Weekly recap.

Recapping our week on the blog! Soccer, lunch duty, picture day, and Oktoberfest!

Monday September 19

Trying so hard to get back on the workout train. I really miss walking / running at the trail by our house, but with the temperatures getting a little colder I’ve been working out at home since I have to bring Huxley with me. Hadley had a soccer game, and they played a team that is tied with them in the league. They tied the game, so they are still tied! It’s been great watching her at soccer, they are finally understanding the game!

Tuesday September 20

When Hadley got home from school, she read her book out loud to Huxley and I. Anything to get her excited about reading, some days she’s all about it, other days she hates it. Her teacher has a daily homework game called homeworkopoly, and the kids get to roll each time they turn in their homework. On this day she got a free homework pass, so she used it! After homework, she put up some gel clings on the front door window for Halloween.

Wednesday September 21

I volunteer for lunch duty once a month, and the first one was this week. Hadley was so excited I was there, and it was fun. I love talking to the kids and getting to know them all. Huxley turned seven months old! You can see more photos and text on this post. Kevin was talking to Huxley about his dream to build a barn dominium one day, it was the cutest thing.

Thursday September 22

Picture day at school! Just love her little one tooth missing smile. Huxley is crawling all over the place, he’s a little more hesitant about the hardwood floor / tile but he will still move. I’m loving the Stanley cup; I drink all my water in that thing every day. It’s huge, but I love it. When Hadley got home from school, she read a little bit to Huxley. We started marking off our fall bucket list by coloring Halloween pictures we print off Pinterest. Huxley has been sucking his thumb a little more these days, during bath time was the cutest.

Friday September 23

Hadley had an early dismissal from school, so they could set up for their Oktoberfest for the weekend. We’ve been slowly introducing Huxley to real food, things that are small and mushable!

Saturday September 24

Kevin was on the medic the day/night before, so he slept for a while on Saturday. Hadley took out my old laptop and loved it, even though it’s slow as molasses. Fall has arrived, and in true Cincinnati fashion it went from ninety degrees to sixety degrees overnight. After Kevin and Huxley slept, we headed to the festival for Hadleys school. We worked a booth, and we still follow the schedule we’ve been doing with Huxley. He’s doing so great at it! Hadley has so much fun with her friends, we just love her school.

Sunday September 25

Oktoberfest didn’t start until after church on Sunday, so we took our normal naps and all the stuff befored heading back up to school. We worked another booth on Sunday. Huxley took his usual after dinner cat nap and was just so good. Hadley clearly has fun with her friends, it’s so cute to watch them all together.

Happy Monday everyone! Have a great week.

Weekly recap.

Recapping our week on the blog!

Monday September 12

After we drop off Hadley to school, we’ll walk or workout, and sometimes we’ll go outside for a few minutes on the front porch. Check out the flowers, pull some weeds, water the flowers, whatever we might need to do to the flowers. Our neighbors like to pull their annuals out of the ground each year, but I like to keep ours as long as they look nice. I mean, the weather is still in the eighties most days! Hadley has been having sour patch popsicles for her dessert lately!

Tuesday September 13

Super low-key day, hung around the house, did some laundry, took some good naps, picked up Hadley from school, and went to soccer practice.

Wednesday September 14

Some days, Hadley looks more grown up than others. This morning, she looked particularly older than normal, so I had to take a photo. Little brother Huxley fell asleep during soccer practice, I walked around the fields a little bit to keep him asleep. He takes a little cat nap before his last bottle of the day. When I give Huxley a bath, Hadley is super patient most nights just chilling in her room watching her iPad.

Thursday September 15

We like to change spots on where Huxley eats his baby food and drinks his sippy cup. He seems to really like it sitting by the window lately, so we’ve kept his little hand-me-down chair by the window. After school, Hadley has Spanish class and then we had meet the teacher night. It was a casual open house style, since we didn’t have the traditional meet the teacher before school started since it was a late start this year.

Friday September 16

When Huxley wakes up from his naps, he is almost always so happy. Reminds me of his sister so much, Hadley was the same way. Since Huxley has started eating baby food, Hadley thinks its super gross and never wants anything to do with it. For some reason, she wanted to feed him this night and he loved every second of it. Even drank all of his sippy cup for her! It was the cutest thing to watch. I recently talked about Kroger Boost in my Instagram stories, but it’s a new thing for us and we love it! So worth it!

