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Q&A with K&M.

Where and when did we first meet?Kevin: Your Uncle’s house at Becca’s birthday party.Mandy: Grade school at my Uncle’s house. Where was our first date?Kevin: Reds game 2009Mandy: same. What was your first impression of me?Kevin: Those big ‘ole titties.Mandy: As Mandy cracks up, you were and still are so damn cute. Who said “I … Continue reading Q&A with K&M.

Birthday project.

A week from today is my birthday! I just love birthdays! So I came up with a project for the next year in honor of my birthday. I’m calling it “52 weeks of self care!” So far, making the logo was the most fun part. I am going to be tackling a years worth of … Continue reading Birthday project.

From the weekend.

When Hadley got home from school Friday, we were taking down all of our lovely heart decor in the windows but first wanted a photo of her standing on her reading nook. She loves the reading nook, all it needs is a cute little cushion for the top part and she wants to lay on … Continue reading From the weekend.

Around here.

around here every time I clean my car, the snow starts to melt and it gets all over! I think I’ve washed my car three times in the last two weeks. Your welcome Mikes Car Wash. around here from the snow days last week, we managed to clean Hadleys room. It was a semi disaster … Continue reading Around here.


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About Me

Hi, I’m Mandy! Married to my awesome hubby Kevin, my two step-kids, and our daughter Hadley. Northerner, but Southerner at heart. Cincinnati Bearcat. Vodka drinker. Craft lover. Beach fanatic. Organizing is my jam. Multi-tasking expert. Welcome to Mandy Joy ♥. My aspirations for this space range from creative ideas, crazy thoughts, and my love for taking pictures. What better way to have a forever memory of the important things that matter in this life.

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