Weekly recap.

Back to work, the dentist, swim team, and softball! What a week.

Monday, May 16

Monday was my first day back to work after my long maternity leave. It’s been wonderful staying home with Hadley and Huxley all this time. It’s been a little taste of stay-at-home mom life, which isn’t easy. All good things must come to an end sometime. I spent the first day back working from home, and with a baby proved to be very difficult. I felt guilty a lot during the day, but I had to push through.

Tuesday, May 17

Tuesday was the hardest day of the week! Went to the actual office, and it was everything I’d imagined it would be. More on that later. My parents helped out with Hadley and Huxley, and I managed to pump more than I normally do in one sitting at home! Came home to take Hadley to her dentist checkup, and no cavities! After the dentist, we had swim team sign ups. This will be her first year doing swim team, and she can’t wait. She’s the bravest kid I know, still wanting to do swim team and not knowing a soul on the team. I can’t wait to re-live my swim team days through my child. I swam grade school, all the way up through high school! This was our busiest day of the week!

Wednesday, May 18

While my mom was watching Huxley the day before, she ordered him a new toy. He loves it! You forget how fast the newborn stage goes and how they start to need toys to at least look at during this stage. Kevin cut the lawn before it rained, still can’t get over how good it looks since we moved in three years ago. Our poor neighbor across the street, is in the beginning stages of going from septic to sewer. Hadley and Dad just chilling with Huxley and his new toy, he likes it so far. We’ve always gotten gas together to use our fuel points, and now with the insane gas prices we make it a point to not fill up unless we both can.

Thursday, May 19

Thursday was the first day I had worked out all week! It felt great. Huxley was a little more patient on this day, and I felt a little less guilty too.

Friday, May 20

Made it through the first week back to work! Wasn’t too terrible, but I am tired and glad it’s over!

Saturday, May 21

Hadley had two softball games this weekend, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. Kevin loves coaching her team, hopes to do it all the way through eighth grade. On Saturday, she got to hang with her friend in the concession stand while her dad umpired a game, before our game. Someone posted this saying about kids and sports on Facebook and I just loved it, so I put it here on the blog to remember. Kids do not care about much except that you show up to watch them play. I always feel so guilty talking to the other parents during games, because I want to watch, but I also want to socialize too. It’s hard, but this saying is so so true! After all the games, Kevin came home and passed out. Poor guy was up the night before at the firehouse, then umpired games, and then coached Hadley. He was pooped. So we had a little mini movie night, popcorn on the floor while watching EnCanto again!

Sunday, May 22

Worked out first thing Sunday morning! Hadley had another game, and my parents came. They played for a little bit, and then the game was called due to rain. Hadley is getting soo much better, she’s starting to understand the concept of the game more. She’s a great fielder!

Happy Monday everyone, have a great week!

Weekly recap.

Lots of walks, total fail at dinner, pumping, and smiles in the car. It’s all recapped on the blog!

Monday, April 25

Started off our week with a walk with Kevin and Huxley! We typically walk around the neighborhood a few times totaling a mile or two. Later on in the afternoon, we did some tummy time with Huxley. He wasn’t a huge fan overall, but we’re working on it.

Tuesday, April 26

In the middle of the night, like 4am, Huxley woke up just once, so I had to feed him. When I got back to our bedroom, I find Kevin like this all sprawled out and on my side. Cracks me up. Huxley is smiling more and more every day, can’t get enough of him! I tried to make a new recipe for dinner, and it was a total failure. Kevin said it looked like a cat threw up! Hahaha! It soo did. We both tried it, and it was soo gross. The photo on the left down below is what I made, the photo on the right is what it was supposed to look like. Hilarious!

Wednesday, April 27

After I’ve exercised, or fasted until lunch, I start most of my days off with a smoothie and/or eggs. When we are waiting for Hadley to get out of school, lately it’s been hit or miss with the baby. He’ll either have to eat, fall asleep, or be awake I just pray he is happy and doesn’t cry. Breakfast for dinner, Paw Patrol waffles and grapes for Miss Hadley.

Thursday, April 28

Today was one of those days where Huxley barely napped, I had zero time to do much of anything but feed him and keep him happy. No shower, nothing. But I managed to work out late in the afternoon and felt ten times better for the rest of the day!