Saturday September 17

Saturday, we pretty much just chilled around the house all day. Played outside, played inside, Huxley took a nap, Hadley played all day long. Someone posted this saying on social media, and I re-posted it because it’s so very true. I know I’m going to miss these busy days, soaking every little moment in.

Happy Monday everyone, have a great week!

Weekly recap.

Recapping our week on the blog today! The first day of school, working out, and the first Bengals game!

Monday September 5

Started the week off with going through all of Hadley’s school supplies getting them all ready, putting the names on everything. I loved doing that as a kid and thinking Hadley does too! I bought a new chore chart, this one, to have a fresh new start for the new school year.

Tuesday September 6

First day of second grade! I think parents really say they can’t believe how old their kids are each year. It goes so fast it’s insane. You can read more about her first day of second grade here. Now that school is in, I’m starting to get on more of a routine during the day. After we picked up Hadley after school, we met Kevin at Kroger to fill up our gas tanks. We always do that together with our fuel points. Hadley requested her favorite meal for the first day of school dinner, steak and mac/cheese!

Wednesday September 7

I’ve been doing some kind of exercise during Huxleys morning nap. Hadley wanted her soccer game hairstyle for school. On this day, she woke up super early like at 6am so she took a shower before school and I braided her hair wet. Kevin went to the dermatologist and had a few moles removed, the big one on his head was bleeding a lot so I took a picture of it so he could see what it looked like. After dinner, we all just sat around in the living room talking and playing with the kids.

Thursday September 8

I ran a mile without stopping, and I was so damn proud of myself. Ever since I had Huxley, it’s taken me longer than I wanted to be able to run. It feels like all of my insides are falling out! haha But this particular morning, I just did it and it felt amazing. Pushing the stroller, and Huxley in it, while running isn’t easy but I feel like I’m slowly getting back to it. I went through our basement storage closet and moved all the bins around, so the fall / Halloween are more in the front. I seriously cannot believe fall is right around the corner.

Friday September 9

Ran another mile, and although I felt faster than the previous day, I was slower. But still, it doesn’t matter. I’m moving my body somehow someway, and that’s all it takes. Huxley always kicks off blankets, he has since we brought him home from the hospital. Can’t wait for this winter! Huxley is starting to pull up on his crib, so I think it’s time to move the mattress down now. I love the stage of babies where you don’t have to lean far down to put them into a crib. Hadley was a bit tired the first week of school, she was basically a couch potato every night. She had no homework all week, so we just let her chill.

Saturday September 10

Kevin worked a 48-hour shift, so we were all happy to see him in the morning. Cinnamon rolls for Hadley. She doesn’t eat them all, we save them and reheat them throughout the week. It’s been hard for me to cut the grass being home with Huxley, and with Kevin working sometimes the grass gets a little long. Our nice neighbors offered to cut our grass; he loves to cut his grass so he loved it anyways. Hadley and Kevin went to the lake for the day, Brady brought some friends down so Kevin could pull them wakeboarding, tubing, etc. We tried the Kroger Boost, and it was awesome! The price it costs to use them for the year, will more than pay for itself. Love having groceries delivered.

Sunday September 11

We tried these keto cupcakes from the box, and oh my goodness they were so gross! They came out of the oven looking like biscuits or muffins. We planned to use them for dessert to celebrate a Bengals win, so we fancied them up with icing and sprinkles hoping that would make them taste better. No! Do not buy them, they are terrible. I feel like a homemade recipe would taste better. We braved the weather for Hadley’s soccer game, thank goodness the rain held off, but the sun was still a shining, so I used an umbrella for Huxley and I. The Bengals played the Steelers, and oh my was it a game! Down to the last minute, and then went into overtime. We lost, but it was pretty exciting to watch. Since we made it to the Superbowl last year, everyone is pumped to watch this season!

Happy Monday everyone, have a great week!

Weekly recap.

Recapping our week on the blog today! The Zoo, pool days, library scavenger hunts, and a soccer tournament.

Monday August 8

Started the week off with my new routine, some kind of movement for the day. Later in the afternoon, went to the pool for the day. The water has been amazing lately!

