St. Patrick’s Day.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day 2021!

Hadley was so excited for school today, here she is with her magnifying glass to catch the little leprechauns.

Love that the teachers at her school take photos, here they are looking at a trap one of her friends made.

Have just a tiny bit of decor on the fireplace, the little leprechaun guy and the banner I got from Hobby Lobby a few years ago.

Made a little rainbow, with white balloons and rainbow streamers. Set the table with a green table cloth I made a few years ago out of thick fabric and some green plastic glasses.

Put some gold coins in a little tray in the center of the table.

When she got home from school, she was so excited from her busy day and the decorations at home. Simple things can make kids the happiest, and I just love that!

We made shamrock shakes for a fun little after school treat! The recipe we made is from Hip2Keto, the only thing we would do different is add a little less mint extract but other than that it was really good!

Before dinner, we did our nails green and gold!

We ate our dinner in the dining room. Hadley said we’re eating under a rainbow Mom! ♥

For dessert, we had St. Patrick’s Day whoppie pies! They were supposed to look like the ones from the recipe Olivia Wyles but they completely fell apart! But still, they weren’t too bad even picky Hadley ate one! I only made three anyway, these were the best ones that partially stayed together.

We ended the night with an early dinner, early shower, and early bed. St. Patrick’s Day wore this little lady out, but she had such a great day! Just love to decorate and make things fun for days like these!

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