Bucket List

1.    Design a childrens book
2.    Travel to Venice & Tuscany
3.    Learn to surf (Norris Lake 2019)
4.    Do a family tree
5.    Marry my soul mate (10/2013)
6.    Meet Dave Matthews
7.    Go on a cruise
8.    Learn to sew
9.    Make a cake with fondant (11/2014)
10.  Whitewater raft the Gauley
11.  Drive a racecar around a track
12.  Make someones dream come true
13.  Grow a garden
14.  Have sex on a beach
15.  Go to New York on New Years Eve
16.  Buy a house (12/2018)
17.  Write a love story
18.  Cook a thanksgiving turkey (11/2018)
19.  Learn to slalom ski
20.  Take cooking classes
21.  Have a closet big enough to live in
22.  Anonymously pay for someone’s groceries
23.  Learn Italian
24.  Have an entire wall in my own house of nothing but my favorite quotes
25.  Cook my way through an entire cookbook (thank you Julia/Julie)
26.  Go to Jazz Fast in N’awlins
27.  Learn to let things go I have no control over
28.  Do a painting
29.  Teeth professionally whitened (09/2013)
30.  See a polar bear in Alaska
31.  Take a road trip without using Mapquest or GPS! Use an actual road map. (honeymoon in the smart car 10.2013)
32.  Buy this camera  (thanks babe 12/2011)
33.  Travel to Figi
34.  Lose 50 pounds
35.  Own a GMC Acadia
36.  Learn to love running
37.  Have a kid or 2 (Hadley born in Nov 2014!)
38.  Bachelors Degree (graduated 12/2017)
39.  Log fitness journey for a year
40.  Learn to sweat the small stuff, life is too short!
41.  Start an etsy shop! of what? i dont know yet….probably paper crafts
42.  Get paid to do what I ♥
43.  Vacation to the Outer Banks
44.  Own a dog (12/2013)
45.  Get certified to scuba dive
46.  Learn to snowboard
47.  Go to Norris Lake (08/2020)
48.  Catch a foul ball at a Reds Game
49.  Fill a journal with sketches/drawings
50.  Drink moonshine
51.  Go to Reds spring training
52.  Canoe with Kev
53.  Ride a gondola in Venice
54.  Go deep sea fishing
55.  Buy fresh flowers for a week
56.  Ring a church bell, the kind in a tower with a rope
57.  Take the cork off a bottle of champagne with a knife
58.  Grow a lemon tree
59.  Dance in the rain
60.  Learn to play hearts (Summer 2020)
61.  Make the front page of the newspaper
62.  Sleep in a castle
63.  Paint a mural
64.  Learn to live in the now
65.  Attend the Kentucky Derby
66.  Go to the real Mardi Gras in New Orleans
67.  Go to the Super Bowl
68.  Travel to Bora Bora and stay in one of those houses in the middle of the water
69.  Hunt turkeys
70.  Get published.  Doesn’t matter if it’s a poem, book, or article.
71.  Read a Jane Austen book.
72.  Leave a note for a stranger.
73.  Visit the Hillside Beach Club
74. Travel to St. John’s Virgin Islands for an anniversary