One year with a Telluride.

Today marks one year with this baby! The Kia Telluride!

I’ve been wanting this SUV for over a year before I got one. It had great reviews, better than my Dad’s SUV and that says a lot from a car guy. And now that I’ve had it for a year, I’m so glad I got this one!

The exterior color I originally wanted was a dark gray, but it was soo hard to find one! So I settled with white, I’ve never owned a white car before but I love it. You really don’t see the dirt as much as if it was a darker color.

The interior color I went with was black, that is one color I can’t go any lighter with on an interior car with kids. I love the captain chairs in the middle row, and then the row seat in the far back. Hadley’s favorite seat is in the far back, she loves it back there and can buckle herself up with her booster seat too! I love the large dashboard screen in the front seat, it’s like a mini computer. It’s all touch screen, and can move pages just like you do on an iPhone. And the best part is the Apple Car Play! It’s a feature in most newer cars that allows you to control and view certain iPhone apps through the dashboard in the car. You can send text messages hands free while driving, it’s awesome!

It might be hard to see, but shortly after I got the car I tinted the front windows! They aren’t super dark, but they match the back for the most part so it’s nice. I love the darker windows on a white car.

The model SUV of this Telluride is the “S” model, V6 and it’s AWD. It comes with a sunroof which is another feature I just love. The next level up has dual sunroofs which would be pretty awesome for the kids to have one in the back, but I didn’t need the next level up so one sunroof will do. It already comes with lots of “extras” that are pretty awesome. The multimedia system with touch screen, backup camera, Bluetooth, heated seats, and tons of USB ports. I bought extra charging cords just for the SUV!

I could’ve gotten the dark gray color I originally wanted, but would’ve had to wait weeks if not months for it. I had just sold my previous car, and didn’t have the time to wait. I’m glad I went with the color white, it’s very nice looking. Couldn’t be happier with this SUV!

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