From the weekend.

Happy Monday! Hope you had a great weekend!

Worked out both Saturday and Sunday this week. Still feeling pretty darn good for being in my ninth month of pregnancy. It feels like it’s right around the corner!

Had our first big snow fall of the year! Not enough snow for a snow day off school, but enough to shovel the driveway a few times. It snowed and snowed and snowed all day!

The weekly checkup went well, always get my chai tea latte afterwards, and the little man moved around like he’s supposed to. Right now he’s head down which is good, but he’s faced up. He still has time to turn!

Two peas in a pod these two right here. Hadley and her Daddy.

More snow on the same day, it just kept falling and falling. So glad we didn’t have to drive in it much, until all the streets were cleared up.

Saturday we played kitchen for awhile, one of her favorite things to do. I had to go to the store earlier to get a bunch of birthday cards, and she picked out a play set of food. The littlest things make her so happy, like a pack of play food for a dollar.

Back to indoor soccer! Her team has had two weeks off, in between sessions and then a bye. This game she scored THREE goals! And of course for this game, Dad was at the firehouse so he missed her goals.

Every time we get bananas at the store now, I chop them up and put them in ziploc baggies and toss them in the freezer. No more bananas will ever go rotten in our house haha

WHO DEY! Our local football team is going to the Super Bowl and we couldn’t be more excited for our city! We beat Kansas City Chiefs! So now we get to play the LA Rams. Go Bengals!

It was a good weekend, spent with family and just chilling around the house. Hope you had a good one, and your week is off to a great start!

Friday favorites.

Happy Friday friends! Worked out three times this week, but still have the weekend to get two more in!

Received the sweetest swag for the babe! Just love all this baby stuff, it’s so cute and tiny.

Loving this quote or whatever you want to call it!

Hadley has been super tired this week, and lots of chill time after school.

I’ve been craving this chocolate for weeks now, and we could never find it at Kroger. Well, this week Kevin finally found it in a spot you wouldn’t think to look! It was delicious.

Friends threw me a little baby shower at the favorite Mexican restaurant. It was nice to get together and celebrate the little man coming very soon.

Finally snowed! We were hoping for a snow day, but no luck. It’s literally been snowing all day long!

Happy Friday friends! Hope you have a great weekend!

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Pregnancy Smoothie.

Since I became pregnant, I’ve been having this smoothie just about every morning. It’s super simple, and delicious. It’s flavorful, and full of healthy vitamins and minerals.

Let’s dive into the simple recipe!

You can use any flavor greek yogurt you like, I like to use any vanilla flavor or sometimes have to use whatever the grocery store has in stock nowadays! I don’t use the full scoop of protein powder, just a smidge. You can basically use whatever flavor of anything you’d like. For the almond milk, I’ll switch brands and switch from vanilla to regular, things like that. Make it to your liking!

Blend all the ingredients together!

I like to have toast with my smoothie! Sugar and cinnamon mixture on top. Soo good. I hope you enjoy this simple yet delicious smoothie. You can alter it to however you’d like! Sometimes I throw in a few strawberries to mix it up.

36 weeks.

Running out of womb! Literally! My belly feels like this little man is out growing the womb, he moves all around and I’ll feel a leg, an arm, or whatever it is I feel like he doesn’t have much space left.

I’m thankful that I’ve been so active and healthy up until this point. I’ve been super consistent with working out still, and commend myself for doing so. On the days I go into the office, I do not workout because I’m exhausted when I come home. On the days I work from home, I most definitely workout in the morning and my day is just so much better afterwards.

This baby feels bigger than my last pregnancy, and the weight I’m carrying feels a lot heavier. Maybe it’s just the difference between a girl and a boy? I still don’t feel as big as I was with my first pregnancy, don’t get me wrong, there are days where I feel ginormous but most days I just feel like my normal self with a little bit bigger belly.

The weekly ultrasounds have been going good, little man does all the specific moves he’s supposed to do. Each week they look for a certain amount of fluid, body movement, breathing, etc. And they are pushing me to deliver a week early! I am pushing right back and saying no, there is no reason to be induced a week early unless it’s medically necessary. I’m a huge fan of letting the baby stay in until he’s ready to come out.

Not much longer!

From the weekend.

Here is our recap from the weekend.

Friday, January 21

In the mail we got a sweet little onesie from a family member for the little man on the way. Go Bengals!

Had my brother/sister in-law come over for dinner. Hadley’s Christmas gift was on a delayed shipment, so it finally came in and they were sweet enough to bring it over to her! American Girl Doll! The doll looks just like her, soo cute!

Saturday, January 22

We went to the boat show with the whole crew! MasterCraft is still our favorite, and then Malibu. Hadley played on the trampoline and the playground sets for a little bit. We were hoping to see Twiggy the Squirrel, but I guess he wasn’t ready for his show yet. They have this squirrel that skis!

Came home and watched the Bengals game! And they won!!! WHO DEY!

Sunday, January 23

Hadley and I went to church, and then came home and chilled. I feel like an old lady, but I just love to relax and get things ready for the week on Sundays. Being ready for the week ahead just helps me so much in feeling ready to go. Laundry done, uniforms ironed, food prepped, smoothies pre-made, etc.

Hadley and I went to Kroger after church, and on our way out we tried to catch some snowflakes on our tongue. It didn’t snow enough to stick, but it’s still pretty!

After Hadley went to bed, I watched the rest of the Bills / Chiefs game and oh my goodness these games are nail biters! The Chiefs won, so that means the Benglas play them next weekend. Cannot wait!

Our weekend was good, lots of hanging out and chilling together. Fun times.

Have a great week folks!

Friday favorites.

