My love for the Happy Planner continues…

It’s no secret that I’m a huge planner girl. I love planners, I love the accessories, and I love everything about the process of planning out life. Four years ago, I bought my very first Happy Planner!

The Happy Planner helps you keep your life organized in such an easy way, the planners are practical, pretty, and the material is high quality that lasts all year long. I take my planner with me to work everyday, and usually look at it a few times when I’m at home. The planner gets shuffled around everywhere and the durable material and binder rings makes it last all year long with no problem.

In 2018, I bought my first happy planner and haven’t looked back since! And I keep the planners, I don’t know why, but I like to keep them for a few years.

The planner I chose for 2022 is called In Every Season Classic Vertical Planner. I always choose the weekly vertical version. Each planner has 12 full monthly spreads (one for each month), and a two-page spread for each week.

At the beginning of each month, there is a blank page where I put birthdays. I don’t send birthday cards for every single family member, but almost some years! I know the little ones enjoy getting mail, and when I hear feedback on how much they appreciate it, makes it that much better.

For the actual monthly spread, I write all of our monthly bills, and subscriptions on the due date. I’ve always done color coding for each family member and it works great! You can see the different colors on the left-hand side under the notes section.

Here is February blank, not filled out yet so you can see what it looks like. In the notes section, I’ll put important reminders for example, if a bill is almost paid off, or to remember to schedule family photos, things like that.

Each monthly tab is laminated which helps for wear and tear all year long. These planners really do last through all the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

I use this pencil / pen case for all my planner markers, pens, pencils, etc. I carry this with me all the time also since I use color coding for everything.

These are the markers I use for the planner. My favorite pens I’ve used for two years now, are the BIC Intensity pens, purchased on Amazon. They write so well, and pass the smudge / bleed test so they don’t go through onto the other planner pages.

These are the Zebra Midliner Highlighter Pens, they are good too, a little thicker than the Bic pens but they are nice.

In the very back of the planner, I always buy these packs of Colored Fill Paper. I use them for things like dates to remember for the next year, or something that might’ve came up this year that didn’t happen before, my husband’s work stuff / paychecks, just random things. It’s nice to have extra pieces of paper to write things down on that you wouldn’t put on a daily page in the weekly spread.

Something new I’m trying this year are these Budget Debt and Savings Classic Filler Paper sheets. We have been working super hard these past few months paying things off, so I thought it would be helpful to try and use these sheets for the new year.

The Happy Planners come in lots of different designs and sizes! I always go with the Classic size, but they also have mini sizes and big sizes to suit your needs. There are also many other items you can add on to your planner such as pens, stickers, pen holders, bookmarks, planner covers, and much much more. Check out all the different accessories here.

This planner has our entire lives in it, and I’d be so lost without it. I’ve tried going the electronic route when it comes to calendars / planners and I just can’t do it. There is something about writing things down, and crossing them off, that helps me plan things so much better. I will always be a planner girl!

Here is a blog post from last year’s Happy Planner Weekly Layout.

The best planner out there, and trust me I’ve tried lots of different ones.

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