Newborn Rolling Cart.

I made a newborn rolling cart to keep in our bedroom for the first few weeks/months of the little babe’s life. You know, when the baby is trying to figure out his days from nights, etc. I figured a rolling cart like this would be of great help for those first sleepless nights, and getting used to having a newborn around again.

On the first shelf, I have a large water bottle to keep the thirst quenched! The breast pump (not pictured because it took forever to arrive), and then some small little containers for hair bands, nipple cream, and an empty basket with face wipes, and to just put whatever might need a space for when I start using the cart. And a calming journal from my Aunt that I plan to start, or at least attempt to start when the feeling strikes.

On the second shelf, diapers and wipes.

On the third shelf, pads for Mama, bottles that came with the breast pump, nursing pads, the Haakaa breast milk collector, and breast milk storage bags.

The rolling cart is from Michaels, the exact one I purchased can be found here. It’s a 3-tiered rolling cart, and after the newborn phase is over I plan to use this for my office! So it works out perfectly!

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