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Cinco de Mayo.

Started out the day with a note for Hadley’s lunch and a festive napkin! Finally had a reason to wear my “Mama Cita” shirt for Cinco de Mayo! We went to our favorite Mexican joint, Cancun to celebrate the day! Cheers everyone!

Teacher Appreciation Gift.

Happy Teacher Appreciation week! The first full week of May is when we celebrate these amazing people that teach our children. An entire week devoted to teachers to show them how much they are valued. I found this cute saying on Play Party Plan, “Orange you glad you teach my kid?” I added each teachers … Continue reading Teacher Appreciation Gift.

Kevin’s half birthday.

Happy half birthday to Kevin! Do you celebrate half birthdays? Why not right? It’s always fun to have a reason to celebrate something! We made him half of a cupcake! Something super small, but he appreciated it. Today is also his anniversary of getting on at the fire department! Three years ago today he started … Continue reading Kevin’s half birthday.

Birthday project – Week 6/52.

This is my birthday project for the next 52 weeks. You can read more about it here! Week six! Stretch for 20 minutes. Since I’ve been working out more regularly, I’ve noticed it helps tremendously if I stretch. Sometimes I stretch for no reason, just to give the muscles and joints some time of their … Continue reading Birthday project – Week 6/52.


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Hi, I’m Mandy! Married to my awesome hubby Kevin, my two step-kids, and our daughter Hadley. Northerner, but Southerner at heart. Cincinnati Bearcat. Vodka drinker. Craft lover. Beach fanatic. Organizing is my jam. Multi-tasking expert. Welcome to Mandy Joy ♥. My aspirations for this space range from creative ideas, crazy thoughts, and my love for taking pictures. What better way to have a forever memory of the important things that matter in this life.

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