Friday Favorites.

Hi friends! Happy Friday! Here are my favorites this week.

When we have parties or people over, I love this caddy holder! It’s stainless steel, and looks much nicer than a picnic caddy holder. Holder can be found here.

Baseball season is officially here, I found this shirt and thought it was so cute! Maybe Kevin would wear it! Shirt can be found here.

Saw this bag on Instagram and it’s huge! Looks like a cool swim bag or travel bag, like going to a hotel or something and wheeling the bag around verses carrying it. Bag can be found here.

These brownies look so so good! Have to give them a try. Brownies can be found here.

We have quite a few things we would like to do around our home, and the garage is one of them. This garage mudroom refresh looks so functional and still nice looking. Almost looks like a home inside a garage. Video can be found on Instagram.

Happy Friday everyone, have a great weekend! And as always, thanks for reading!

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Easter Basket Ideas.

Growing up, my Grandma would always put a toothbrush in all of the grandkids Easter baskets and it’s a memory I will always remember. We are getting all of this candy, but remember to brush your teeth too! My Grandma would always have a huge buffet of candy displayed on her living room buffet for everyone to graze on as they would walk into the kitchen. Anyways, I have some Easter basket ideas to share for kids of all ages! Hope this gives you some ideas for your kiddos, or grandkids, etc. And by no means do I buy all of these items for the kids, I may get some of these and add some candy in there with everything.

Here are ideas for kids ages 1-10 years old:

Rollup Painting Mat – this mat rolls up for easy storage, and you can put the paint and brushes right on the mat.
Crayola Globbles – fidget toy that is like the squishies, sticky, stretchy, and not messy!
Sidewalk Egg Chalk – all kids love chalk, and these are egg shaped.
Mini Reading Light – Hadley loves to read, and sometimes she’ll wake up early in her room and read.
Silicone Baby Plate – this suction mat might help Huxley get used to plates.
Dr. Brown’s 1st Toothbrush – Never too early to start brushing teeth!
Little Blue Truck’s Book – Huxley needs some new books.
Slip On Sandals – these sandals are great for summer, they can get wet and dry so easily.
Bath Bobbers – these toys look great for the bath.
In The Car Activity Book – Could use this book for road trips, or just to use in the car in general.
Croc Charms – Hadley loves these for her fake crocs!
Color Addict Card Game – We are always looking for a new card game, this one looks fun.
Rainbow Bamboo Toothbrushes – A little fancier than a dollar store toothbrush.
Toddler Pop Tubes – kids love these things, Hadley has some and Huxley is obsessed with them. These are more his age.
Multi Ball Set – Huxley loves balls, and this set is different kinds and sizes.
Baby Yoda Toothpaste Spitter – Anything that makes brushing teeth for kids more fun, I’m down for!
Spanish Vocabulary Flash Cards – Hadley takes Spanish after school, and these will help!

Here are ideas for teens:

Pocket Mirror – small light weight mirror to take with you places, or just at home getting ready.
Cool Brand Stickers – to put on a laptop, skateboard, car, etc.
Starbucks Gift Card – any gift card your teen likes to enjoy.
Chipotle Gift Card – any gift card your teen likes to enjoy.
Backpack Pins – pins to put on backpacks, purse, corkboard, anything they might like to display these on.
Nail Stickers – fun way to jazz up your nails.
The Fuzzies Game – a new game is always fun, this could be for younger kids also.
Cash – what teen doesn’t want cash right?!?!
Scratch Off Lottery Tickets – what teen doesn’t want a chance for cash right?!?!
Lip Glow Oil – this lip gloss is all over the internet, and not a bad price either!
Makeup Pallette – a fresh makeup pallette for your teen girl.

Hope these gave you some fresh ideas for your kiddos Easter baskets this year! I love thinking of different things each year that are geared toward their personalities. The little ones are easy to buy for! For the teens, it gets harder and harder each year! Just do your best without adding in too many pricey things, because it can add up quick! Have fun with your Easter baskets!

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Weekly recap.

Recapping our week on the blog! Tossing softball, birthday date, fish fry, and baby Evelyn.

