No more pine trees.

The pine trees are gone! We couldn’t be more excited. This has been a long time coming, almost three years now. This December will be three years in our home, and we’ve wanted the pine trees gone the day we moved in!

We took lots of before and after photos to remember this time in our lives when we had these ginormous pine trees in our yard. Now you can actually see our house! Along with all the shrubs and trees gone in the landscaping by the front door and windows, it looks like a completely different house! The tree in the middle of the yard was not a pine tree, but it’s gone too!

This is the pine tree to the left of the house that was split in two sort of. Gone. Good riddance. No more. The only part about cutting down huge trees? The huge stumps they leave behind!

This pine tree was on the right of our house, this sucker had the biggest roots, it was always a pain to cut the grass over these big wood humps. Now they are gone! All gone! It’s so exciting! Plus, it was starting to lean into the neighbors yard, but it was a good climbing like tree. Hadley always like to try and climb this one, or at least stand on the gigantic roots.

Every time we drive home, we still can’t believe how different it looks! We’ve even had people we don’t know in the neighborhood stop by in their cars and say they never did like the pine trees either and how great it looks! Just love it so much.

We had the stumps grinded out today, and it already looks so much better! We have to get all of the shavings out, and then lay down some grass seed and start the grass growing process in those areas. And, we’ve already started planning what we’re going to plant in all of the landscape in front of the house! Can’t wait to bring it to life and bring some color to our favorite house!

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