Weekly recap.

Recapping our week on the blog today! The Zoo, a pool party, class list, bowling, and a birthday party!

Monday August 15

Starting the week off with my daily routine of walking. I’m trying really hard to work up to running, but it’s just not there yet. I feel like breastfeeding has been so hard on me to lose the baby weight. I’ve heard how some mom’s loose massive weight while breastfeeding, I feel the complete opposite. Huxley has been waking up at least once at night the past few days, hoping it’s just a growth spurt and won’t last long.

Tuesday August 16

Huxley had a bad night, woke up twice, and took forever to fall back to sleep the second time. And then back up an hour later at 7am. So, we laid in our bed so I could just chill and relax a little, I was tired! Mid-morning, Hadley was waiting for Huxley to get finished eating so we could go on a walk. She loves to go with me on her scooter around the neighborhood. Huxley is not the best napper during the day, some days he’ll sleep an hour, some days 30 minutes, some days not at all. He’s very hit or miss with naps, and I’d like to start getting on a routine with naps with him with Hadley starting school very soon. Twice a week, Hadley has soccer practice up at her school, so we’ll walk at least a mile around the parking lot to get some more steps in! Hadley really loves these ICEE-push pops lately, and this night the green one matched her shirt she wore for bed.

Wednesday August 17

Sometimes I’ll do a YouTube workout at the house instead of going outside and walking. Hadley has a pretty large homework packet to finish before school starts, well let me rephrase, she doesn’t have to finish it but if she does finish it her first-grade teacher from last year is going to give her a prize. So, I try to have her do at least two pages a day, and then 20 minutes of reading. Hadley had her first soccer game and I failed to get any pictures! They tied 3-3, Hadley had two of the three goals. She has really started to understand the game and is doing so good this year! After her soccer game, she had a birthday party to go to. Hadley had fun! While Hadley was at the birthday party, I had my hair done. It was nice to go solo, just love talking to my hair girl.

Thursday August 18

Worked out in the morning, and then hit the pool in the evening. The pool is so relaxing. Especially closer to the end of summer, it’s way less crowded and I’m down for that. I think I’ve mentioned this here on the blog before, but Hadley is so darn good when it comes to bed time. On the days where Kevin is at the firehouse, and I have to feed Huxley before bed time, she’ll lay in her bed and watch her iPad for 8 minutes. She’ll set the timer on the iPad, and when it goes off, she turns her iPad off and goes to sleep. All by herself. Here lately, she wants me to take a picture of her when I go and check on her sleeping. She really is the best kiddo.

Friday August 19

Started our Friday morning with a trip to the zoo. We just love the zoo. This trip we didn’t pack a lunch, so I had to spend a fortune on food even being members it’s not cheap. Note to self, always pack food! After the zoo, we headed home to cool off and chill. Later in the afternoon, we went up to Hadleys school to find out who her teacher will be for this year. She got the teacher she wanted! She was super excited. They had shaved ice for all the kids, it was good to see the kiddos and parents. We are ready for a new school year! After we left the school, we went home to feed Huxley and get ready for the pool. Hadley gave Huxley a bottle for the first time, and she was so good with him! He loved it, and she was one proud big sister. Just look at her smile. The pool wasn’t crowded again, so nice and chill.

Saturday August 20

While Kevin slept for a few hours, we took a walk around the neighborhood and then watered the flowers. I’ll put Huxley in the baby carrier, and he is super content the entire time watering the flowers. It takes a long time to do by hand, but I enjoy it so much. Later on in the day after Kevin woke up, we went to to dinner and then bowling. The bowling alley had no air conditioning, oh my goodness was it hot. And it wasn’t the best time bowling with a baby. Kevin and I took turns holding Huxley in between each of us bowling, and then towards the end of the second game I just held him and Kevin bowled for me.

Sunday August 21

Celebrated our cousins first birthday! It was so so hot and humid outside, but we still had a great time!

Happy Tuesday, have a great week everyone!

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