Monday March 20
Worked out in the morning, I’ve been doing longer YouTube workouts lately. When Hadley got home from school, her and Kevin went outside and got all of her softball stuff down from the attic. For dinner, tried a new recipe called a meatball bake, it was really good! And by the way, Kroger brand meatballs were delicious!

Tuesday March 21
Worked out with Huxley this day, he’s been really good lately and playing while I workout. Hadley has a small calendar in her bathroom and she marked her birthday date on it, it was so cute! You can read more about her birthday date this month here.

Wednesday March 22
Today was one of those days that I couldn’t wait for bedtime. Huxley was in a mood before, during, and after dinner. Hadley was awesome as always, and took him outside on the deck for a few minutes for a change of pace. I guess it was just one of those days but man it was a rough one!

Thursday March 23
After I dropped Hadley off at school, we went for a walk/run outside. It felt amazing. I cannot wait for warmer weather. After school, Kevin and Hadley went outside to hit some softballs. She’s really excited for the season this year! After the kids went to bed, I made myself a little train mix of marshmallows, raisins, and pretzels.

Friday March 24
Some of the YouTube workouts I’ve been trying say 5000 steps, and they are not. Before I worked out today, I vacuumed the whole house, and then did the workout and I still didn’t have 5000 steps. Oh well, it’s the movement that I really care about. Hadleys softball shoes came in, she loves them! For dinner, I went through a drive-thru for Friday fish fry!

Saturday March 25
Hadley had her last indoor soccer game bright and early! One of the girls brought donuts for her birthday. Huxley tried a new sippy cup that has a straw instead of a nipple type top. Sadly, I tossed all of my breast milk that I had from when I pumped with Huxley. It had all expired, and made more room in the freezer. I meant to donate it all, but never got around to figuring out where to take it! Organized the pantry, I feel like I need to do that once a month sometimes. And ventured out to Kroger with both kids, Huxley just loves the grocery cart. He has so many people to look at!

Sunday March 26
Hadley loves to have cinnamon rolls on the weekends. Ironed all of Hadleys uniforms for the week, just something about ironed clothes I just love it! Helped Hadley clean her room, and it always look so fresh after! Hadley had her last basketball game, and she wanted to try a new hair style! My cousin and her new baby were in town! They had a little open house for everyone to come over and meet the new babe! It was so good to see her, and to meet baby Evelyn!

Happy Monday everyone, have a great week! And thanks for reading!

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Friday Favorites –

Hi friends! Happy Friday! Here are my favorites this week.

What part of this home do you not like? I mean how gigantic it is, the pool, and then that water with one long dock? Buy me a lottery ticket, and I’m there. House photos can be found here.

Something that massages your eyes by itself? Another one to sign me up for! It seems interesting, and weird at the same time. But I’d be down for trying it out! Massager can be found here.

How cute is this good egg shirt? I thought it would be cute for Huxley to wear to egg hunts, or anything from here on out until Easter. Shirt is from Kohl’s and can be found here.

If Hadley really gets into softball, I’d love to buy some of these shoes for when she gets older and is dedicated to the sport. You can customize the shoe to a specific number! The shoes are a bit pricey FYI. Shoes can be found here.

I keep hearing about AI all over the news and internet. Honestly, it freaks me out! It totally reminds me of that movie with Will Smith iRobot. Scary stuff. When you google “artificial intelligence” their isn’t a website for it or anything, it’s just tons and tons of articles and websites about it. It’s so confusing, and weirds me out. The Today Show talked about it this morning, and I thought I’d put it here as a memory on the blog. To see where the AI stuff is in a few years from now. Let’s hope not running the world! Read more here.

Happy Friday everyone, have a great weekend! And as always, thanks for reading!

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Birthday date with Hadley #3.

It can be hard to plan one on one time with your kiddos, so we are going to try something to ensure our daughter gets quality alone time once a month with either Mom or Dad. On Hadley’s birthday date of each month, (her birthday is the 21st, so on or around the 21st of each month), she gets to have a “date” with just Mom or Dad. Having it on the same date each month, or around that date, makes it easy to plan. Plus, it lets Hadley have something to look forward to each month that is special to her.

