From the weekend.

Friday after school she asked for not one, but two apples for her after school snack!

Friday bought some summery plates that gave me all the summer vibes!

Saturday we went to the lake and took the boat home to get her all ready for the season!

Saturday was Kevin’s first time towing the boat behind his truck, and boy was he happy! It was rainy and not the best weather to clean up the boat. My BIL/SIL, and cousin came over and helped us de-badge the boat. We took the “Mastercraft” letters off both sides and we love it!

Sunday we were at it again, with much much better weather! My BIL and SIL came back over, we waxed, and did a clear coat wax, did a deep clean on the inside, and it looked awesome! Our neighbor let us park the boat in his driveway since it’s flat. We are taking it back down to the lake this week, now that she’s all clean and shiny! We’ve been in our home three years later this year, and we’ve never met this neighbor until about a week ago. Sunday, he must’ve spent all afternoon with us! It was so nice. After a fun filled day of boat cleaning, we had a 6pm volleyball game. Miss Hadley was exhausted, but she was a trooper as always.

It was a busy, productive, and fun weekend!

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