Friday, April 29

Some days I pump a lot (for me), and other days it’s not much. This day was a lot! After we dropped off Hadley at school, Huxley and I went to Kroger. I forgot how hard it is to grocery shop with a car seat in the cart, especially if you are getting lots of things. Sometimes I send Kevin pictures while he’s at work, when he asks what we’re doing. I’ll send a pic and say, just walking around the house trying to get him to sleep! Sitting in the school parking lot, waiting for Hadley to get out of school, I’ll sit in the backseat a lot to feed him, or just keep him occupied back there. We grilled out steak for dinner, and then had a movie night and watched Encanto! Hadley holding Huxley’s hand was just so cute!

Saturday, April 30

Chilling in Huxley’s room while feeding him, and always hoping for a successful transfer to the crib for a nap! Later in the day, Huxley passed out long enough on our bed for me to fold some laundry. On our way to Cancun for dinner, Hadleys favorite restaurant! We brought one of Hadleys games, travel Hangman. It always keeps her occupied during dinner and off the iPad!

Sunday, May 1

Hadley had a softball game, it was beautiful outside but so so windy! My lovely hubby set up the tent for Huxley and I to get him out of the sun, and with him being in the stroller it helped with the sand storm when the wind blew.

After the game, we had to finish an earth project for school. She picked a plastic water bottle, and turned it into a small planter. She put dirt and seeds inside, and decorated with ribbon.

Happy Monday everyone. Have a great week!

Weekly recap.

We had a great week, ending Hadleys spring break, cold and muddy outside, and shots at the doctor’s office. I’m recapping it all on the blog today!

Monday, April 18

Started the week with Hadleys last day of spring break, by putting together some legos she got from the Easter bunny. She literally worked on them all by herself for a few good hours! Trying to get better with pumping everyday, it’s such a struggle for me. By the time I get done feeding Huxley, and pumping, it leaves barely enough time to do much else. But I’m trying! Huxley turned two months this week! He’s growing super fast!

Tuesday, April 19

Softball practice was cancelled due to muddy fields and cold weather. My good friend Kristin came over to meet Huxley! He was a little cranky this day, but it’s okay, he’s just a little babe trying to figure out this world! It was so good to see her though! We used to work together at Kroger, and then we both quit and stayed in touch. She’s the sweetest friend!

Wednesday, April 20

Huxley has been all smiles lately, just love watching all the new things he does each and every day! I have this quote on my desk, “You are totally replaceable at work. You’re not replaceable at home. Home is your real life. Keep that perspective. Always.” Not sure who that quote is by, but I found it on Pinterest and printed it off for my desk at home. Good one to think about. Hadley and I had steak, mac and cheese, and asparagus for me for dinner. Hadley just loves her a steak.

Thursday, April 21

Huxley had his two month checkup, and had three shots in his little tiny legs! The shots weren’t fun to watch. It is always harder on the parents when the babes get shots, but he was fine within minutes. And he was fine the rest of the day too! I remember Hadley taking Tylenol and sleeping a lot. He was his normal self after the doctor appointment. The doc said he’s growing great, and doing everything he should be doing. Kevin bought a striper for the lawn, and he’s obsessed. But those lines are pretty awesome, it looks great. Hadley has been loving the laptop, she’ll watch Netflix or YouTube videos on it sometimes, she looks like an adult working some days.

Friday, April 22

For Earth Day, I made earth cinnamon rolls for Hadley before school. And printed off some earth day jokes for her to read out loud to us, and then some extra to put in her lunch for school. After she got home from school, we met my parents for dinner to celebrate my Dad’s belated birthday. Huxley slept through the entire dinner. Afterwards, we stopped at our local ice cream place for dessert!

Saturday, April 23

Hadley and I spent most of the day outside, it was the nicest weather. We took a few walks, and just hung out. Huxley loved the outdoor weather, and he took some pretty good naps too! We even managed to have a movie night, and watched Encanto. We were late to get on the Encanto bandwagon, but after watching it two times or so, we are fans! Such a cute movie, and the songs are fun!

Sunday, April 24

We started out our Sunday by taking another walk, and we saw the goats! Their is a private drive down the street, and one of the houses that is tucked back in the woods has goats! The goats with the horns are kinda scary, but it’s hilarious. Hadley had her first softball game of the season! She played so good, and the weather was the best. The girls played very well, with having only one practice! Grandma, Grandad, and her cousin Emily came out to see her play too!

Happy Monday everyone! Have a great week!

Weekly Recap.

We had a lovely week/weekend, and I’m recapping it all on the blog!

Monday, March 28

Hadley had her last indoor soccer game of the season last Monday night, and her little bro is her biggest fan. He just doesn’t know it yet! Just love watching her play sports, I know these years go by so fast so I’m trying to savor every little moment.

