Weekly recap.

Recapping our week on the blog! The lake, walks, outdoor movie night, Jungle Jim’s, and the Bengals game!

Monday September 4
We left the lake early after a gator ride. We came home, Huxley took a nap and then we went to a neighbor’s house for a pool party. One of our neighbors sold their house, and it was a little farewell party to say goodbye and just hangout.

Tuesday September 5
Worked out in the morning, and just had a chill / crazy day. Hung around the house, picked up Hadley from school, and then Hadley had softball practice. Nothing too exciting.

Wednesday September 6
Walked at the trail in the morning with Huxley. They’ve been doing some work on the street we live off of and they park the big diggers on our street at night. Huxley loves watching them, so we walked down for him to get a close up look. Hadley didn’t have school the next day, due to a water main break, so we stayed up a little later and watched the new Little Mermaid movie on Disney+. We thought it was just okay, I liked the original best.

Thursday September 7
Had a phone interview for a part-time gig that I am interested in, I thought it went really well! Kevin worked training at drill school. Hadley was off school due to a water main break, so we went to a park and basically had it to ourselves.

Friday September 8
Hadley had a bye week for softball, so we took advantage of a free Friday night and did an outdoor movie night! Kevin got home from his part-time job and cut the grass. And then started setting up the movie screen while I put Huxley to bed. The movie was Talladega Nights! Hadley had never seen it, and I know it’s not the best family movie, but all that really goes on is some adult language and that’s about it. Hadley didn’t really get the humor in it, but she thought some parts were funny.

Saturday September 9
Took a walk around the neighborhood in the morning with Huxley. And then we went on a little field trip! We have a local grocery store called Jungle Jim’s, and it’s not your average grocery store. My daughter wasn’t too keen on the idea until she went inside the place. It’s so big and has the biggest variety of foods! We bought random items, but it was fun walking around the place and checking it all out. After the grocery store visit, we googled a random park nearby and ending up driving right past a wakeboard park. It was so cool, we sat in the car and watched for a few minutes. And then we found the park, and just hung out for a little bit. Hadley and Huxley played on the playground. My stepdaughter Natalie had homecoming, and Kevin ended up stopping by on the firetruck and taking some pictures with her! When we got home, Hadley tried her giant gummi bear she got at Jungle Jim’s.

Sunday September 10
I barely took any photos on Sunday, but we started the morning off with a walk and Hadley joined us on her scooter. And then we watched the first Bengals game, and it was terrible. We did not look good. Natalie and her boyfriend came over to watch the game with us, and then we all went to dinner. That was pretty much the extent of our Sunday, pretty low key.

Happy Tuesday everyone, have a great week! And as always, thanks for reading!

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2 thoughts on “Weekly recap.

  1. I tried watching The Little Mermaid this weekend and didn’t even end up finishing it. It wasn’t that I disliked it or anything but much prefer the original myself. Maybe if I hadn’t grown up watching it over and over and knowing it by heart! What a great low key week.

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