Tooth Fairy sign.

Our daughter Hadley lost her first tooth yesterday! On Valentines Day! She was so excited. Her tooth has been wiggly for awhile now, and yesterday when she woke up it was practically hanging on by the roots! Sure enough, it came out mid-morning! So while she took one of her amazing naps, I scrounged around the house and came up with a quick idea on something to make for the toothfairy.

Supplies used:

Random chalkboard sign already had at the house (rarely use)

White paint / paint brush

Painters tape


Taped the chalkboard with painters tape. I cannot tape without the tape, I always think I can and then bam it gets all over the part I didn’t want it to! So I always take the few minutes it takes to use painters tape every time.

The back side of the chalkboard sign. It’s meant more to stand up on tables, etc. But when your kid loses her first tooth on a Sunday when not much is open, you improvise.

After I painted the entire sign white, I sprinkled silver glitter stars all over to give it a little more pizazz. As glitter tends to always do, it got everywhere but thank goodness for the drop cloth I put down first.

It’s hard to see with this iPhone photo, but we glued a little clothespin at the bottom of the sign to hold the “tooth”. The clothespin is from her godmother / Aunt Amy which goes perfectly with this little project!

Look at that missing tooth! I still can’t believe I have a kid old enough to loose teeth now! Life just goes so fast, so I’m enjoying every little moment. Hadley is very timid to new things. She was a little scared about the tooth fairy coming into her room while she was sleeping, so we came up with this idea on having a sign hanging outside of her bedroom in the hallway.

This morning the tooth fairy left her a dollar! We decided for the first tooth, a dollar would be good and then each tooth after will be a quarter. Maybe? I don’t know! I feel like a quarter is totally jipping her. We’ll figure it out for the next tooth I guess, but she was a super happy camper this morning!

Happy Presidents Day! We were off school and work, it was a good chill day. The kind where you just stay inside because of all the snow that is already here, and all the snow that is coming still. Stay safe and warm out there!

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