The best breastfeeding app.

The best breastfeeding app that I’ve found that works for me is called Baby Nursing. This is what it looks like in the app store, but the title is different and called Baby Breastfeeding Tracker. It is THE best app out there! It’s soo easy and convenient when you are breastfeeding your baby.

The home screen of the app looks like this. You can customize it and enter your baby’s name, and even add a photo! It shows all the different things you can track all in one page. And their is a lot of things you can track!

The nursing part is what I use the most. It’s soo so easy! When you click on the nursing section, this is what the screen looks like. As you can tell, I use this everyday since Huxley was born. All you do is click on the “L” for left boobie, or “R” for right boobie, whichever one you are going to feed on. And then a timer pops up, you can pause it for when they have to burp, or whatever the case may be. When you are finished, the app will say “last” on whichever boobie you last fed on.

To see what time you last fed was, all you do is click on the day and it has the breakdown of how many feedings you’ve done for the day, and how long, and which side. It’s awesome. The one that’s at 4:16am today, says 120 minutes which is wrong because sometimes I’ll forget to hit stop and it’ll keep going. I fell asleep I’m sure, because it was 4am. But what is really cool, is the app will send you a notification that says “You’ve been nursing Huxley for 60 minutes” because it probably knows that is wrong. As of today, I’ve done 287 feedings in the month of March! Sounds insane.

I remember with my daughter Hadley, I breastfed for around six weeks. And I wrote every single feeding down on a piece of paper. Oh my god was it a pain. Their might’ve been an app back then, but I wasn’t smart enough to look for one. This app has been a godsend!

You can also track baths, pumping, food, doctor visits, diapers, etc. So many things!

This app can be found here!

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