Dear surprise baby.

Huxley was a surprise. One of the biggest of my life. Some call you an “oops.” Some call you a surprise. The baby that wasn’t planned.

I hesitate even saying unplanned, because God has a plan. He always does. Sometimes the timing doesn’t always pan out to what we had hoped for. We just have to remember; things happen for a reason and it’s up to us to figure that out.

When we announced, we were going to have another baby, the majority of the responses were wonderful. Friends and family were so happy for us. But there were those few that had the comments that weren’t so positive. We heard things like…

– “Don’t you know how that works?”
– “How old are you again?”
– “Are you excited?”
– “You’re going to be this age when your baby is this age”
– “Was this planned?”

The one that gets me every time, is when people would ask if we were excited. Yes, how can you not be excited about a new baby coming? We were elated! I don’t know where some of those comments stemmed from but I’m glad that part of the pregnancy is over.

I call you the best surprise ever! You weren’t even a thought in my head when you were forming in the womb, but God had a plan before time began. He knew every detail of your precious face. Every hair on your lovely head. He saw your entire life set out in front of you with a reason specific to you.

There is absolutely nothing unexpected about you, my sweet little man.

You are no “oops.” You, my love, are a constant sign that his ways are better than mine. His plans are better than mine. You are a part of God’s great plan. And I’m so, so thankful my plans didn’t get in the way. Because you are the greatest surprise I’ve ever known.

“Sometimes the littlest things take up the most room in your heart.” – Winnie the Pooh

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