Thanksgiving invites.

Every other year, we host Thanksgiving for my family. And if you don’t know me by now, you should know that I love to make paper invitations for pretty much any occasion!

I’ve marked off some of the information for privacy, but here is the invite! We are having Thanksgiving a day early this year because my husband will be at the firehouse on Thanksgiving Day. So, we are celebrating a day early so he can be there and enjoy the holiday. I included a little note to each family, reminding them of what they are bringing. Everyone in my family has always made the same thing for Thanksgiving, so it was just a little note for fun!

I hand drew a fall tree on the envelopes and put a Thanksgiving quote down the tree. I have always loved to make envelopes festive for any occasion! We all love some happy mail, right?

On the back of the envelopes, I added some washi tape. Again, I love to make envelopes pretty!

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