K&M / February.

Welcome to K&M in February, a short little list of what we’ve been up to this month!

She started off the month celebrating Groundhogs Day.

He is such a good sport to her random celebrations.

Anything to make the days a little brighter right?

She got her hair done.

He has worked a ton this month.

She misses him when he works but knows he is so happy at his dream job.

She had happy hour with a friend that recently moved back to the area!

He loves having the one on one time with Hadley while Mama is out.

We celebrated the Super Bowl with family.

She is super busy at work.

He has been working mass overtime.

She bought THE best Valentines Day gift for him.

He bought a pretty great gift too.

We had a great day at home on the Hallmark holiday of the year.

She celebrated Fat Tuesday by making some N’awlins type food.

We had fish sandwiches for Ash Wednesday.

They were delicious.

February has been a good month.

Looking forward to March.

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