Weekly recap.

Lots of walks, total fail at dinner, pumping, and smiles in the car. It’s all recapped on the blog!

Monday, April 25

Started off our week with a walk with Kevin and Huxley! We typically walk around the neighborhood a few times totaling a mile or two. Later on in the afternoon, we did some tummy time with Huxley. He wasn’t a huge fan overall, but we’re working on it.

Tuesday, April 26

In the middle of the night, like 4am, Huxley woke up just once, so I had to feed him. When I got back to our bedroom, I find Kevin like this all sprawled out and on my side. Cracks me up. Huxley is smiling more and more every day, can’t get enough of him! I tried to make a new recipe for dinner, and it was a total failure. Kevin said it looked like a cat threw up! Hahaha! It soo did. We both tried it, and it was soo gross. The photo on the left down below is what I made, the photo on the right is what it was supposed to look like. Hilarious!

Wednesday, April 27

After I’ve exercised, or fasted until lunch, I start most of my days off with a smoothie and/or eggs. When we are waiting for Hadley to get out of school, lately it’s been hit or miss with the baby. He’ll either have to eat, fall asleep, or be awake I just pray he is happy and doesn’t cry. Breakfast for dinner, Paw Patrol waffles and grapes for Miss Hadley.

Thursday, April 28

Today was one of those days where Huxley barely napped, I had zero time to do much of anything but feed him and keep him happy. No shower, nothing. But I managed to work out late in the afternoon and felt ten times better for the rest of the day!

Friday, April 29

Some days I pump a lot (for me), and other days it’s not much. This day was a lot! After we dropped off Hadley at school, Huxley and I went to Kroger. I forgot how hard it is to grocery shop with a car seat in the cart, especially if you are getting lots of things. Sometimes I send Kevin pictures while he’s at work, when he asks what we’re doing. I’ll send a pic and say, just walking around the house trying to get him to sleep! Sitting in the school parking lot, waiting for Hadley to get out of school, I’ll sit in the backseat a lot to feed him, or just keep him occupied back there. We grilled out steak for dinner, and then had a movie night and watched Encanto! Hadley holding Huxley’s hand was just so cute!

Saturday, April 30

Chilling in Huxley’s room while feeding him, and always hoping for a successful transfer to the crib for a nap! Later in the day, Huxley passed out long enough on our bed for me to fold some laundry. On our way to Cancun for dinner, Hadleys favorite restaurant! We brought one of Hadleys games, travel Hangman. It always keeps her occupied during dinner and off the iPad!

Sunday, May 1

Hadley had a softball game, it was beautiful outside but so so windy! My lovely hubby set up the tent for Huxley and I to get him out of the sun, and with him being in the stroller it helped with the sand storm when the wind blew.

After the game, we had to finish an earth project for school. She picked a plastic water bottle, and turned it into a small planter. She put dirt and seeds inside, and decorated with ribbon.

Happy Monday everyone. Have a great week!

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