What we bought at Buc-ee’s.

Have you ever heard of Buc-ee’s before? I haven’t heard of the place until a few months ago when I saw it all over social media and the internet. I didn’t know too much about the place but was curious about it for sure. We were on our way to Florida, which you can read more about here and here, but stopped at a hotel in Alabama first. Since we couldn’t check into the hotel until late afternoon, we decided to make a pit stop to the Athens, Alabama location!

I wish I would’ve taken more pictures of the place. It is ginormous! Buc-ee’s is a massive gas station with 90 something gas pumps, 50 something bathroom stalls that is manned 24/7, 20 something cash registers, 4 Icee machines, and you can purchase snacks, drinks, and fresh food made daily. They also have the world’s largest car wash, the one we went to was closed but would’ve totally done that too! We spent around $100 there but could’ve easily spent way more.

Here is a rundown of what we bought!

BUC-EE’S PILLOW – Hadley picked out this pillow over a hat. It’s right up her alley, tie-die, and colorful.

BUC-EE’S TSHIRT – Kevin picked out this shirt, I like it!

NAPKIN HOLDER – I picked out this napkin holder, and I thought the napkins were the normal dinner size, but they are a little bigger than a cocktail napkin. Wasn’t a huge fan of the salt and pepper shakers because we don’t have any green in our house, but I’ll still use it!

BUC-EE’S SIPPY CUP – Had to get Huxley a little something! And all the prices were very reasonable, which is why we easily spent $100.

BUC-EE’S WAX BOTTLES – Hadley picked out the most random type of candy, these things are gross! But she was happy, so we got them. The selection of things here is overwhelming, there is so much to choose from! They are known for their beaver nuggets, which is a caramel coated corn puff, and I wish I would’ve snagged a bag!

BUC-EE’S KEYCHAIN – Hadley loves keychains! She put this on her travel bookbag as soon as she got in the car.

You have to get a picture with the beaver himself!

Buc-ee’s is like no other gas station you will ever go to! If you are ever near one, set aside some time to go in and check it out. It’s amazing. The employees are super kind too! They just built one an hour from where we live in Ohio, and I want to check it out so bad!

Have you been to Buc-ee’s? I’d love to know what other locations are like!

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