Friday favorites (on a Saturday).

Happy Saturday everyone! I’m ready for the weekend but being off on maternity leave everyday feels like the weekend really. Spring has arrived, but Cincinnati weather still thinks it’s winter! Anyways, here are some favorites for this Saturday!


For this maternity leave, I bought a variety of movies to watch. We’re talking like twenty different movies, ones that I’ve seen before but ones that I don’t have. Along with the movies, I also bought all four seasons of the Yellowstone series. I’ve heard so many good things about this series, I wanted to have the actual DVD’s. I have finished the series, and it was so so good. Loved it so much I can’t wait for season five! You can purchase all four seasons here on Amazon.


If you haven’t heard by now, the Will Smith and Chris Rock event at the Oscar’s then you are living under a rock! Will Smith smacked the s*** out of Chris Rock at the Oscar’s! Chris Rock was making a joke about Will’s wife Jada’s bald head, and I guess Will got super mad at the joke and walked right up to Chris Rock and smacked him. For me personally, I think something needs to happen to Will for his actions. I mean, it’s a pretty important event that happens every year and for someone to behave the way he did should have consequences. It’s a shame because I’ve always liked Will Smith, but after this, it goes to show all these Hollywood actors think the rules don’t apply to them. I’m glad he resigned from the Academy and has shown some remorse towards Chris Rock. This moment will never be forgotten, and it will always be talked about every year at the Oscar’s now.


Kevin cut our grass for the first time of the season! It’s pretty chilly in Cincinnati right now, but the grass is growing like it should be Spring and warmer weather. I cannot wait until I can cut the grass, which would mean being away from Huxley long enough to do that!


Huxley started smiling! It’s the funniest thing, he’ll be looking at something on the wall or the fireplace and just start smiling. He’s not really smiling at us yet, but it’s so cute to see. I can’t wait until he really starts to notice who is who in the family, and smiles and reacts to us.


I started back to working out after getting the go ahead from my doctor! I’m not up to doing the hard HIIT workouts I was doing before getting pregnant, but I am working on it. Right now, all I really have time for are 15 minute workouts, but I’ll get into a routine and be able to do longer ones. And when the weather decides to warm up, we’ll go on walks/runs for sure!

Happy weekend everyone!

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