First snow day.

Yesterday, my little mini me had her very first snow day! Along with the rest of the tri-state area, it was for the most part the first snow day this year. Her Dad and I were so glad school decided to have a real snow day, not a virtual day, but an actual snow day! These kiddos have been through so much the past year, it was a nice day off for them.

We measured the snow in the front yard, not sure how entirely accurate this is but that’s what we got at our house! It was the good kind of snow, that’s soft and fluffy, and easily packable.

The snow was just beautiful! And how the snow covered all the tree branches, and none of the grass was showing. We shoveled the driveway in the morning, and then played for a little bit.

We attempted to make a snow man, which looked more like a small glob of snow. We found some small branches, and used mulch pieces for his eyes.

We tried to make ice globes, which was super easy and fun for her to do. We put water in three balloons, added a few drops of food coloring in the balloon, and buried them in the yard under a bunch of snow. The idea of these ice globes, was after they were frozen, the balloon part is supposed to peel off and then you have a colored ice globe!

After dinner, we went outside to check on the ice globes and they were not frozen. I pretty much knew they wouldn’t be, but Miss Hadley isn’t aware of how long it takes to freeze things. So we brought the balloons inside and put them in our freezer. Let’s hope they are frozen today after school!

We walked around the back of our house and sort of just explored for a little while. We need to get a little sled in case it snows again in the next few weeks. Our back yard would’ve been an okay hill for sled riding, or we could go to a local park too. On the back deck, we made little sections of the snow to see how high it was back there too. We got a lot of snow for sure!

We’ve been in our home three years this December, and I still just love it so much. I still can’t believe we live here, it’s the best neighborhood and it looks so beautiful with all the snow on the trees! Love it!!! It was a great first snow day for Hadley, she had a ball playing outside. Every time she hears the weather man talking about snow, now she thinks she won’t have school. Welcome to the life of a grade schooler!

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