Monthly Musings: Summer Fashion

  1. Favorite Summer Outfit – Skort and a tank
  2. Favorite Summer Footware – Brooks Gym Shoes, they are the most comfortable for my feet!
  3. What Summer Accessories Are You Wearing On Repeat? FitBit watch, permanent bracelet, Mama necklace or my last name / anniversary necklace, and stud earrings.
  4. What Do You Use For A Summer Bag? My large oversized monogramed beach bag, I use it for the pool, the beach, sporting events, the lake, pretty much anything.
  5. What Summer Scents Are You Wearing? None! I need perfume badly!
  6. Maxi Dress? Romper? Jumpsuit? Romper all the way! This romper is the best!
  7. Favorite Summer Sunglasses? The brand Goodr is amazing! They aren’t super stylish, or fancy, but they are the perfect everyday sunglasses to wear. You can find the sunglasses here.
  8. Favorite Summer PJ’s? I don’t really wear PJ’s, just a t-shirt or tee and shorts.
  9. Do You Wear White After Labor Day? Not really, I don’t think about it I guess.
  10. Favorite Summer Fashion Trend Right Now? Coming from a chick that wears tanks and shorts every day, I don’t really care about trends. I’ll never be a fashionista!

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2 thoughts on “Monthly Musings: Summer Fashion

  1. I’m finding that nearly everyone mentioned Goodr glasses and Birkenstocks were real popular too.. I’m starting to feel like I’m missing something! LOL

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