Tuesday August 9

Went to the Zoo! I don’t care how old you are, the Zoo will never get old to me. It’s so fun to watch your kiddo get soo excited to see animals. I can’t wait until the polar bear exhibit is finished; they are my favorite animal. It was a little hot, but not to to bad. Started Huxley on formula, one bottle a day. So far, he’s a fan. Makes me a little sad, but I’m kind of wanting to be done with breastfeeding.

Wednesday August 10

Went for a walk on the trail, Hadley chose to not bring her scooter and she was pooped. Plus, she wore leggings, and was sweating her booty off. On our way home from the trail, we went to the library to return our books and movies. While we were there, we saw they had a little scavenger hunt inside. After, thirty long minutes of walking around the library a million times to find things, she got to pick a prize. Libraries are so cute; they have fun stuff for kids. For soccer practice, I’ve been walking more to get more steps in. Bath and bed for the two kiddos!

Thursday August 11

Huxley loves to play in the office / dining room area. We’ll put all his toys in a little basket, and he’ll eventually dump them all out, roll back and forth, and put his legs and feet up on the wall. He’ll do that for a while off and on. It entertains him for a good while at least. Went to the pool again! Not many people there at all, it was so so nice. Now that we’ve got a routine down with Huxley at the pool, I’m so much more relaxed there. Especially when he naps at the pool! Hadley has been making new friends, ones she doesn’t know from school. I love watching her grow up!

Friday August 12

Sometimes Huxley will take a little snooze on our bed after he eats. I try to feed him in different spots around the house, so he’ll sleep wherever. He’s pretty good at sleeping anywhere for the most part. If he’s tired enough, he’ll sleep. Tonight was the Delhi Skirt Game, it’s a little westside tradition where a bunch of dudes dress up like girls and play baseball. It’s pretty funny to watch. This year they had more kid friendly things, a ton of bounce houses, games, etc. Hadley had a ball, and it was the nicest weather out.

Saturday August 13

Early Saturday morning, Hadley had her first preseason soccer tournament. They won the first game in the morning, and the second game in the afternoon. Uncle Brian and Aunt Bridgett came to watch her second game, and then we all headed to the pool! It was a beautiful day. The water was a tad cold after we had a cold front the last night.

Sunday August 14

Soccer tourney games day 2! First game in the morning, it rained a few minutes in. So glad we put up our tent, about half the parents were under it with us! The girls loved playing in the rain. Hadley has improved so much from last years outdoor season. She played goalie one of the quarters, and played front line, whatever that one is called. The second game in the afternoon had no rain, and Hadley scored the one and only goal to win the finals! She was beyond excited. The girls got a trophy, and they each got a medal for winning the tournament. It was awesome to see her play so well! We celebrated her win after dinner with a trip to the ice cream place. She wanted ice cream, and gets a slushie lol

Happy Monday! Make it a great week!

Weekly recap.

Recapping our week on the blog today! Daily walks, soccer practice, movie night, and a birthday party!

Monday August 1

Hadley’s summer camp was hosting a bake sale, so we made brownies, and I dolled them up a little bit. They raised enough money for an end of the year pizza party! The cutest thing about the bake sale was they gave each kiddo money who volunteered to work the bake sale during the day. Hadley was one of them, they are just the best! Huxley received his first Reds game certificate in the mail, thanks to our fire wife friend Jasmine! Thanks girl.

Tuesday August 2

Met my friend Kristin for dinner, it was so nice to get out by myself! Even though I was semi-late (like 10 minutes), I have been horrible at remembering things even when I write them down. It was such a nice night downtown, and great to catch up with my friend. We are going to try and meet once a month! Just love her.

Wednesday August 3

Walked in the morning, and Huxley fell asleep. Love those days when he naps after a walk. He loves the outside air for sure. Got our candy and popcorn stuff all ready for movie night in the neighborhood. Walked two times this day, the second time was at Hadleys first soccer practice. It was a hot one, but she loves doing sports and getting to be back with her school friends again. Gave Huxley sweet potatoes for the first time and he liked them. We gave him cereal before this, and he wasn’t the biggest fan. I don’t blame him, that baby cereal smells awful.

Thursday August 4

Walked at the trail, I actually prefer to go to the trail because I walk faster and farther. When I walk around the neighborhood, I tend to go slower. We cleaned out the garage to get ready for movie night the next day.

