Our 2021 Christmas card.

Each year, I feel like I use a different company for our cards. I like trying out different cards, because their are so many varieties to choose from! For this year, we used Walgreens and I was very happy with how they turned out. I love the saying, I love the colors, and I love the three photo options.

The name of these cards from Walgreens are Jolly, Messy, Happy Christmas. The specifics of the card we used is glossy photo paper, size 5×7, and plain white paper envelopes.

As you can see from the above photo, one of my favorite parts of writing out Christmas cards is decorating the envelopes, which is why I always get the plain white ones. I always use some sort of washi tape on almost every single envelope that gets mailed out from our house. Even boring bills get washi tape!

For the front of the envelopes, I hand wrote the addresses using a red and green Sharpie. The exact Sharpie used is the, 37002 Permanent Markers Ultra Fine Point which can be found here. The addresses have been blurred out for privacy. Next to each address, I used a green Christmas tree stamp.

Super happy with how the Christmas cards turned out. It’s one of my favorite things to do during the holiday season! I keep track of how many I send, who I send them to, etc., each year. When we were first married, I think I sent out like 90 something cards! After not getting 90 something cards back, I decided to cut down a little bit on how many we buy.

Do you send out Christmas cards every year? I just love it!

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