Q&A with K&M.

Where and when did we first meet?
Kevin: Your Uncle’s house at Becca’s birthday party.
Mandy: Grade school at my Uncle’s house.

Where was our first date?
Kevin: Reds game 2009
Mandy: same.

What was your first impression of me?
Kevin: Those big ‘ole titties.
Mandy: As Mandy cracks up, you were and still are so damn cute.

Who said “I love you” first?
Kevin: I did, on May 10th 2010
Mandy: You said it first ♥

What dressing do I always wear?
Kevin: Leggings
Mandy: Sweatshirt

Weird habit of each other?
Kevin: You cut your finger/toe nails and let them fling all over.
Mandy: Biting nails

What I often do in my free time?
Kevin: Work on computer
Mandy: On phone

How long have we been together?
Kevin: 11 years. 12 years this October.
Mandy: Same.

What was our first road trip?
Kevin: Snow Shoe Mountain Ski Resort
Mandy: I disagree, I think it was Chicago.

First thing you noticed about me?
Kevin: That I was tall.
Mandy: Blond hair and baby face.

What pisses you off?
Kevin: My carefree attitude
Mandy: Anything that requires directions or electronics

What am I good at?
Kevin: Arts and crafts
Mandy: Loading the car for a trip

What am I not good at?
Kevin: Directions
Mandy: Unloading the car after a trip

Favorite feature about each other?
Kevin: Artistic, creative ability, you make every little thing special
Mandy: You always want to kiss/hug me

Do I have any weird obsessions?
Kevin: Clean car, and eats tums every night and calls them your old lady pills
Mandy: Putting a dip in before your morning shower

Nicknames for each other?
Kevin: babe
Mandy: same

What is my favorite restaurant?
Kevin: Cancun
Mandy: BW3’s

Complete this sentence “You’re my……?”
Kevin: rock
Mandy: person

Where is a place you’ve always wanted to travel?
Kevin: Bora Bora
Mandy: Lake Tahoe

What is something you want to do together but haven’t yet?
Kevin: White water rafting
Mandy: Go to St. John’s Virgin Islands

Have you ever wanted to move anywhere else?
Kevin: Yes. Florida in a heartbeat.
Mandy: No, he loves to stay where he is.

What is your favorite movie?
Kevin: Disney movies
Mandy: Top Gun

What is your favorite thing about me?
Kevin: The way I am with Hadley, and I take care of everything. You’re legit babe.
Mandy: You always make Hadley feel special, you have the best bond with her.

What was your favorite date we’ve had?
Kevin: The rooftop bar in Fort Myers Florida
Mandy: Monday Night Football while we were dating at my first apartment

What is your favorite thing that I do for you?
Kevin: I incorporate our family in everything that we do.
Mandy: Holds my hand in the car. Almost always.

What movie reminds you of us?
Kevin: Proposal. Mandy: Why? Kevin: Because we weren’t meant to be together when we were younger. Because those two in the movie weren’t meant to be together in the beginning either.
Mandy: Fever Pitch. Because baseball is your favorite sport, and it’s one of the few movies you’ll watch all the way through with me without falling asleep!

Do you ever think of me sexually during the day?
Kevin: How many seconds are in a day?
Mandy: Yes. Kevin: smiles & laughs by my one word answer.

What’s another career that you think you would love?
Kevin: Graphic designer, or a teacher.
Mandy: None. He has his dream job!

What things about me make you know I’m the one for you?
Kevin: I keep the family aligned.
Mandy: He always makes sure we are taken care of, always being our protector.

If you’ve never done a Q&A with your spouse/significant other I encourage you to do so! It’s super fun to find out each other’s answers. Just think of random questions to ask each other and do it sometime. We had a ball finding out what each other came up with!

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