Friday August 5

Hadley had her last day of summer camp! She wore her swimsuit because they go to the pool on Fridays but didn’t this day because it rained. Because of the rain, did one of those YouTube workouts. Move night was so much fun! We had so much popcorn, we used a huge bin with a scooper!

Saturday August 6

Huxley woke up super early, like 6:30am! So, we laid in bed, and he eventually fell back asleep, and so did I! Worked out in Hadleys room, because Huxley was super content on her bed. Did another YouTube workout.

Sunday August 7

When Huxley wakes up in the mornings, sometimes we just sit, and chill and he looks out his window. Worked out at home again,. Went to my nephew’s birthday party, Hadley had fun with her cousin and all the kids that were there. After the birthday party, we headed to the pool. It’s so nice to go there for dinner, or after dinner, the water feels amazing!

Happy Monday everyone! Have a great week!

Weekly recap.

Recapping our week on the blog today! Lots of walks to finish out the month of July, end of year swim banquet, and the Reds game!

Monday July 25

Walking has become a routine just about daily! We visited our local library to get Hadley her very own card. I don’t know why we haven’t gone before now. The library was super nice to her, let her pick out a book to take home for free if she joined the summer reading program and had to finish three goals by the end of July.

Tuesday July 26

We went to the Reds game! The seats were amazing, and Hadley had so much fun. She loves going to the games, and Huxley was an angel. We sat in front of some scouts, and they’ve been to a lot of games, right? One of them said to my husband, that’s a really good baby! The best part for me was, as we were leaving Kevin couldn’t find our car in the garage. We basically walked for a while, so I got a lot of steps in this day.

Wednesday July 27

Worked out at home since it was raining, did one of those YouTube walk a mile workout. Some nights I have to put Huxley in the baby carrier to do anything but made some chicken with Chick-fil-a sauce! Soo good!

Thursday July 28

The trail I walk at was so crowded, I had to park down the street at the school lot. It was later in the morning than my usual time, so I guess that’s why. Around dinner time, Hadley had her end of the year swim team banquet. They ordered pizza, and gave out a few awards while most of the kids just swam including us.

Friday July 29

Another crowded trail day, so took the daily photo in the car. And then we headed to the lake for two days.

Saturday July 30

Stayed at the lake for just a few hours, wanted to get home and settle in before Kevin had to work on Sunday. Once we got everything unloaded, we walked around the neighborhood and handed out invites to our movie night this week!

Sunday July 31

Walked around the neighborhood, Hadley joined the neighbors as they were giving away free cookies but had a tip jar lol, and Hadley lost her front tooth!

Happy Tuesday everyone, have a great week!

Weekly recap.

Recapping our week on the blog today! Last swim team practice, swim team finals, housesitting, and boating on the river!

Monday July 11

Morning time has been so chill this summer. Hadley doesn’t have to get up super early, and Huxley and I are always already awake either feeding him in his room or just hanging out. We headed off to Hadleys last swim team practice of the season! Then we went to Sams Club, Hadley just loves that place now. It’s like a giant mall to her. She’s become a fan of the book section, I hope she grows up to be a book reader because her Dad and I did not. I love to read on vacation, but with kids it’s kind of hard at this age. After Sams Club I managed to workout really quick, and then we started to get ready for her swim team finals. Kevin took her since they have to get there super early for warm-ups, etc. Huxley and I came later so we had time to feed him at least one more time before we went. The finals were super crowded, but fun for Hadley since she got to see some of her classmates on the other team. I need to go through and compare her swim times, but I can pretty much bet she improved so much since her first swim meet.

Tuesday July 12

Took a walk around our neighborhood, and love seeing our boat in the driveway, but I am kind of waiting for the day to park my car back in the garage! Smoothie and egg wrap for breakfast. Picked up Hadley mid-day from summer camp, so she could go to a friend’s birthday party. Kevin started waxing the boat, we try to do this at the beginning of each boating season but this year we were kind of busy. Picked up Hadley from the birthday party, and she came home with some cute goodies. After the birthday party, Hadley and I had a mother-daughter day date to the salon. I got my normal highlights and trim, and Hadley got pink hair! I was a little nervous for this, but it’s not permanent and she loved it so much! After our hair appointment, we went over to our neighbor’s house to check on the cat. And Hadley always likes to feel the pool on our way out to see if it’s warm or cold.

