Weekly recap.

Recapping our week on the blog! First fire of the season, lunch duty, softball tournament, and trunk or treat!

Monday October 16
After school we checked the mail, and the Amazon gift guide came! Hadley loves to circle every single item she wants from Santa. She even circled toys for Huxley in a different colored pen haha! After she finished her homework, she asked if she could finish her book for school. I told her she never ever has to ask to read a book! I hope she continues to love to read. Kevin wanted to make the first fire of the season, so the kids went out on the back deck to help/watch him get some wood. Huxley was obsessed with him starting a fire, I was beyond nervous but Kevin the firefighter had it under control.

Tuesday October 17
Started the morning off with a workout on the Nike fit app. After Hadley got home from school, we chilled on the couch while she finished her homework. Huxley always wants to facetime Kevin’s parents on his phone. After dinner, Kevin and Hadley left for softball practice and he also left another fire going. I am not comfortable with fires; I like the light yourself logs that you toss in and leave it alone. I managed to keep it going, but barely until they got home.

Wednesday October 18
Started the morning off with a very quick walking workout on YouTube. Today was a super busy day! I volunteer at Hadleys school once a month for lunch duty, and most times I bring Huxley when Kevin is at the firehouse. He’s a handful, but he has a blast. All of the kids try to give him high fives, he runs up and down in between the lunch tables, and sits with Hadley and her friends. This time he wanted to sit with the boys! Huxley and I went home, he napped, I had a work call, and then it was already time to pick Hadley up! After school, we went to a local coffee shop that was having a special for our school’s walkathon. Hadley got hot chocolate, with our school colors sprinkles! I tried their vanilla chai tea, it was delicious! And then, in between dinner Hadley had volleyball practice. It’s a lot when Kevin is working, I am one exhausted mama at the end of the day.

Thursday October 19
Today was our ten year wedding anniversary, and we spent it doing our normal everyday things. Hopefully we will celebrate one day soon! We had dinner at home, and then teacher conferences after school, and then Hadley had Spanish, and then softball.

Friday October 20
Today was the walkathon at Hadleys school. Huxley and I volunteered in the morning, and I barely saw Hadley! I forgot my phone in the car, I was so distracted by parking so far away, and forgot the umbrella. I was at the bubbles station, and Huxley loved it for the most part. It started pouring down rain, so we all headed inside, and then headed home. After school, Hadley had a play date and went over a friends house so Huxley and I were on our own for dinner.

Saturday October 21
Softball tournament weekend! Kevin was at the firehouse today, so I was solo. It was a long day, but so fun to see Hadley play softball. She just loves it. It was a tad cold for the morning game, and then we raced home to let Huxley take a nap, and then came back. The second game was much warmer, but still it’s rough keeping Huxley contained and trying to pay attention to Hadley play all by myself. When we got home, I vacuumed out my van because it was pretty sandy. At bedtime, Hadley was watching softball videos on YouTube, it was so sweet to see.

Sunday October 22
Last day of the softball tournament! First game was in the morning, which was colder than Saturday’s weather with the wind. The second game was an hour later, so Huxley and I went home and Kevin stayed since he had missed the day before. Later on, Natalie came over for a little bit. We all ate dinner together, and then Hadley and I headed to her school for trunk or treat. It was fun! One of Hadleys friends had the same costume, and it wasn’t planned! All of the cars’ decorations were so cute!

Happy Tuesday everyone, have a great week! And as always, thanks for reading!

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  1. That sounds like such a fun week! We never went to a single trunk or treat; they were just starting to become a “thing” as my boys were outgrowing trick or treating.

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