Hadley and her Dad had her birthday date for March! She chose to go to the batting cages, and played putt-putt golf! Softball season is upon us, and she’s getting excited to start playing. She did slow pitch and even tried a few fast pitch balls!

She brought her own bat, and went to town! The weather was amazing, sunny and semi-warm but nice.

After the batting cages, they did putt-putt golf which was in the same place.

Dinner at El Rancho Grande!

Ice cream afterwards!

She loves the idea of having special one on one time with her parents each month. We are going to take turns each month so we both get a chance to have our time with her throughout the year. I’m not saying we don’t get one on one time with her; I get a lot of time with her with my husband’s work schedule, but there is something special about planning something each month with her. It can be as simple as playing board games in the basement, coloring for an hour, going to a playground and eating dinner, just simple things. The point is, to be with just her and give her our undivided attention.

Previous birthday dates:
Birthday Date #1
Birthday Date #2

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Easter Decor.

Welcome to the Easter decor tour! I put up all the spring / Easter decorations a little early this year, and I don’t mind one bit! Having a little festiveness brings a little more cheer than the usual ho hum am I right?

Having a one year old toddler, that is now walking, it’s impossible to have anything at his level anymore. Now I know why people with toddlers have nothing down low, I mean our entertainment stand is bare empty where I usually put picture frames and little knick knacks. Totally get it now.

Our little side table as you walk into the kitchen from the family room. The one plant that I’ve managed to keep alive, in fact it is thriving and I need to trim it every now and then.

As you walk into our kitchen, we have this glass cabinet where I put some small decor in there along with our normal decor that is in there everyday.

Down the hallway from the kitchen, is our bathroom. I swapped out some of the items on the shelves on the wall. The wooden bunny on the top shelf was made by my Grandpa Vince, I think he gave everyone in the family one of those. I love displaying it every Easter season. Fresh Easter bunny hand towels, and added a small cake stand to move the septic frame off the ground, and a bright colored soap holder. Nothing major, just a few small touches.

In our dining room, a brightly colored tablecloth, and a small wooden board my Mom gave us last year for the Easter bunny! Very small things this year, can’t put much up or little Huxley can grab and reach for things!

Hope you enjoyed this quick little tour of our Easter decor!

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New Mom Package.

The transition into motherhood is different for everyone. I was one of the last out of my family and friends to have a baby and my knowledge of what was about to come into my universe, was seriously a whirlwind. Birthing a human being is not at all the same as liking a photo on Instagram of someone else’s baby.

It is awesome and beautiful and bursting of all emotions.

Also, it is the most hardest and the most difficult part of life.

I felt like I was living on a crazy train, and I couldn’t go back into life before I boarded the crazy train. I couldn’t remember life before, and I couldn’t even see what was ahead.

I remember thinking to myself, “when does this get better?” Because I couldn’t see it. Everyone tells you it gets better, but when you are in the thick of it, it was hard to see past one feeding, let alone the next week.

Fast forward eight years, after having my second child, I can safely say that all of that was so crazy town. I see it now. I see that hard times will come, but I also see that everything will be just fine.

I can also see behind me now. I see that new mom and I hurt for her. I wish their was something that can prepare you for motherhood, but their isn’t. Nothing, and I mean nothing, can prepare you for becoming a new mom. You have to experience it all on your own. I don’t care what anyone tells you, it is the most amazing and terrifying experience all wrapped into one.

It is easy now to forget how hard it was those first few weeks and months. I haven’t forgotten how I felt those first few days when Kevin went back to work after TWO DAYS, my baby was new and my body felt like I was living in someone else’s body. And I think that memory is what makes now feel so secure and easy.

And with that long and personal story, I’d love to share one of my favorite things I’ve done so far this year…

Send a new mom package! My little cousin had a baby! She is transitioning into her new role, she is learning what it’s like to temporarily live on that crazy train, she is learning what it’s like to exist on little to no sleep and bursting with emotions.

I was so excited to build this little care package for my sweet cousin that lives faraway, and I hope it’s helpful in these early months. I’m excited to share it with the world (and feel free to let me know what you would add!)