Wednesday July 13

Two months into this stay-at-home gig, and I still can’t believe it. I started putting Huxley in the carrier when I vacuum or do things around the house, and I cannot stop laughing at myself. I find it so comical, but so effective because I can get things done when he’s not napping! Our hydrangeas are blooming, they look so pretty! I read somewhere a trick for hydrangeas, put your hose nozzle on the soaker setting and let it sit at the root for 15-20 minutes once to twice a week and the hydrangeas will stand straight up and not slouch to the side. I’m going to try it! Went over to the neighbor’s pool to put our feet in after we checked on the cat. On the days Kevin is at the firehouse, bedtime can sometime be a little more involved. Hadley still likes one of us to lay with her before she falls asleep, and on the nights, Kevin is not home it’s hard to feed Huxley and lay with her so I always check on her after I’m done with Huxley. And nine times out of ten, she’s passed out.

Thursday July 14

Hadley in the boat helping Dad clean it! We went to the movie theater to see the new Jurassic World movie, I’m so glad I finally have a fan of the movies in my family because Kevin is not haha Anyway, we are almost a quarter of the way through the movie, and it starts to get a little scary for Hadley, so we left. The other movies weren’t as violent so I thought it would be okay, but it wasn’t. Oh well, we’ll try again and see a more kid friendly one for sure. While we were at the movies, Dad and Huxley ventured over to the pool to swim for a little bit.

Friday July 15

Our morning started off with the usual getting Huxley out of bed, or sometimes he’s already up and awake. Hadley loves to be the first one to see him in the mornings. She took her job of watching the neighborhoods cat very seriously all week!

We took our boat out on the river for the first time and had a blast! Since they banned surfing on our lake we always go to, it was so fun to see Kevin surf again. Hadley was such a trooper and tried to surf and wakeboard! She almost got up on the surfboard, and only tried once on the wakeboard. It was such a nice night, I could’ve stayed out for hours.

Saturday July 16

Walked in the morning around the neighborhood and had a delivery of “just because” flowers from Kevin! Soo pretty!

Sunday July 17

Took a walk around the neighborhood, with both my sidekicks. The two big kids Brady and Natalie were over but sleeping. We pretty much hung out all day while Kevin slept, he had a rough night at the firehouse. Then we all had Chipotle for dinner, a whopping $42 later! Everything seems so much pricier nowadays. And then ended the weekend by watching Yes Day on Netflix.

Happy Monday everyone, have a great week!

Weekly recap.

Recapping our week on the blog today! Chilling at home, the lake, the boat, and swimming!

Tuesday, July 5

The day after the 4th of July was so exhausting, even though we didn’t go to the lake like we usually do I was still super tired. After I dropped Hadley off at summer camp, Huxley and I went on our walk at our favorite trail. I’m slowly starting to run again, very slowly, but it’s feeling great! My favorite motto is “slow and steady wins the race.”

Huxley is growing at the speed of lightning, which means he’s starting to outgrow his clothes. I’m organizing them into bags by size and type of clothing. It makes me sad to see all the teeny tiny newborn clothes, and how fast it really is going this second time around.

We had tacos for dinner, sometimes Hadley will eat it and sometimes she won’t. This time, she didn’t, but at least we do offer it to her. Kevin had worked a 48-hour shift and had been sleeping all day. He slept through dinner pretty much, and we woke him up afterwards for the fireworks we saved for him to do that I didn’t feel safe doing solo. Hadley couldn’t wait to do the fireworks with her Dad, that ended up being like smoke bombs.

Wednesday, July 6

Walked at the trail again! Huxley has been falling asleep while we are there which has been amazing!

I finally tried one of those baby carriers my hair girl gave me, and it was pretty cool. I felt like Susie Homemaker, vacuuming with Huxley’s little head boppin around! I couldn’t stop laughing, it was comical but worked!

When Kevin got home, we hung outside for a little bit. Watered the flowers, and he hung our new hose up on the backyard wall.

Thursday, July 7

Most mornings, Huxley wakes up super happy, Hadley loves to be the first one to go in his room to get him. For her summer camp, she got to take a tour of the Cincinnati Bengals stadium! Her class ran out on the field like the players do! She was hoping to see the players locker room, but no such luck. Since she was going to see the Bengals stadium, she had to have her baby brother dress in his Bengals onesie our cousin gave us. It was cute!

