New neighbor gift.

We have a new neighbor on our street, and we made them a little welcome gift. Homemade cookies! My husband makes the best chocolate chip cookies, so him and the kids whipped up a batch for the new neighbors.

I found a cute little printable to include with the goodies. The printable can be found here! I used a kraft bag and put the cookies in a gallon Ziploc bag. Punched a hole in the printable and tied it to the bag with a ribbon.

On the original printable, linked here, came with a list of things to put for our favorite things we love around the area. I changed it up and made my own printable and put a little information about our family. When new neighbors move in, I can never remember their names, their kids’ names, or anything like that. So, I included all of that information for them!

Here is the printable I made myself. Feel free to copy the image and use it for yourself if you ever have a new neighbor move in close by.

Do you do anything when new neighbors move in? Our new neighbors were super appreciative, and even received a thank you text the next day. Super nice!

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