’s so awesome. I love having groceries delivered, makes grocery shopping with a baby a thousand times easier! Find out more here.

Happy Friday everyone! Have a great weekend.

As always, thanks for reading!

Friday favorites.

Happy Friday everyone! It’s been a week around here; we’ve all came down with some sort of cold / sickness. Nothing major that we didn’t recover from in a day or so, but Kevin seems to have gotten it the worst.


We’ve been on a Chick-Fil-A sauce kick lately. We cut up some chicken breast, put some Montreal steak seasoning on chicken, and cook it in the skillet. Yes, you read that right, we’ll put steak seasoning on chicken. If you haven’t tried it, you should, it’s soo good! You can buy the sauce here.


When Huxley started to get a stuffy nose this week, I bought this kit off of Amazon. I’m a huge preventative person and like to nip sickness in the bud as soon as it starts. I don’t want anything to turn into something worse. And sometimes yes, it will turn into something worse, but it can’t hurt to get a head start on the process. I put two drops of the vapor drops in his diffuser in his room, it’s not too strong and I’ll only put it on for an hour time limit when he takes his naps. I don’t put it on all night. The vapor rub, I’ll rub a tiny bit under his nostrils after I clean them out with one of those nose squirters they give you from the hospital. He still sounds a little congested and seems to be helping. Kit can be found here.


I bought this toy for our trip to the beach, and Huxley is still loving it. All the rubber things pull through the top, and he can chew on them safely, and it entertains him. Toy can be found here.


Huxley just started to crawl! He’s not full-on crawling, but he’s doing it his own weird way for right now until he can fully grasp it. He’ll either get up on all fours, and crawl super-fast, or he’ll lie on his stomach and push with his legs and get his one arm stuck so he’ll roll over and then move to where he wants to go. He’ll do that over and over until he gets to where he wants to be. So now, we have to make sure all the tiny little things are off the floor, or he’ll find them and put them in his mouth!


Today is two years with my Telluride. And I’m still loving it so much! It’s given me zero trouble, and it’s my favorite SUV I’ve driven so far. Well, I take that back. When we had the big Yukon, that was probably my favorite SUV, it was so big, and we had so much room. But the Telluride, it’s pretty good also. Still loving it two years later. I wrote more about my Telluride last year here.

Happy Friday everyone! Have a great weekend.

As always, thanks for reading!

Friday favorites.

Happy Friday peeps! The past few days have felt a little cooler than usual, it’s been nice! Nothing much going on this weekend other than the first NFL Bengals game! WHO DEY! Who knows what else we’ll get into. Here are a few favorites I’m loving this week!


I have no idea why it took us so long to buy one of these, but it’s been awesome! We have a very old TV, and I’m surprised it’s not bit the bullet by now. With so many deals on TV’s all these years, I don’t know why we haven’t gotten a new one either! But it is what it is. One day we’ll join the rest of the world with an up-to-date TV. Roku link here.


I’ve been wanting one of these necklaces for a while and couldn’t find one that I really like. When I found this one, I ordered it and tried it out for a few days and loved it! I don’t like necklaces that get jumbled up when you wear them, and then I feel like I have to constantly keep touching the necklace to fix it. For me, this one will stay put. Necklace link here.


Hadley loves these dolls; I just don’t get the hype. They look creepy to me. But Hadley loves them, so she bought two of them with her own money. She’ll play with it for a little bit, and then she displays them on her dresser. It’s cute. Doll linked here.


I bought this dress for my son Huxleys baptism last week. It was very comfy, and I felt great in it. Plus, it has pockets if you like that in a dress. Dress linked here.

Friday favorites.

TGIF! I’m so glad it’s Friday! Ready for this weekend, we plan to pick up our boat and give it a good deep cleaning. It hasn’t had a good cleaning since last summer! Here are a few favorites I’m loving this week!


I’ve been trying extra hard this month to blog more, it’s hard to do with the babe but it’s something I’ve always enjoyed doing. I bought this content planner a few months ago, and I’ve really been utilizing it this year. It’s super helpful in planning things for the blog, and it’s been a great tool for me so far! Content planner linked here.


This cooler was one of those items I received inside a FabFitFun box. I’ve been using it when Kevin isn’t with us at the pool or swim meets. It’s too much for me to have the stroller, swim bag, and a cooler. So, this small little cooler fits perfectly in the bottom of the stroller. And the best thing? It doesn’t leak!!! I feel like every soft sided cooler I’ve ever owned has always leaked, and this one so far (knock on wood) hasn’t! Cooler linked here.


This organizer sits on the dresser in Huxley’s room, and it’s awesome. It holds diapers, wipes, and then all the little things you might need for baby. Lotion, desitin, Aquaphor, etc. It might not be the trendiest looking item, but it’s very functional and practical. Caddy linked here.