Another trail walk/run, then a good nap.

Thursday night was swim team night, the nights Kevin works these aren’t easy to do solo but we make it through each time! I love how she loves swim team so much!

We tried out a new local grocery store that has different baked goods than your typical Kroger store. The cheesecake was delicious!

Friday, July 8

Not much for Friday, other than swim team practice, a workout, watered the flowers, and went to our neighbor’s pool! Hadley is cat sitting and flower watering, and we can swim if we want!

Saturday, July 9

We made an impromptu trip to the lake to bring our boat home to do a deep clean. We typically try to clean it in the beginning of each summer, but this year we haven’t really had a chance to yet. So, we brought it home to do that, and to try and take it out to different places than our normal lake we go to. It was a very chill day, and the weather was cloudy and rainy.

Sunday, July 10

Workout in the morning, then we headed to Sam’s Club. Hadley loves it there now, she likes to look around at all the new things they might have each week. Plus, we had to return some shorts we bought for her that didn’t fit.

Happy Monday everyone, have a great week!

Weekly recap.

Recapping our week on the blog today! Workouts, swim team practice, meets, belated birthday, the pool, and the zoo.

Monday June 13

Walked around the neighborhood in the morning, Huxley is such a trooper in the car seat lately. Knock on wood that keeps up. Hadley has been eating better with lunches, I think it helps when it’s presented in a fun way some days. We had a very short, but scary storm come through. Heavy winds, and crazy weather, so we headed to the basement for a little while and when we came back upstairs there were branches and leaves all over the yard. We were lucky, but others not so lucky and had huge trees fall. I’ve mastered Kevin’s egg wraps; they are so good! Just your basic tortilla wrap, eggs, with cheese and bacon melted inside. Yum! Huxley has been laying his head on my chest lately, the opposite way of my shoulder, and it’s been so cute.

Tuesday June 14

Swim practice was a little hot this week. I debated on staying in the car with the air on but wasn’t sure how long Huxley would last sitting still in the car. He likes to keep moving. We stayed outside under the red umbrella, that makes him look hot but he was fine. I bought what I thought was a mini watermelon, but apparently it was a yellow crimson, because it was yellow inside! Hadley and I both tried it and thought eww this is weird. Hadley loves to play in any type of water, she played in the sprinkler for a little bit to cool off after dinner.

Wednesday June 15

Huxley fell asleep as soon as it was time to leave to drop Hadley off to summer camp. A few times a week, I love to make smoothies. I like the same ones over and over again, but this one is a chocolate one that I rarely make because it calls for half an avocado and I usually end up wasting the other half of it. Finished up the tags for the softball goodie bags. Shared our front landscaping here, and a week later a mole ate four bushels of flowers! Packed dinner to eat by the pool, while Huxley and Kevin took a good nap! After a few really hot days, the water felt really good. Huxleys first time in the pool, and he was a fan. He was so calm the whole time.

Thursday June 16

Took a good fast walk at the trail, I was sweating bullets but Huxley was ok. Later that night, headed to a swim meet in the middle of a heat wave. I get super nervous going to things like this solo with Huxley, but I have to on the nights Kevin works. As most of the time, everything works out. It surely was a hot one, but we survived. I’ll let an ice cube melt in my hand, and put my wet hand on his head, or wet a paper towel and dab it on his body. Hadley did so good for her second swim meet. Her dad cant wait to finally see her swim this week!

Friday June 17

Both Hadley and Huxley slept for ten hours! All that hotness at the swim meet must’ve worn them out, and they last pretty long too. Cut the grass while Huxley slept the majority of the time. For dinner, we grilled out steak, and had baked potatoes. Celebrated Miss Natalie turning 15 too! After dinner, we headed to the pool for a short swim at night with our cousins. Sometimes we’ll go up there after dinner for an hour or so, just long enough for Hadley to get a dose of pool time in. She would live there if we’d let her, any type of body of water!

Saturday June 18

Huxley is starting to sleep on his side / belly, and it makes me super nervous! I don’t sleep well when he does sleep all night, I’ll wake up and randomly go in and check on him. I know if they can roll over on their own, they are strong enough to lift up their head and breath, but I still get nervous, so I’ll lose some sleep to keep checking on him for this short time! We went to my niece’s high school graduation in the afternoon, and I did not take one single picture! I cannot believe myself; I usually take lots of pictures. Oh well. It was great to celebrate her, she’s going to do good things!