Silicone Bib these bibs are the best in my opinion! The silicone bibs are so easy to clean up, I use the kitchen sponge and soap and it comes clean every time.

Chapstick, nail files, and dry shampoo (she probably has all this, but doesn’t know where it is)

face wipes (she wants to wash her face each night and these will make it easier)

facial cleansing brush (something new for your face, always makes you feel good!)

head bands (she has these too, but new ones are always better)

Outfit for baby

Tobacco (for dad)

Frisch’s Tarter Sauce (a little bit of home cooking)

Pack everything in a flat rate priority box, it’s the perfect size. Skip all the tissue paper, wrapping and extra packaging (she’s trying to keep afloat, remember)? Send the package off with positive thoughts and a note that you’ll listen to whatever she has to say and forget it all when she is feeling like her old (amazing) self again.

To my beautiful new mama of a cousin: I’m thinking about you. I’m cheering you on. And you are extraordinary. To my beautiful little babe, who made me a mama: I love you to the stars. You make me want to do better everyday.

Weekly recap.

Recapping our week on the blog! Workouts, yoga, NCAA brackets, and St. Patrick’s Day!

Monday March 13
Worked out in the morning with little Huxley man. He’s been so good while I workout in the mornings before he goes to sleep! I should say most mornings, sometimes it’s impossible and I have to do it while he sleeps. Some people think that posting a photo of yourself working out is weird, for me, it helps me keep myself accountable. After every workout, I put a sticker in my planner to show that I did some type of movement that day. It’s one habit that I’m so glad I’ve kept up! We had breakfast for dinner, Hadley seems to love it and always eats the eggs more so than normal.

Tuesday March 14
Made Huxley a mini pizza for lunch, it was two tortillas, LaRosa’s sauce, mozzarella cheese, and mini pepperoni’s. He seemed to like it, and it doubled as my lunch too since I knew he wouldn’t eat it all. For dinner, we went out to eat at Cancun and brought along our busy baby mat, we tied his sippy cup to it which was amazing! It never fell to the floor!

Wednesday March 15
This morning I did a very short yoga workout on the Nike app, I’ve been feeling really tight in my neck and shoulders and this felt amazing. I need to do more of it, and longer periods of time. Once a month I volunteer for lunch at Hadleys school, she just loves it! And I love seeing her and all her friends. Late soccer game that was from a makeup game, it was just Hadley and I since Kevin stayed home with Huxley. And, a very happy 40th birthday to my little brother! Cannot believe he’s 40! Time is going so so fast.

Thursday March 16
Hadley was off school Thursday and Friday this week, it’s like a short spring break. We filled out brackets for the NCAA tourney, and just like the rest of the world, our bracket is shot. Love it that Hadley wanted to fill one out though! Kevin and I have always done a bet where the loser cooks the winner dinner. Hadley went to her friends big sisters softball scrimmage, and Huxley and I went to Kroger, spatula and all! LOL

Friday March 17
Happy St. Patrick’s Day! We started out the day with trying to measure Huxley on the ruler in his room. Didn’t really work. Gave him eggs, and colored them green. I don’t know if it was the color, but he barely ate them. Worked out, and then Miss Hadley woke up! I made her four leaf clover cinnamon rolls, and put some green food coloring in the icing, they turned out pretty good! Hadley got some shamrock glasses at the store, and she loved trying them on Huxley. I love to make a simple holiday fun! Hadley put some festive stickers on the windows, we used the flowers that are still alive and kicking from the surprise 50th wedding anniversary, made shamrock shakes, cupcakes from Kroger, and mint oreos. It was a fun day!

Saturday March 18
Kevin had three basketball games to ref in the morning, and Hadley went with him! For lunch, Huxley had his first Skyline chili! He was a fan! Hadley had an indoor soccer game, and then a friends birthday party afterwards! Busy day.

Sunday March 19
Huxley running towards the camera after my workout! Hadley had a basketball game, and the big kids came over. Brady helped Kev coach the girls since the other Dad was out of town. And then after the game, we made dinner and Kevin and Brady started messing around with each other and Brady got on Kevin’s shoulders! What is it with boys and wrestling around? haha

Happy Monday everyone, have a great week! And thanks for reading!

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