Recently upgraded my Fitbit Versa 2, to the 3! My old one literally quit working; the screen went black after a full charge. I’m pretty happy with the new one, still getting adjusted to it but for the most part it’s the same as the Versa 2. I love how it tracks my steps, and heart rate. Those are the two things I look at the most, and then the app on my phone I use for when I go on walks/runs. Fitbit linked here.


If time allows, I typically watch the Today show just about every day during the week. I love it so much more than the local news, which is 95% of the time depressing and sad. The Today Show is more upbeat news and I just enjoy it! The Today Show linked here.

Happy weekend everyone!

Friday favorites.

Happy July 1st! Just love the start of a new month! Here are a few favorites I’m loving from this week! Are you ready for the holiday weekend, and the hot weather?


Every time we go to the lake, Kevin makes the best bacon egg and cheese sandwiches for breakfast. Sometimes it’ll be on a bagel, or toast, and the way the cheese just melts is so good. And he makes the best eggs!


I cannot find a link to this life jacket, since it’s super super old. It’s been at the lake for many years, probably at least 17 or 18 years. Anyways, Huxley loved the life jacket! Most babies hate this thing when they are little, and I don’t blame them because look at it? Doesn’t it look miserable? Well, not to my little Huxley. He loved it, smiled the entire time he had it on.


Now that we have a pool membership, I bought this little floatie for Huxley. We used it for the first time this week, and he loved it! Took him a minute to relax, since he’s laid back, but he did like it. Float linked here.


This baby tent was another purchase for the pool, and we also used it for the first time this week. He slept about an hour in this thing! We stripped him down to his diaper, put the portable stroller fan and travel sound machine inside, and he was out. It was amazing! This would be great at the beach too, if you have a little one. Tent linked here.


We use this sound machine for Huxley for bedtime, and it’s amazing. I love it so much I want one for myself! You can choose the color for the nightlight, you can choose the sound, and can also choose the volume level. We even take it with us when we go to the lake for the weekends and use it there. Babies like routine, so I like to keep the bedtime routine pretty much the same as we do at home. Sound machine linked here. (Bonus – $10 off coupon on Amazon).

Happy weekend everyone!

Friday favorites.

Here are a few favorites I’m loving from this week! Are you ready for the weather to give us a slight cool down? And then back to the sickening heat next week? I’m not, but thank goodness for the pool!


For this summer, I purchased three different suits for Huxley. They have all been great so far! The blue and white striped one is from Amazon and it came with a hat. This suit is my favorite, the quality is nice but I don’t want to spend another twenty something bucks on something he’ll outgrow in a second. We will wear this one in between washes. Suit linked here.

The next two are from Walmart, all blue with white stars and red trim, and the blue/light blue strips. These two are great, and it gets the job done for the cost. For the short time he’ll wear these suits, it works perfect. Huxley will be four months next week, and he’s in a size 3-6 months. He could probably go up to 6 months in some things. Blue/red suit linked here, and the blue/light blue strips suit linked here.


If you are local, then you’ll know the weather here in Cincinnati has been super-hot and humid. On the days when it’s not so humid, usually in the mornings, I like to go walking on this trail by our house or on the streets in our neighborhood. The trail is two miles if you do the trail one time. This week, Huxley and I did the two miles at my fast-walking pace. It felt so good to get outside and walk!


Our jogger stroller has been awesome so far, since I use it almost every day! I use it for swim team practice four days a week, I use it for sport events for Hadley, I use it to go to the pool, I use it for walks, I use this stroller a TON! It surely isn’t UPPAbaby potential, but for what I need it to do, for the short amount of time we’ll use it, it’ll do. I cannot justify spending massive money on baby items that I’ll only use for a short time. Baby Trend is cheaper, and it works for us! Stroller linked here.


For using the stroller on a daily basis in the middle of summer, these stroller fans are a must for baby! They are so cool, and you can use them for other places besides the stroller. I’ve set the fan up next to me to cool off, or to set it up next to Huxley if he’s laying down on the patio chair at the pool, things like that. The stroller fan is awesome, and it even has a light you can turn on if need be. Highly recommend for baby or yourself! Fan linked here.


My sweet daughter Hadley. She has been nothing but short of amazing this summer. She helps me out more than I can count, and I am forever grateful for her. Sometimes she gets the short end of the stick right now with her brother being so little and needing so much attention. But she keeps on going and keeps being there for her dad and I as the best big sister. She’ll grab something I forgot to get after I sat down to feed Huxley, she’ll calm Huxley down if he’s fussy so I can finish doing whatever it is I’m in the middle of, she’ll still get out of the pool with a huge smile on her face after I missed her first event last night because of Huxley being fussy in the hot as hell heat for her swim meet. She continues to surprise me the older she gets; just how great she really is. I hope she never changes, and always has this personality that shines so bright it’s contagious.

Happy weekend everyone!