The apps I can’t live without.

These days we all can admit we spend more time on the phone than we probably should right? I think we’re all a little guilty of that. If that is not the case for you, then well done! Sometimes the phone is a life savior in times of boredom, and of course it keeps us connected with people in our lives.

I thought it would be fun to share some of my must-have apps on my iPhone!

Here is the home page on my iPhone. Lots of categories as you can see!


While this is an app that already comes loaded on an iPhone, I probably use the notes app the most. Anytime I want to remember something, I immediately make a list in the notes app. The most favorite part about this app is the check marks! I love how after you check mark an item, it automatically moves it to the bottom of the list so it’s done! I am still a paper planner person, but this is something very easy to jot down my thoughts as they come to me.


Having Amazon on my iPhone is dangerous! As you can see from my “saved for later” items, I have 600 in there! Anytime I see something either advertised on Facebook, Instagram, a news story, the Internet, anywhere really, I automatically add it to my Amazon cart and put it in the saved for later. Occasionally, I’ll go through all the items and remove any that don’t appeal to me anymore but for some reason I just love knowing that I have them all there.


The maps app saves my life every single day. I am the worst direction person! My daughter played soccer at the same place every single Sunday for two entire sessions, and I still used the map app to get there every week. Although, I will say it took me home a different way than it took me to the place!


This app helps me keep my husbands firefighter schedule straight. It took some getting used to, but now after almost three years this app helps tremendously! I don’t even look at the regular calendar app anymore, I have it all on this one.


If you’re not on Instagram these days, you’re missing out! I love this app so much more than Facebook! I love the stories, the hashtags, and the community of other people and most importantly women supporting women in their lives, careers, businesses, etc. My Instagram handle is @lifewithmandyjoy if you’d like to follow along my adventures!


I know I said the top five apps I can’t live without, but this sixth one had to be on the list! I use this app quite a few times a week for my workouts. It’s super convenient, and you can browse different workouts based on what you want to do that day. Time limit, type of workout, no equipment, basic equipment, etc. It’s really my favorite workout app! You can download the app here.

Are there any apps that you can’t live without? Any that I should try? I’d love to hear!

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