Linking up with Jennifer for this months edition of Currently. Talking about what we are currently loving, hoping, playing, needing, and feeling! I’m excited to join in for the first time!

The weather is starting to turn for the better finally! It’s getting warmer, which means going outside as much as we can, going on walks, and cutting the grass! I cut our grass last week for the first time since before Huxley was born and I missed it so much. My husband and I argue over who gets to do it, we both love doing it so much! It’s a workout to me, and I put my headphones on and listen to some music or a podcast and I’m in the zone.

Huxley is cutting a tooth, and we are hoping he gets some relief soon. Poor guy has a runny nose, and is breaking out on his little face. He’s pretty much himself for the most part, just a little extra cranky and not eating the best. He always downs his milk though!

Softball season is here! My daughter wants to learn the catcher position, so she started right away at the first practice this week. For second grade, it’s still coach pitch but my husband who is the coach, plans to start practicing with them this year. My husband loves this sport, and we hope she loves it too!

A spa day all by myself! Like the full works, a facial, a massage, mani/pedi! My husband works a ton, god love him, but mama needs some time to herself!

Excited for summer to be here! The other night, Hadley and I sat outside in the driveway after Huxley went to bed and came up with a start to our summer this year. I’ll share more once we get everything finalized, but it’s looking to be so much fun!

Check back next month for the Currently edition for May! The words are loving, picturing, craving, wishing, and collecting! You can read more about the Currently posts here!

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3 thoughts on “Currently.

  1. I love mowing the lawn; but no one has to fight over it here… in fact we all pretty much ignore it until we just can’t anymore. While I do enjoy it, I find our new lawn mower a bit daunting to use since it’s a large zero turn and I’ve only had one little lesson on it.

  2. We do NOT fight over mowing the lawn here. My husband and I are so happy that our son does it sometimes. But we have a reel (push, non electric/gas) mower, so mowing is always a work out! We’re not into lawn mowing season yet though because all our snow finally just melted a few days ago.

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