Sunday June 19

Started off our Father’s Day with a trip to the zoo for the first time this year! We have a membership, and it’s 100% worth it. Hadley got her arm painted which I didn’t know you could do now, must be something new, I guess. We didn’t think it was going to be crowded on Father’s Day, but it sure was. I have nothing but great things to say about the zoo, they are so accommodating for anything you might need. They have a nursing den area where you can nurse your baby, it’s private, air-conditioned, quiet, and most importantly pretty clean for a public place! I should’ve taken pictures but will next time. While I fed Huxley, Hadley ate her lunch in the room with us and watched videos on my phone. It was perfect. After the zoo, we went to visit Kevin at the firehouse. Hadley just loves it there; they always give her some kind of dessert usually a popsicle of some kind. Kevin has a picture of all the kiddos in his helmet ♥. Huxley is liking baths more and more now. And for bedtime, Hadley had to sleep with her new giraffe stuffie she conned me into getting her at the zoo.

Happy Monday everyone, have a great week!

Weekly recap.

First full week of no work in an office anymore! Man was it glorious but were we busy!

Wednesday June 1

Started out with Hadley wearing her softball jersey for the day, even though the season is about over. Getting a shower in is not always easy with a baby, so thankful for big sister Hadley most days. We laid Huxley on our bed, and she rubbed his hand and he fell asleep. It was the cutest thing. Swim team practice was in the evening this week, and then started mornings after everyone is out of school. Huxley is the best baby he is so patient and just goes with the flow wherever we are. Hadley was the same way! Bath time while Hadley chilled on her iPad. On the days Kevin is at the firehouse, we all lay together in Hadleys bed until Huxley is ready to go to his bed. And then, when both kids are sleeping some nights, I like to clean up the kitchen. There’s just something about waking up to a clean counter in the mornings!

Thursday June 2

Workouts look a little different some days, like I said before I am so thankful for big sister Hadley. She helps out so so much it’s amazing. She kept him occupied while I did a short workout in the family room. The porch flowers are doing so good, those hanging baskets needs lots of water! The month of June is so busy already, but I’m loving it so far! I keep telling myself to not commit to soo many things I’ll get burnt out. After swim team, Hadley had a birthday party which happened to be a pool party too! She was in heaven going to two different pools in one day. Sometimes if I remember, I try to have someone take my picture with Huxley. When they are this little, you rarely see me in pictures with him because I’m always the one taking the pictures. Let them take pictures of you Mamas!

Friday June 3

Swim team in the morning started this day, and Huxley is all smiles for it! After swim team, we went to Dick’s Sporting Goods to get some good swim team goggles, and a swim cap. Then we went to Kroger to get a new outfit for our school festival. It’s become a tradition, new outfit for the festival now. She remembers I got her a new outfit last year, it’s funny how they remember the small things like that. We all were chilling on the floor waiting for Dad to get home from work, and then headed to the festival! We worked a booth this year, and thankfully it was in the shade! It wasn’t too too hot, but nice to be covered. Hadley won a fish, and when we got home Kevin said to leave it in the bag, he’ll be fine. He wasn’t fine. The fish died.

Saturday June 4

Last softball game of the season! It was a nice morning, not too hot yet but it was going to get hot. The team got Kevin this cute sign and had all the girls sign it. Love stuff like that! Natalie was with us for two days this weekend, so we headed to the pool with her. Hadley had fun in the pool with Natalie, and then she and Huxley both took a nap haha

Sunday June 5

Started out with a walk with Hadley, and then the last half by myself. Just did a mile, but it was nice to walk by myself while Huxley was inside with Kevin and Natalie. Hadley loves to watch her iPad outside, she really just loves to be outside doing anything. Kevin umpired a softball game in the morning, and then we headed to the festival for the last day. It was way too hot! We stayed long enough for Hadley to win another fish! This time, she put “her” in an old aquarium we’ve had from other fish. Maggie the fish survived her first night in the aquarium, thank goodness. After the festival, we went home to feed Huxley and then headed to the pool! We are going to live there this summer. The water is still pretty cold, but it felt so refreshing after being so hot at the festival. Kevin met us there after his last game, and we ate dinner poolside. So nice.

Happy Monday everyone! Have a great week!