Day In The Life 2021.

Yesterday was Ali Edwards first day in the life for this year. What this is, is a day that Ali as a blogger designates two days each year to document your life. Take photos, write text, capture anything you feel is worth capturing for the day and then either blog about, scrapbook about it, etc. However you choose to document the day. In years past, I just typically take photos on my iPhone, or big girl camera (DSLR), and post them on the blog. It’s a fun thing to do, and look back on the years and see how things change and evolve.

Here’s a look into my day in the life – March 9, 2021.

Started off the day with a workout with my favorite person. Loving it that he’s been joining me! It’s an even bigger motivator to have him along side this journey.

After I finished working out, took a shower and posted this before makeup photo. I hesitated posting this but figured what the hell, this is a day in the life and this is what I look like in real life. Who cares!

The above photo is a pretty standard photo of what my bathroom looks like when I’m getting ready. I have my huge bottle of water, makeup case and hair dryer on the top of the toilet. My SIL got me a new hair dryer for my birthday, so I still have the old one on top of the toilet and the new one on the bottom. But still, this is pretty much what the left side of the sink looks like.

As I drove into work, the sun was a shining! It was beautiful shining down on my sunroof in the car. It was glorious! I cannot wait for warmer weather, there’s just something about warmth and sunshine that makes everything brighter!

After work, I managed to get home in time to make lunch. On the menu this week was Keto cinnamon muffins, they would’ve been delicious if I would’ve followed the recipe correctly! The recipe linked above calls for 12 muffins, so I halved it and forgot to half the salt part and doubled it! So needless to say, these muffins were super salty! And I am not a salt fan as it is, so this was a bust. But I’d love to make these again with the right amount of salt!

Hadley had her very first elementary school project due this week, a leprauchan trap! Dad was in charge of all the hot glueing, and Hadley loved every step of this project. I cannot wait for more school projects to come, and to teach her how to organize and plan these out! I think Mom and Dad enjoyed this project, just as much as Hadley did!

Final leprauchan trap! We hope she catches that little guy, we made the trap very inviting for those little leprauchans!

Next up, softball season! Breaking out the bat and balls, and practicing hitting. If you follow me on Instagram, you can see in my stories yesterday how well Hadley is hitting the ball! Can’t wait for her first season. She was supposed to play last year, but the season got cancelled due to the dreaded “C” word had just came about.

Dinner last night was chicken club lettuce wrap. I didn’t take a photo before we devoured it, but it’s become one of our favorite keto meals. Instead of using a tortilla as a wrap, we’ve been using shredded lettuce or the big head of lettuce. What I usually end up doing is putting it all together and eating it that way instead of a wrap. Sort of like chicken salad I guess.

Dessert most nights for us is an Atkins bar, we put the caramel nut bars in the freezer and eat it like an ice cream bar. So good!

Watching the news, Channel 19 is my least favorite but it’s what we had on last night. The lady on the screen is my least favorite, just one of those news people that drives me crazy haha

I just love doing a day in the life each year, it’s fun to just focus on something else for a change! I love it when Ali Edwards does these day in the life days, and she also does a week in the life too! If you’d like to follow along, here is her blog Ali Edwards blog. Thanks for being such an inspiration Ali!

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