Weekly recap.

Monday we went to a restaurant on the river called The Cabana. Hadley has been here before when she was two or three, so she doesn’t really remember. But she loved it! She’s currently obsessed with the pop-its, we all took turns timing ourselves to see how fast we can pop them all. After dinner, we walked over to the sand volleyball courts and watched them play. She could’ve played in the sand for hours.

Tuesday we had a baby deer badly hurt in our front yard. If you missed it earlier this week, you can read all about the baby deer in this post.

Wednesday we went to a comedy club with my brother and sister-in-law. The comedian we saw was Rocky Dale Davis, he was pretty funny, my face hurt from laughing so much. My favorite skit he did was about a four way stop sign, I couldn’t stop laughing it was soo right on!

Thursday morning while watering the flowers, I noticed a little frog behind the big pot. No matter how much I watered, or moved around on the porch, the frog stayed still the entire time.

Friday made some end of the year softball goodie bags for Hadley’s team. She has her last softball game tomorrow morning, but after all of these tornado warnings, and severe thunderstorm warnings tonight, I’m not sure she’ll play after all this rain.

Friday night we had a movie night in the dining room! Sometimes for a change of scenery, we bring my computer monitor over by the table, put a bunch of blankets on the floor, grab some snacks and get comfy for a movie. We started early after dinner which is why it’s still light out, she was super tired so it was an early movie night for us. We watched the movie Luca on Disney Plus, it was super cute!

Friday night After about two hours of Hadley being fast asleep, we had a tornado warning and sirens going off by our home. Had to wake her up to go to the basement until the warning was over, hated waking her up, but better to be safe than sorry. The warning lasted for only 40 minutes or so, woke her back up, and she went right to sleep in her bed. Thank goodness! Tornados are always so scary, even as an adult! I’m glad she managed to sleep right through it for the most part.


Have a great weekend, and happy Father’s day to all the Dad’s, father figures, and step-dad’s out there!

From the weekend.

around here tried a new recipe that was delicious! Pizza chaffles! The recipe can be found by clicking here. If you don’t already know, my husband and I are super picky eaters, and we both loved this so much!

around here it’s been so fun having Kevin join me for runs and workouts! We went to a new trail this week.

around here Hadley had her first softball practice. It’s going to be so cute to watch her play!

around here it was beautiful outside, we played soccer and I see something you don’t see game. And, I cannot get over how green our grass is already! Kevin cut the grass for the first time this year too!

around here I don’t care how old she gets, I will never tire of watching her sleep. Wish they could stay little forever!

around here made a chai latte for the first time! It was so good and easy! The recipe I used can be found by clicking here. During the warmer months, I’m going to try it iced too!

around here went outside and brought some flowers inside. So pretty and the house smells like spring.

around here she is just so cute in her school uniform. She loves to decide how to do her hair each day, and I’m so glad she’s finally gotten into the habit of trying new ways to do her hair. Just love her.

around here I’ve been doing random workouts the past few months. Sometimes I’ll run, walk, or do HIIT workouts. I use the Nike Training Club app on my phone which is awesome. It’s free and has a variety of different workouts to choose from. Download the app here.

around here we visited Daddy at the firehouse. He worked a double shift this week, so we just had to go visit. It had been awhile since we came to the firehouse anyways. Luckily it wasn’t very busy, so we got to hangout for awhile.


Have a great weekend!

From the weekend.

around here she is always in the best mood after school. Just look at those blue eyes!

around here she brought home her birthday club book from school! You can donate to the school, and they get to pick out a book and get this cute little sticker inside the book that stays in the library! Very fittingly, she picked out a leprechaun book with St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner.

around here went into the office this week and the weather was just amazing! Sun roof was open, shades were on, and the sun was shining! It was beautiful. Just love when it’s warm like that, puts me in such a good mood!

around here saw a fox on our run! Oh my gosh it freaked me out, I kept looking behind me thinking the little guy was going to chase us!

around here she went over to her BFF’s house for a few hours, it was her first time going to another persons house that wasn’t family. She was a little nervous at first, but clearly was fine.

around here I will always always always love when he sends me pictures while he’s at work. He’s the happiest!

around here I could watch her sleep for hours. She always looks so cozy and comfy.

around here did the method by Go Clean Go, which is a little bit of Tide and hot water. It’s amazing.

Well, this pretty much sums up our week. Working out, eating the meals we planned for the most part, going to work, after school fun, play date fun, and some good cleaning. The weather has been so nice around here, but I think rain is coming. I’m going to soak up the sunshine while it’s here!

Have a great weekend!

From the weekend.

around here Kevin started working out with me and it’s been awesome! I’ve been begging him to join me for months!

around here picking up the babe after school, she’s always so happy! With her little red ICEE mouth.

around here hung around outside on my birthday, the weather was beautiful!

around here had a great birthday at home with my little family!

around here we made a recipe binder! If you watched my stories on Instagram this week, you’ll know how it all came together. The recipe box wasn’t working for me anymore so I went the binder route with tabs!

around here slowly started back to running. One morning was super cold, and even though my legs felt frozen it still felt so good. Even Kevin joined me on some runs this week!

around here did the weekly car wash! Nothing but sunny skies in the forecast for awhile.

around here put up a new saying on the letter board for St. Patrick’s Day coming up!

Happy Friday and bring on the weekend! It’s been A week work wise, very very glad it’s over. Lots of workouts, and with my husband joining me on occasion, good food, made a recipe binder, celebrated Dr. Seuss’ birthday sort of, celebrated my birthday, finished Bloodline on Netflix, started and finished Ginny & Georgia on Netflix, and went to Target with my kiddo.

The highlight though was the food. This past week I’ve been so lucky to have Kevin home most days and he’s been cooking like Betty Crocker around here. We made a meal plan for the week, and for the most part stuck to it. We ate so good, and it was all pretty much healthy. It helps so much when your partner eats better and works out with you! I’m loving it!

I’m so glad the next few days are nothing but sunshine in the forecast! It still might be a little bit cold out, but the sun shining makes it so much better! March has only just begun, and it’s been jam packed so far!

Have a wonderful weekend folks!

From the weekend.

around here Hadley had her first Catholic Schools Week at her school. They had a theme each day of the week, and let’s just say it was so easy to get dressed each morning this week. Her favorite days were Hawaiian and Pajama day.

around here after over a year of not getting her haircut by a professional, we thought it was time to get an even trim. Hadley wanted about 3 inches cut off, it looks so much better and all even!

around here I always have to take a picture of where I park in garages, because I always forget!

around here sometimes after I work out, going outside for some fresh air does wonders for the work at home day.

around here my Aunt Cindy retired! Her employer organized a surprise zoom call with her family, friends, and coworkers. She was so surprised, it was so cute to be a part of it.

around here the snow is just beautiful. I still want it to snow like a whole bunch! Like so much where you can’t drive in it, and the kids get off school. All this light dusting is just a tease, let’s have a real northern snowfall.


Looking forward to this weekend, and watching the Super Bowl. Who are you rooting for? Chiefs or Bucs? My vote is for the Buccaneers. Excited to make all the paper party things, and some pretty food. Well, this time the pretty food will be from Kroger. Sad to see football come to an end, but that just means that warmer weather is coming, kind of soon!

Have a wonderful weekend.