Weekly recap.

Recapping our week on the blog! Dentist appointment, doctors, end of soccer season, and a birthday!

Monday October 24
Started off the morning with a smiley babe. I swear he hasn’t woken up in a bad mood in eight months! He’s the best. I headed to the dentist for a regular cleaning, it had been four years and I had zero cavities! I was so excited. I’ve never had the best teeth, and this was such great news to hear my home care is right on for once. Mailed out some happy mail, Hadleys birthday invitations! Hadley missed Friday and Monday of school this week, she had some white spots on her tongue that made me think she had strep but tested negative. Just a viral infection, and it went away on its own after a few good night’s sleep, the humidifier, Tylenol and a few cough drops. After the doctor’s office, we stopped at Frisch’s and got milkshakes for the drive home. She was super happy to have just her and I in the car, it’s a rare occasion these days. For dessert, I made this cherry thing that wasn’t that great. I always make Hadleys lunch the night before. On this day, I gave her random notes, and this one was to remind her to drink her water! And a night mask for the start of the week!

Tuesday October 25
Worked out in the morning after school drop off. After school pickup, we headed to our cousin’s house to drop off a small goodie bag for Kevins godson. We always switch up the places we do homework, today we read outside in the garage while we fed Huley his afternoon snack. Somedays he is so good at holding his sippy cup!

Wednesday October 26
Another morning workout! After school, helped stuff the goodies for Hadleys class treats for Halloween. All the siblings love to hold little Huxley. Went home to knock out some homework, and then back to school for her end of the season soccer party! Due to the rainy weather, they played dodgeball in the gym, had pizza, and just hung out!

Thursday October 27
Lately, I’ve been trying so hard to get in workouts that are 20 minutes or so. It’s a little hard when Huxley is awake, and when he’s sleeping, I try to get other stuff done. Hadley was a rockstar making up her schoolwork while she was out sick, it amazes me how much they really get at this age. And Huxley using big sister’s princess bath towels because you know #secondkid. I’ve been on a roll with the nighttime skincare routine, lots and lots of face masks!

Friday October 28

Kevin and I both volunteered at Hadleys school for their yearly walkathon! It was fun to be there with her and help out at the school. It was a tad chilly, but lots of fun! After school, Hadley just loves to hold Huxley on her lap. He will sit still for about five seconds and then he wants down. Blew some more leaves in the backyard, which has become a weekly thing with all the trees we have back there. Kroger Boost is seriously the best thing ever.

Saturday October 29
Busy Saturday for us. Hadley subbed for the other indoor team, since her team didn’t have enough to play. Went home, chilled for a little bit and then went back out after Huxleys nap to cheer on the other outdoor soccer team. They were in the championship tournament and headed to state! Hadley convinced me to get Cancun (white cheese) for take-out. Facetimed Kevin at the firehouse on his birthday, I think Huxley somehow managed to screenshot his face, and then bed. It was a long day.

Sunday October 30
It had been three days or so since I had worked out and I could feel it, just felt like poo after not doing anything. Even if it’s a short workout, I still feel way better than doing nothing. This morning I woke up before the kids and did an intense 20-minute workout and was sweating. Some mornings, Hadley likes to climb into Huxleys bed and play with him, he just loves it. Right before Huxleys afternoon nap, Hadley went with her friend to watch the other school soccer team win the championships! It’s so exciting for her grade. Later in the afternoon, we celebrated Kevin’s birthday. It was sort of last minute, but we had my parents and brother and family over. Hadley and I had decorated in the morning, not knowing anyone was coming over, because I always feel that birthdays should be celebrated! We were going to celebrate just us four, even if no one came over. It was fun, Hadley loved making her dad random signs, hanging up banners, and wrapping his gift.

Happy Monday everyone, have a great week! And Happy Halloween to those that celebrate it, be careful out there!

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  1. That sounds like a wonderful week. Glad it wasn’t strep! We’ve had multiple kids at the doctor’s testing for that too this month.

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