For dinner, we tried this recipe in the crockpot, and it was pretty good! Found the recipe from Kristin at @everydayisdarling on Instagram. I don’t know if our crockpot is super high, but we cooked it for about four hours, and it could’ve been like two or three.

Tuesday, March 29

On some rare occurrences, I get to take Hadley to school in the mornings she gets super excited. I’m usually feeding her little brother which feels like every hour some days. Plus, it feels like I haven’t driven in forever, so the quick drive to school works.

Started working out and loving it! I couldn’t wait to get the all clear from the doc to start exercising again, which wasn’t too much longer after delivery. Four weeks instead of the usual six, I’ll take it!

Slowly introducing tummy time to the little man on occasion. He doesn’t really like it just yet, but I count laying on our chest while he’s on his stomach tummy time too so he’s getting practice.

Kevin cut the grass for the first time this season, it’s so green and thick! It might be a little cold outside, but the grass looks like Spring is here to me!

Wednesday, March 30

Huxley is starting to smile, and it’s the cutest! Somedays, he’s fussier than others, so we think of different ways to distract him! 99% of the time, when you walk outside, he instantly calms down. God bless that little guy; he’s going to love the outdoors just as much as his family does.

Thursday, March 31

How we take showers during the day when it’s just the two of us. I put him in his seat, or lounger in the bathroom doorway, and he’ll usually fall asleep. The sound of the bathroom fan, and the shower is like a giant sound machine!

My friend Laura came over to meet Huxley! He is crying, but it was time to eat, and I wanted her to hold him before he ate for what feels like forever sometimes!

Kevin burping him at night, sometimes he won’t burp for me, but he does for Kevin most times.

Friday, April 1

Friday was pretty low key. We started the day off by going to Hadley’s school for their all-school mass. She loves it when we go, and while we’re both on leave why not! After school, we put together a different swing we have to see if Huxley likes it. He loves it!

Saturday, April 2

Hadley has finally come around with her little brother, she loves to hold him and her favorite thing is to tickle him to wake up to eat! Went to the basement to change over the laundry, put Huxley on the bean bag next to Hadley. The look on his face is like, where am I?

We bought new light fixtures for the outside of our house, along with new bulbs. Kevin has been obsessed with how bright it makes our house look now. Love it.

Sunday, April 3

My Dad came over to celebrate a very belated Christmas. My Mom was sick, so she stayed home. The kids had fun opening presents in April, that’s for sure!

Happy Tuesday friends!

Weekly Recap.

We had a lovely week/weekend, and I’m recapping it all on the blog!

Monday, March 21

Huxley has been falling asleep with his one hand on his face and it makes me so nervous! He puts his hand right on his face where it covers the nose and mouth. I always hesitate to move it, but always do because I’m terrified he can’t breathe. And then what happens, is he’ll wake up sometimes and then it’s all over trying to get him back to sleep.

Breakfast was pistachio bread, my staple smoothie, and water. Since the start of my pregnancy, I added bananas into every smoothie for how thick it makes them. Now that I’m no longer pregnant, I’m trying to wean myself off of bananas because of the high carb content.

My pump is the Spectra 2 and I love it. It’s a ton of work to pump and breastfeed, but I’m making it work. Some days I only get to pump one time, other days I’ll pump throughout the day. If I get to pump or not, just depends on how the day is going. And life with a new baby, is far from scheduled.

This is how I spend the majority of my days right now, sitting on the couch feeding and holding Huxley. I’m so glad we got a new couch when we did, it’s super comfy. So comfy that I think I’ve made an indentation in the spot I always sit at!

The weather was just beautiful! In true Cincinnati fashion, the weather is a tease some days. Mother Nature gives us just a taste of warmer weather, and then a cold front moves in. But by God, we enjoyed every second of this day and got outside for a little bit. We put Huxley in the stroller, and Hadley hopped on her scooter, and we took a little walk in the neighborhood. We found out one of the houses on the private drive has goats! Goats in the ‘burbs? So odd.

Tuesday, March 22

We had his first doctor’s appointment on Tuesday, weighing ten pounds, and healthy as a peach! He sure doesn’t look like he’s ten pounds yet, but he feels it when you hold him. So far, he does great in the car! I think he likes the motion / feel of the car, and he falls asleep most of the time.

