Pregnancy Smoothie.

Since I became pregnant, I’ve been having this smoothie just about every morning. It’s super simple, and delicious. It’s flavorful, and full of healthy vitamins and minerals.

Let’s dive into the simple recipe!

You can use any flavor greek yogurt you like, I like to use any vanilla flavor or sometimes have to use whatever the grocery store has in stock nowadays! I don’t use the full scoop of protein powder, just a smidge. You can basically use whatever flavor of anything you’d like. For the almond milk, I’ll switch brands and switch from vanilla to regular, things like that. Make it to your liking!

Blend all the ingredients together!

I like to have toast with my smoothie! Sugar and cinnamon mixture on top. Soo good. I hope you enjoy this simple yet delicious smoothie. You can alter it to however you’d like! Sometimes I throw in a few strawberries to mix it up.

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