Happy Friday friends! Worked out four days this week, and feeling good like I should! lol

Monday was a holiday for both Hadley and I, no school and no work! Played in the snow for a little while, and had one of our neighbors come over and help shovel the driveway. Hadley almost shoveled the entire thing herself!

Prepped some smoothie bags for the week, and a little more. I chop up one banana, 1/4 cup blueberries, handful of chopped spinach, and all of that goes into a ziploc into the freezer. The day of I add almond milk, greek yogurt, and a smidge of protein powder. Having these pre-made baggies help so much, and it’s so good!

The sunrise on my drive to work one morning this week. Very beautiful.

Hadley eating her ice cream for dessert, and watching a show on her new iPad. In the beginning of January, Kevin wanted to upgrade her old iPad. She had an iPad mini 3, and it was getting to the point where we couldn’t download things without the latest updates. We’ll probably keep this iPad for as long as the old one. Hadley wanted to keep the old mini 3 for her soon-to-be little brother!

These basket of goodies is something I’m going to share soon, doesn’t it look so fun? I have a few more things I want to add to it!

Happy Friday friends! Hope you have a great weekend!

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Casual Maternity Tops.

Happy Thursday, sweet friends! Here is a little maternity top haul I wanted to share. These are the tops I just bought, and some have been a staple throughout this pregnancy.

Hope you enjoy these tops!

This top is a burgundy tie-dye sweatshirt, and it’s got the side shirring to accommodate the growing belly. I usually am not a fan of the traditional maternity tops, but I do like this one since you can’t really tell it’s maternity unless you are up close. Top link: here

This is a soft fleece lounge sweatshirt that is not maternity, so I just sized up to a XXL in this one. It is sooo soft and comfy I love it! The color is charcoal gray. I wanted to find a few tops that were comfy to wear either at the hospital, or coming home after birth. Top link: here

Not all of these tops are considered “maternity”, but they work just as well. This top is a long sleeve crew neck, and I sized up, which is what I normally do for most of the tops I’ve been wearing. Color is heathered gray. Top link: here

Pink sweater is maternity, and it’s very soft. It’s a sweater, so if you get hot don’t wear a short sleeve underneath because it is warm! Top link: here

This one is my most worn top, and again it’s not the traditional maternity. I sized up, and it’s the comfiest sweatshirt I’ve worn. The top is the Ultra-Soft Fleece from Kohl’s, color is Olive Camo. Top link: here

I had to get a new Bengals top to support our local team! I do not have a link for this one, but it is from Target in the sports section. I sized up to fit the growing belly.

In general, I will say that I mainly buy regular tops for this pregnancy and size up from my normal size. Either a size or two, depending on the fit of the top. Going that route seems to work for me, since I don’t really like all the traditional maternity tops that have all that shirring on the sides. I hate that!

Hope you enjoyed the maternity tops I’ve been loving lately.

35 weeks.

If anything drops on the floor, it’s dead to me. This statement couldn’t be any more true. It seriously feels like anything I have in my hands almost always falls to the floor, or I drop it, and then it’s such a chore to pick it up. So fun haha

We are about a month until little man’s due date. He is due February 22nd. From here on out I’m just going to be uncomfortable period. The only update I really have is, I just can’t get comfy. But like I keep saying, I’ll take these last few weeks of being uncomfortable after not even feeling or looking pregnant until month seven!

I am feeling tired, but obviously still super excited because I cannot believe it’s about a month away from the due date. I’ve had lots of friends and family members send me texts saying how excited they are to see what he looks like, and to find out his name.

Tomorrow is my next weekly ultrasound, it is comforting to see him each week. Healthy and happy in the belly! I’ve gained weight, as someone naturally would with a growing giant belly, and I’m happy with the weight that I have gained! I can’t wait to get back to my regular HIIT workouts though!

Looking forward to finishing up the babys room soon. We have most everything we need for the most part, just need to figure out what to hang on the walls!

If you are interested in previous baby updates, click below for the links.

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Friday favorites.

The baby’s room is coming along nicely! I’ve started washing all the clothes, burp cloths, bibs, etc. We are going to need way more diapers and wipes, but we’ve got some on hand for now. I’ve got some organizer bins and things in the drawers, just trying to figure out what will go where!

Reached the 34 week mark this week! Getting closer and closer!

Fruity pebbles at 10pm for a late snack, because why? I was hungry. Random sporadic food cravings have been kicking in gear lately, and I just go with it. Guess little man is hungry!

Started packing the hospital bag! You never know when it’s going to be go time. I like to be prepared and ready to go.

Posted about the difference between my first kid and second kid in the third trimester, you can read more about it here! What a difference and so happy where I’m at with this pregnancy.

Happy Friday! Looking forward to this three day weekend! Our local Bengals are in the playoffs against the Raiders tomorrow, can’t wait to watch the game. We have zero sports this weekend, so my plan is to keep organizing and getting things ready for baby. Have a great weekend!

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3rd Trimester / First vs. Second kid.

Seven years ago I had my daughter Hadley. In these pictures above, you can barely tell I had a bump let alone pregnant. I was a little larger seven years ago, but didn’t care at all then. I was in a different mindset, and a different place in my life. I was so unbelievably happy to be having my first child, it was such a special time.

Seven years later, and in my third trimester with my second kid. What a difference! Still so unbelievably happy to be having my second child, still such a special time in my life, and I am also in a different mindset in life. Two years ago, I changed my lifestyle by eating differently, and incorporating exercise in my life. And I’m happy to say I’ve maintained the incorporating exercise portion throughout this pregnancy! Having a different mindset going into this pregnancy, has made a huge difference in so many ways. My mental health, my physical health, and just my overall state of being.

Third trimesters, sevenish years apart. What a difference right?!?!

As always, thanks for reading.