From the weekend.

around here Hadley had her first Catholic Schools Week at her school. They had a theme each day of the week, and let’s just say it was so easy to get dressed each morning this week. Her favorite days were Hawaiian and Pajama day.

around here after over a year of not getting her haircut by a professional, we thought it was time to get an even trim. Hadley wanted about 3 inches cut off, it looks so much better and all even!

around here I always have to take a picture of where I park in garages, because I always forget!

around here sometimes after I work out, going outside for some fresh air does wonders for the work at home day.

around here my Aunt Cindy retired! Her employer organized a surprise zoom call with her family, friends, and coworkers. She was so surprised, it was so cute to be a part of it.

around here the snow is just beautiful. I still want it to snow like a whole bunch! Like so much where you can’t drive in it, and the kids get off school. All this light dusting is just a tease, let’s have a real northern snowfall.


Looking forward to this weekend, and watching the Super Bowl. Who are you rooting for? Chiefs or Bucs? My vote is for the Buccaneers. Excited to make all the paper party things, and some pretty food. Well, this time the pretty food will be from Kroger. Sad to see football come to an end, but that just means that warmer weather is coming, kind of soon!

Have a wonderful weekend.

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