We waited a few weeks to introduce a pacifier, since I’m breastfeeding and all. Not sure if that really matters, but I just wanted to wait. He likes it sometimes, he doesn’t love it just yet, but at least it’ll calm him down sometimes. Maybe he’ll be a thumb sucker like his sister Hadley, or maybe he’ll be a paci fan. Time will tell.

Wednesday, March 23

Wednesday afternoon, when Hadley got home from school and did her homework. Life looks a lot like this photo nowadays. Baby stuff all over the place, and Kevin and Hadley playing some type of game while I’m feeding Huxley. Hadley just loves monopoly, and does great at the game!

Thursday, March 24

Thursday morning, we both headed to Kroger to fill up. We always fill up together and use our Kroger fuel points so we get the $1.00 off or whatever the discount is that month. Kevin’s truck was loaded down with the pontoon boat seats, he was taking them to get reupholstered.

Sometimes, he’ll fall asleep in the weirdest positions. Here he’s on the nursing pillow, with my hand propping his head up, and he’s passed out asleep.

Friday, March 25

Breakfast on Friday morning, scrambled eggs with cream cheese and melted cheese on top. And a smoothie without the banana. I added in avocado in place of the banana, and it was pretty good!

Had my six-week checkup, a little earlier than the actual six weeks after birth. The doctor said everything is good to go, cleared for exercise and I cannot wait to start working out again!

Kevin and Hadley went out to get softball cleats for this year, and I asked what does the “Trout” mean? Kevin’s response was, “he’s only like the best in baseball right now.” Can you say clueless? They look good though right?

Saturday, March 26

Saturday morning, Hadley is all ready for her soccer game. And Huxley is just chilling after eating.

Hadley playing indoor soccer, she just loves sports. No goals this game, but she tries! She runs her little heart out and gets so red in the face. Just like her Mama.

After her soccer game, we went to dinner with my brother-in-law, and sister-in-law. Hadley had a birthday party to go to, so we ventured out by our house. I’m not a fan of breastfeeding in public, so I like to feed him right before we go somewhere. Maybe I’ll have a change of heart, but for now, I’m just not comfortable breastfeeding in public.

Huxley was a champ, and slept right through dinner.

Sunday, March 27

Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, or have a career to balance alongside motherhood, you have your hands full! Trust me, no one has it all together all the time. So, cut yourself some slack.

You can do anything, but you can’t do everything, especially not all at once. Prioritize what’s important and focus your energy on doing one thing at a time.

If you don’t know what this photo is from by now, then you are living in a hole. Just Google Will Smith and Chris Rock. At the Oscar’s, Will Smith literally smacked Chris Rock. Shocker to me.

Happy Tuesday friends!

Weekly recap.

Monday we went to a restaurant on the river called The Cabana. Hadley has been here before when she was two or three, so she doesn’t really remember. But she loved it! She’s currently obsessed with the pop-its, we all took turns timing ourselves to see how fast we can pop them all. After dinner, we walked over to the sand volleyball courts and watched them play. She could’ve played in the sand for hours.

Tuesday we had a baby deer badly hurt in our front yard. If you missed it earlier this week, you can read all about the baby deer in this post.

Wednesday we went to a comedy club with my brother and sister-in-law. The comedian we saw was Rocky Dale Davis, he was pretty funny, my face hurt from laughing so much. My favorite skit he did was about a four way stop sign, I couldn’t stop laughing it was soo right on!

Thursday morning while watering the flowers, I noticed a little frog behind the big pot. No matter how much I watered, or moved around on the porch, the frog stayed still the entire time.

Friday made some end of the year softball goodie bags for Hadley’s team. She has her last softball game tomorrow morning, but after all of these tornado warnings, and severe thunderstorm warnings tonight, I’m not sure she’ll play after all this rain.

Friday night we had a movie night in the dining room! Sometimes for a change of scenery, we bring my computer monitor over by the table, put a bunch of blankets on the floor, grab some snacks and get comfy for a movie. We started early after dinner which is why it’s still light out, she was super tired so it was an early movie night for us. We watched the movie Luca on Disney Plus, it was super cute!

Friday night After about two hours of Hadley being fast asleep, we had a tornado warning and sirens going off by our home. Had to wake her up to go to the basement until the warning was over, hated waking her up, but better to be safe than sorry. The warning lasted for only 40 minutes or so, woke her back up, and she went right to sleep in her bed. Thank goodness! Tornados are always so scary, even as an adult! I’m glad she managed to sleep right through it for the most part.


Have a great weekend, and happy Father’s day to all the Dad’s, father figures, and step-dad’s out there!