How I keep track of workout progress.

I started in 2022 keeping track of my workouts for an entire year. I wanted to know out of the 365 days in a year, how many of those days did I actually move my body. Some days I cut the grass, some days I cleaned the entire house, and some days I did workouts. Whatever the case may be, I wanted to keep some sort of track of the days I “moved” my body.

For 2023, I decided to continue the same routine as I did last year. For each day that I did some type of movement I put a sticker on that day. I use any sticker I have on hand, it can be anything just something showing I did something on that particular day. And that’s how simple it is, just putting something on each day marking I moved.

I have a bin full of random stickers, and I’ll use the smallest ones until they are gone and move on to the next. For me, the benefits of tracking my movement totally helps me in reaching a goal. And now that I’ve done this for about 2 years in a row, it’s become a habit that I need to do something everyday, or almost everyday. It holds me accountable, and I just love to count how many times I moved at the end of the year out of 365 days!

Something super simple I thought I’d share that helps me. Now, if I can only get back on track with eating better I’d be in a much better place. But just like anything, things take time. I’ll get back to that one day, I just have to figure it out on my own. I have found over the years that people can tell you until you are blue in the face how to do things, but until you want to do them on your own terms, that’s when things happen.

Hope this helped at least one of you today! Move your body somehow someway everyday. It doesn’t have to be a long strenuous workout, just something that gets your heart rate up! Now get to moving!

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  1. That’s pretty much my philosophy too! I don’t track it like that though as I use my Weight Watcher’s app since they have an “activity” section.

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