Birthday project.

A week from today is my birthday! I just love birthdays! So I came up with a project for the next year in honor of my birthday. I’m calling it “52 weeks of self care!” So far, making the logo was the most fun part.

I am going to be tackling a years worth of self care things to do each week for an entire year. These things have to be personal self-care ideas I do for myself once a week. To me, self care is doing the things that make me feel more like myself. The past year has been the craziest year in our lives right? I’ve been doing little things here and there to make more time for myself, taking care of my mental and physical health has been at the top of my priority list.

Things that might be on the self care list are…
Do a face mask at night, buy fresh flowers, get a massage, are just a few examples of what I have in mind for the next 52 weeks. I am super excited about the endless possibilities of this new adventure. Soo ready to try some new things!

Check back next Wednesday for the first self care idea! Can’t wait for this to begin, as I am already doing small self-care things but ready to broaden the scope of this and make it a life long habit.

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