Earth Day.

Photo via : Bing

Happy Earth day!

Do you ever go to Bing? I just love the photos they have each day, and if you didn’t know, you click on the bottom right and it gives an explanation of the photo. See below…

I remember a year ago this week, I was furloughed and home an entire week with Hadley. It was right in the beginning of Covid, and I had a theme planned for each day of that week. One of those days was Earth day!

Here is the photo from last year on Earth Day. I remember this day so much! Started our morning with Hadley doing my hair. After breakfast, we went to the office and watched a video on the planets which Hadley still remembers a year later! And then we made Earth cookies! They don’t look so good in the above photo, but they were delicious. Hadley put on gloves because of the green and blue food dye. The cookie recipe we used can be found here.

Photo via: Almanac

To be honest, I’m not much of an “earthy” person. Meaning, we don’t recycle at our house because you have to pay for it. We don’t do compost, which most of our neighbors do. The things we do to help the earth are things like, we don’t litter, we turn the lights off at home, we turn the water off, we plant flowers, and we donate old toys and books. Things like these small simple things can help Mother Earth everyday! So do your part!

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