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Sunday quote + 13 years.

Thirteen years ago today, was our first date! These are some pictures of our dating years. ♥

Friday favorites – Target bibs, Brooks running shoes, Stanley cup, and Kroger Boost.

Hello Friday and happy weekend! Here are my favorites for the week! TARGET SILICONE BIBS These silicone bibs from Target are my absolute favorite for Huxley. We have these exact ones, and I use them every day. I will say, I only use them when he eats baby food because anything that he spits out, … Continue reading Friday favorites – Target bibs, Brooks running shoes, Stanley cup, and Kroger Boost.

Homework Cart.

Hi friends! School has been in session for about a month now, can you believe it? I’ve been wanting to do one of these homework carts for Hadley, and finally did it this year! Originally, I used the cart for a newborn rolling cart, but in the end didn’t use it for what I intended … Continue reading Homework Cart.

Soccer game treats.

Every year for sports, the parents have to bring team treats to at least one game. I always like to make mine a little “extra” for the kids. Just something to make them smile. And plus, I just love doing things to make it a little more special for the kiddos. All I did was … Continue reading Soccer game treats.


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Hi, I’m Mandy! Married to my awesome hubby Kevin, my two step-kids, our daughter Hadley, and son Huxley. Northerner, but Southerner at heart. Cincinnati Bearcat. Vodka drinker. Craft lover. Beach fanatic. Organizing is my jam. Multi-tasking expert. Welcome to Mandy Joy ♥. My aspirations for this space range from creative ideas, crazy thoughts, and my love for taking pictures. What better way to have a forever memory of the important things that matter in this life.

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